Causes of headaches after eating

some people sometimes got a headache after eating. This problem deprives people of the enjoyment of delicious food. For someone daily lunch turns into a torment, because after him headaches. Why is this happening and what to do in this situation? The tips boil down to physicians consistent plan to solve this problem:

  1. Determine the nature of the resulting pain.
  2. to Identify the cause of your headaches.
  3. to Eliminate the cause of headaches.
  4. Regular preventive maintenance.

the Problem of headache after eating

Types of headaches and causes

These are the types of headaches associated with food intake:

  • bilateral, pulsating, distributed throughout all parts of the head;
  • constant pain in the area of the temples and forehead;
  • pain that gets worse during exercise;
  • wandering pain throughout the day sometimes increasing or declining.

inadequate sleep as a cause of headache

causes of headaches after eating may be different, ranging from food poisoning and ending with the manifestation of chronic diseases. Most common:

  1. Decreased levels of blood glucose – hypoglycemia. Due to regular lack of sleep and neglect of diet. The possible existence of data symptom in smokers.
  2. Intoxication. Due to slow, insufficient and difficult defecation, in other words – constipation.
  3. Improper diet and lack of vitamins and micronutrients, including hemoglobin. When the body lacks vital trace elements – iron, potassium, etc. fails in the body.
  4. an Excess of vitamin A. Consumption of foods such as egg yolks, apricots, liver, butter, dill, tomatoes, can cause headaches, nausea, together with vomiting.
  5. Lack of caffeine. When people who regularly consume products containing caffeine, severely limit themselves in it, they have triggered a deficiency syndrome. You can get the feeling of anxiety and discontent.
  6. Improper sleep, which leads to the overexertion of the brain, and when eating, the pressure increases.
  7. Food poisoning, even slight. When the food administration in the organism toxic substances, they can cause headaches. This includes the poisoning of the body by alcohol.
  8. Too cold or hot food. With its use the blood vessels can greatly narrow or expand, and that leads to headaches. This pain starts quickly and suddenly and becomes stronger.

the Vitamin A in apricots as the cause of your headachesnot to torture yourself and your body, you can take pain killers, but be aware that it is impossible to do it after each meal. The list is huge: Tsitramon, Spazmalgon, Analgin, Bralets, Tempalgin, Nurofen, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, salts, etc. (be sure to read the manual to any of the drugs). It should be remembered that the best appointment make a specialist, we cannot rely on their knowledge and ignore the advice of professionals. Self-medication is very dangerous, especially in cases where the person doesn't know what happened to him. In addition, a one-time relief from the headache will not solve the problem. After short-term pain relief need to think about how to get rid of it forever. And not to do without consultation. To address the first thing to the therapist, he will put a preliminary diagnosis. Be prepared that the doctor will ask many questions about the nature of pain, frequency, how strong it is, what part of the head is concentrated, what additional symptoms appear, etc. One Should analyze their condition.

Preventive measures

The Prevention of this disease is proper diet, regular exercise and fresh air.

As for proper nutrition, of course, not everyone has the willpower to completely give up bad foods and habits. But you can try to minimize the consumption of foods such as carbonated beverages, fried and fatty, smoked, fast food, alcohol, etc.

the dangers of monosodium glutamate for the bodyWhat ingredients are dangerous? When buying products, you need to determine if their composition in the monosodium glutamate, nitrites, sulfites, aspartame and biogenic amines. When they accumulate in the body negatively affect the immune system and can cause migraines and minor headaches. You can increase the number of products that will help to cope with headaches: fish (rich in fatty acids omega-3), various nuts, greens, fresh vegetables and fruit, water.

In addition, you should list the products,which can cause headaches when used in a large number of: raisins, avocado and cheese (because of the content of tyramine in it), yogurt, cereal, sauces (including E-951), semi-finished products, canned food, seasonings (because of the content of the E-621), marmalades, jams, meats, beer (from the contents of E-221), mustard, mayonnaise, smoked. All of these products contain hazardous materials described above. Proven by clinical studies that they provoke a headache more often than others.

people's ways of dealing with a headache

headache Treatment spearminttraditional methods of treatment of headaches:

  1. First place deservedly takes mint. More precisely, black or green tea with mint in a relaxed atmosphere. This drink is refreshing, thirst quenching and relieves the headache within 15 minutes after consumption.
  2. Ginger. Has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties that can deal with headaches and even migraines. Add it to tea or smoothies at the vitamin will relieve the pain.
  3. head Massage, back and shoulders, complete relaxation for a few minutes, even meditation, if you own this technique. A light massage of the temples has a positive effect on overall health. Also within 10 minutes to comb hair massage comb, that will provide the brain with additional blood flow.
  4. Warm bath with sea salt and essential oils (mint, lavender, Basil, cypress, sage, lemon, marjoram). The bath, it is necessary to limit 25 minutes. However, don't overdo it.
  5. Regular taking 2 tsp of honey in the morning on an empty stomach. Honey – a unique product that helps many to cope not only with the headaches. Do not take it even in small amounts, have an Allergy to it. Although it is miraculous for many, but some may cause harm.
  6. Unusual remedy for headache lemon rind without the white pulp. It is applied to the temples for a few minutes.
  7. is a Very old folk remedy for getting rid of headaches – the potato poultice. Need to cook the potatoes and then put the warm potatoes directly into the skin to the temples and forehead.
  8. Clay wrap. 100-150 g of clay, mix in an enamel bowl of warm water (about 1/4 Cup) until smooth. Apply on gauze mixture (layer thickness approximately 5 mm) and place it on frontal part of head from right temple to left. Leave the compress for 15-20 minutes. The procedure should be repeated daily at bedtime for one month, if you frequently suffer from headaches.

Headache after eating – the phenomenon unpleasant, but it could be done, to be more attentive to myself and demanding to consume the products. We are what we eat. If a person will eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, exercise, comply with sleep and positively perceive all that is happening to him and what surrounds him, he will be healthy and happy, and none of the headaches are not going to bother.