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Why does it hurt scalp and what to do about it?

A lot of people suffer from what hurts the scalp. It can happen to men and women. If you inspect the head, it is possible to identify some external causes of this pain will fail. No cracks, no blemishes.The pain appears periodically, and they begin from the hair roots.

scalp Pain

The First thing you need to figure out why it hurts scalp that provokes this condition. Doctors believe that causes for this condition are many.

The Pain on the scalp may be triggered primarily by the fact that your hair is very thick and heavy. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that women are often used to create hairstyles Bobby pins or studs. For convenience, gather hair in a ponytail. Due to the fact the skin on the head is taut and starts to hurt. When the hair is spread, and the pain pass.

You need to Carefully consider the choice of means for hair care. Some shampoos or conditioners cause allergies to some components. An allergic reaction manifests itself in different ways, for example, peeling and cracking of the skin on the head.

Common cause of pain is improper work of blood vessels. This leads to malfunction of blood circulation and cause pain at the roots. This is a consequence of vasospasm, which occur for reasons such as:

  1. dystonia.
  2. Sudden changes in temperature, hypothermia of the head.
  3. diseases of the Central nervous system.
  4. the Presence of nervous tension, stress and strong physical exertion.

a Massage of the scalp

If you are missing all the reasons listed, the scalp is probably sore because of nervous exhaustion. It leads to irritation and fatigue. If this period is will last a very long time, it may lead to the climax, which will weaken the body. In this case it is necessary to consult specialists, for example, a therapist. It will help to find out the cause of what is happening, and will tell you how to deal with the situation. A side effect of nervous exhaustion is numbness of limbs and fingers.

If the scalp when touching it hurts, you need to carefully inspect the hair to determine the presence of dermatological diseases. If its time to heal, the pain will disappear.

Types of pain on the scalp

The People in question feel pain on the skin. It depends on the cause. Most often felt:

  1. tingling or burning.
  2. severe itching.
  3. Pain when you comb your hair.
  4. Constant pain in hair roots, which is not very serious.

Drug treatment

If you constantly want to scratch your head, you feel severe itching, then most likely this is due to hygienic issues. This suggests that you do not adhere to basic rules of personal hygiene or care products hair is absolutely not suited for you. Itching also occurs in the case of colouring or perming hair. These procedures can cause allergic reactions or even burn the skin on the head. Therefore, it should be remembered that often painting or doing a Perm is not recommended. Even drying hair can cause damage to the skin, can cause burns.

scalp sometimes hurts with the inflammatory processes. There are symptoms: blisters, ulcers, wounds. This suggests that you have some illness, such as dermatitis, fungus or infection.

If the skin sore at the roots of the hair, and the outward signs are absent, this can be caused by a hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy.

Hair fall out or grow very quickly. If there is a dull aching pain that accompanies the process of combing need to consult a neurologist.

Individual causes of pain on the scalp:

  1. are Allergic to certain food.
  2. are Allergic to some medicine.
  3. Burn from sunlight.

Treatment drugs

The Choice of medication depends on what your diagnosis doctor. Most often apply ointment or mash. But in some cases, prescribe pills and injections.

appeal to the doctor to determine the cause of pain in the scalp

If the pain is acute, you may use painkillers to reduce pain. But they can't get involved due to damage caused to the body. If these symptoms bother a pregnant woman, it is possible to use tablets is not recommended. The first step is to consult a dermatologist and trichologist, who will diagnose and prescribe therapy.

If the cause of pain is hormonal imbalance, the doctor will prescribe a drug that will restore normal functioning of the body and adjusthormones.

You will Need to take vitamins and minerals.

If the cause of pain on the scalp is a problems with the cardiovascular system, the treatment aims to restore normal operation of vessels. The main task will be the deliverance from vascular spasms. Appropriate treatment can only a doctor after all the tests.

Sometimes, a pain exacerbation of skin on the scalp occurs at some certain period, for example, in the winter. To avoid this, you should always keep your head warm and don't ignore hats.

house ways

If you believe in the cause of unpleasant sensations on the skin, you can use some traditional recipes:

  1. Salt mask. You should thoroughly wash your hair. Then a good RUB with salt. To keep the mask 15 minutes. After this time the salt to wash off. Any recommendations about how often to do it, does not exist. It all depends on you.
  2. the Mask of mustard. Is applied the same way as salt. Keep it to about one hour.
  3. Relaxation. This kind of relaxation helps the body to relax after hard work and nervous tension. You need to get comfortable in the room should be dim. You need to close your eyes and ignore what is happening around. Relaxation protects the nervous system from stress.
  4. Massage. It can be done independently. You should sit on a comfortable chair or armchair. Fingertips massage the head, temples, neck. The massage enhances the effect of painkillers.
  5. Aromatherapy. You need to choose the most pleasant smell. The oil should be rubbed into the region of the temples. In 20 minutes you will feel that the pain goes away.

Proper care for skin and hair

To avoid the pain on the scalp near the roots of the hair, you need to properly care for themselves:

  • it is desirable to use combs made of wood;
  • tools used to fix the hair you want to use as little as possible;
  • carefully pick up all tools for hair care;
  • if you have sensitive skin, it is best to wear hairstyles with short hair
  • in winter and autumn wear headdresses;
  • try not to expose your body to stress and fatigue;
  • regularly, take the necessary vitamins;
  • give up bad habits and get active;
  • stick to a diet dominated by healthy food;
  • masks and hair products needs to be done independently.

The skin on the head can hurt for different reasons, but you should always pay attention to it. The choice of method of treatment depends on the diagnosis. In any case, to prevent this unpleasant phenomenon, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, not to use hygiene products with the content of chemical elements. Check the condition of your body, and you will not be bothered by pain on the skin, hair loss.