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Why headache after drinking coffee and what to do about it?

If a headache after coffee, it is not necessary to panic ahead of time. If a drink but pleasure, began to bring more and discomfort, it is necessary to understand what causes such a reaction, and try to minimize the negative effect. What causes headache? Coffee can exacerbate headaches? You can highlight any recommendations? The answers to these questions can be found below. World statistics States, who is a coffee beverage that is consumed the most, right after water. Many scientists argue about different scientific approaches. Under one approach, coffee is a natural stimulant of the brain, and on the other – may cause spasm of blood vessels and cause high blood pressure.

the Problem of headache after coffee

Main causes of cephalgia

The results of the studies provided separate facts, according to which it was revealed that coffee and reduced mortality. The research participants in the age group from 17 to 51 years, 2 times a day drinking coffee. According to the results the number of deaths was reduced in comparison with the group who did not drink coffee at all. Coffee is considered a strong drug that can cause physical dependence. But nevertheless, we should not belittle its beneficial properties, as it does not violate the mental activity of the organism in comparison with the tobacco.

Caffeine gives pleasure and does not assume any risk for your body if you drink it in a certain amount. It is also not recommended for pregnant women as it starts to increase the acidity of gastric juice.

Drink coffee in moderation

According to some scholars, a headache can be triggered for the reason that during roasting coffee beans are beginning to produce acrylamide free – substances that are considered carcinogens and can harm health. Caffeine – a substance that has a strong effect. But as it became known, the force of action is proportional to the force of counteraction.

Of Course, coffee is a wonderful stimulant, which is widely used for enhancing strength of the body and helps to increase pressure, metabolic processes and produce the toning of blood vessels.

Bioactive substances that are present in the composition, helping to accelerate regenerative processes in tissues. Coffee can start the excitement in children's life that will subsequently contribute to the formation of habits of psihostimulyatsia. It is better to replace this drink cocoa or hot chocolate, which has less harm.

If a headache after drinking, it is necessary to minimize the number of portions and to monitor the condition of the body. If you reduce the amount of servings there is a reduction in pain, it is advisable to fully eliminate the main irritant.


After a complete failure from the drink starts the "syndrome of coffee." This process is characterized by early weaning from the drink, but in most cases begins amplified pain syndrome. When a headache, we should understand that, it means that the body gets used to the increased amount of caffeine and wean off it doesn't want. The weaning process takes quite a long period. Caffeine is a natural alkaloid that stimulates the nervous system. It can cause headache on the background of secondary action which leads to an overall narrowing of blood vessels.

After giving up caffeine starts reduced alkaloid and vasodilatation, which leads to increased pain.

some patients may experience dependence, so even the thought of refusal can cause headaches. In this case, pain is intensifying due to the expansion of blood vessels and lack of caffeine flowing. Severe headaches usually begin, after taking a little caffeine (4-5 mg).

The Pain intensifies after 1-1. 5 hours after ingestion and may continue for weeks. If you eliminate an alkaloid from the body, you can count on the halting problems. If over the years, has formed a strong habit, you can refuse the drink gradually and without jerking. Every day you should try to reduce the number of cups consumed beverage and then switch to those varieties that contain the least caffeine. Coffee can increase the pressure on the walls of blood vessels, causing headache. Upon detection of primary symptoms should immediately consult a doctor and explore the possible cause that may cause discomfort. It is best to refuse the drink, to understand how great the degree of influence. Be healthy and don't overdo the caffeine! Literature:

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