What to do if sick and dizzy?

If it hurts and you feel dizzy what to do? When this symptom is present, there is a reason. Sometimes this is a painful condition usual. It's even possible some time to ignore, although dizziness may well result in a dead faint, and the pain can become unbearable.

Symptoms headache

At head injuries, the flu, the person often tend to overestimate their abilities, which leads to tragic consequences. In a situation with a headache and dizziness the principle: the earlier the patient will address to the doctor, the more chances for recovery. The source of bad symptoms the key to eliminating the problem once and for all. Correct diagnosis is the key to longevity. Symptom when spinning and a headache, will help to resolve a few simple tools. What tools to choose?

Headache and spinning in a healthy person

If health is normal, and my head hurts and is spinning, what is the reason? Headaches and dizziness under normal condition were of situational character.


  • fatigue
  • exhaustion
  • adrenaline rush
  • overheat
  • bad weather
  • magnetic storms
  • poisoning.

Bad weather is the cause of your headaches

Frequent symptoms of this symptom can testify about the disease. It can be:

  • headache;
  • degenerative disc disease
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • disorders of blood pressure;
  • head injuries
  • heart disease;
  • disruption of the vestibular apparatus;
  • diabetes.

Suspecting the presence of the disease, it is better to consult a doctor. Should prepare for the fact that the diagnosis will require additional diagnosis.

What pain?

Pain are signals from receptors. Entering the brain, they are interpreted as pain. These signals carry information about the presence of dangerous for the body stimuli and perform a protective function. At a certain strength of the incoming pulse the potential for pain and the shock temporarily with diminished capacity. The pain threshold of a man has individual options and is based on the chemical components in the structures of the cell (membrane). Power pulse pain above the threshold that breaks the chain of transmission cells. Any impulse – chemical reaction at the cellular level.

Pressure cause headaches

Because pain changes the chemical composition of the transmitting cells more often, in addition to tablets, nothing will help. But who knows the legend of the beneficial info to turn off the pain? This legend is confirmed by numerous proofs, which always leave a field for doubts. Can a person will power to order the brain to affect the chemical composition of cells? This would change the natural processes in the body. So you can run the self-destruct mechanism. Does it body to obey?

What head?

The Head part of the body, consisting of bone and soft tissue. It contains the extremely valuable education: the brain, carotid artery, muscles, tendons, cartilage. Another is the cervical spine, eyes, ears, nose, and socially involved appearance. A very important part of the body, often requiring delicate handling. What exactly is the pain?

The Pain may have characteristics. They should be able to inform himself and the doctor. The pain may be dull, sharp, stabbing, cutting, pulsating. Where in the head hurts? The discomfort can be in temporal, occipital regions. Can hurt the eyes and the sinuses and face. Frequent, periodic, regular, persistent pain is the nature of the sensations for a period of time spent on observation. It is advisable to talk in detail about feelings specialist. This will facilitate the task of collecting information, identifying and eliminating the causes.

heart Disease is the cause of headaches


There is a stereotype that frequent headaches are not easy to eliminate. They can occur at the end of the working day and to be a symptom of fatigue. The head may ache constantly in a completely healthy person. The head is the center, the totality of visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory receptors. Receptors can be overloaded. Too noisy around, during the day my eyes are tired, unpleasant smell in the room or on the street, something very bitter and acidic food, which can whirl and head ache. In order to avoid frequent headaches and dizziness from stress, the person is quite simple methods. If you look closely, the stress on the body everywhere today. Life is one big stress. Is it worth it to suffer frequent headaches? Why overload happen? So-called mental activity can cause eyestrain.

Physical activity – changes in body temperature, pressure. Prolonged immobility is stress. So that's always goodto feel and not to provoke frequent overloading, it is necessary to alternate the mental and physical exercises regularly to be in the fresh air. What to do if you start to hurt and feel dizzy, and tablets don't have? You may want to eat something delicious. Most likely the body lacks glucose. To avoid frequent sensory overloads will help a good night's sleep, complete relaxation, restorative procedures.

A Pleasant smell can often help. This is an additional positive load on the smell receptors and the corresponding perception. What smell will help homeopathy. You can approach even an unusual favorite perfume or a pleasant scent, air freshener. Improves mood, the pain will disappear, there will be a natural ease in the body.

head Injury - the cause of migraine

Often helps the music. The rumor is based on the principle of the perception of vibration of the eardrum. Morse code is interpreted by the brain. A sound with a certain frequency of vibration improve health. The sound of rain, waves, the depths of the ocean, the sound of bells, the sound of the organ pipes – the simplest sounds that can help relieve the symptom.

Visual images is also affected. Characteristics of the light spectrum, differences in stimulus will help to relax overstressed receptors. Techniques light exposure: frequent or infrequent blink, rotation, color hue, light spectrum, artificial lighting, and sunlight.

facial Massage and scalp will create stress on tactile perception. There are clusters of muscles and nerve endings. Their stimulation relieve spasms, enhance the circulation of blood. Quality of touch matters. For a start, special massagers do not need. Even with frequent touching the face massage nature is no impact on the eyelids, the ears, the base of the nose.

Using a nail plate tingling, a slight vibration from the friction of his palm, very simple to achieve good results. It is important not to overdo it. A light touch to the face, scalp, neck, fairly unusual, quickly become Intrusive. Appears overload that I would like to remove.

Diabetes cause headaches

what kind Of ailments might tell additional symptom?

An Additional symptom says about the severity of the problem. Most likely, it is necessary to consult a doctor if, in addition to headaches, are present:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • dizziness;
  • fainting;
  • noise, ringing in the ears;
  • nervous tics
  • auditory hallucinations
  • loss of vision
  • visual hallucinations
  • temperature
  • tremor.

Migraine is a severe headaches. Man harassed by frequent attacks, they happen every day. It's a genetic, chronic disease. Just a migraine and frequent headache it is impossible to confuse. The attacks are accompanied by General weakness, emaciation.

These pain and dizziness hard to carry on the feet. Despite the existence of agents with high efficacy, physiology of the pathological process are poorly understood. Frequent migraine is difficult to endure, but the treatment is expensive.

The Concussion – traumatic brain injury, which is easy to obtain in the home. It is easily treated, in comparison with other types, but it can not to pay attention, first, to treat lightly. What are the signs received a concussion? It is accompanied by loss of consciousness. Breathing quickened, heart rate changes. Possible vomiting. One of the symptoms is confusion. The memory of the incident or preceding events is partially lost. There is no fever, there are dizziness, weakness, nausea, buzzing in the ears, and other Concussion – severe injury for treatment of which must comply with bed rest.

Problems with blood flow in the brain is a serious phenomenon. When there is insufficient blood supply to the tissue may die off. The destruction of brain cells leads to disorders in the whole organism. Without oxygen the brain can live few minutes. Headache and dizziness when circulatory disorders have such features show themselves in the form of frequent pulsations, and present additional symptoms, General weakness appears. Strength is a headache moderate. To her the phrase: "worse things Happened". But circulatory disorders will soon make itself felt unwell.

so, headache is abnormal state.

Modern man is not necessary to forget about it. Sometimes you need to treat yourself more carefully, to exercise great discipline to properly manage your time and life. To look for a reason to listen to him.