How to treat pressure headaches?

Oppressive headache bothers most people. It can be a symptom of many diseases, sometimes not involving the brain. Pain in the head are different – sharp, pulsing, squeezing. They can overtake a person suddenly or after physical and mental stress. Oppressive headache from other types can be distinguished by its characteristics. Faced with her once, you will not mix it with anything. If such pains occur too often, you should consult a doctor.

Pressing pain in the head

Causes of cephalalgias

The Main factors leading to the emergence of a pressure headache: increased intracranial pressure, cerebrovascular accident, cervical osteochondrosis, a lack of oxygen in the body, head trauma, vasospasms, viral and bacterial infection, alcohol poisoning of the liver. Headache treatment may not be initiated without the study its symptoms and causes. First of all, the doctor needs to confirm or refute the presence in the patient of pathological processes that can cause similar symptoms. Pressure pain in head can occur at any age, it affects even children. However, most often this symptom occurs in women.

the Intake of spicy and fried food as a cause of headachesFailure to observe proper diet too can cause headaches. It is therefore necessary to exclude from the diet spicy and fried foods. In any case can not starve. Climate change also affects the human body, resulting in headaches.

Oppressive headache: the main features

In this disease the patient feels as if pressing something inside the epicenter of the pain. The pain may capture the back of the head, neck, eyes, temples. It is a monotonous aching in nature and do not change its intensity. The attack usually occurs in one part of the head, rarely in both. Such pain can occur in severe pathologies, such as encephalitis or meningitis. In this case, the symptoms are clearly expressed and persist for long time. They may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The location of the lesion pain may be different. For example, with otitis it is located in the temporal part of the head. When you increase cranial pressure compresses pain the eye area.

To understand what pressure pain, try to imagine that you wear a hat, which you are very small. Compressive headache may be a consequence of severe stress and usually occurs between the ages of 27 to 40 years. It is often accompanied by intolerance to light and loud sounds. In addition, headaches may be accompanied by pain in the muscles of the neck. The monotonous attack of pain can last from an hour to several days. The reason for this condition may be inflammation of the temporomandibular joint. Pain is often worse after drinking coffee, tea and certain medications.

Strengthening headache when drinking coffeeAbout a pressure headache that accompanies cervical osteochondrosis, is to talk separately. In addition to a strong squeezing sensation of the head the patient complains of dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, disturbance of consciousness, tinnitus. In osteochondrosis of the spine the blood circulation in the vessels of the brain, this explains the appearance of pain. To their appearance and can cause hormonal disruptions in the body.

Treatment and prevention

In order to avoid the serious consequences of headaches it is better to prevent. It does not require any effort, but the benefit of prophylaxis is unquestionable. How to avoid crushing headaches? Often happens on the street, ventilate the room in which you live and work. Look for a class with light physical exertion. Regularly visit a massage therapist, especially if you suffer from cervical osteochondrosis. Learn to live without stress and scandals.

visiting a massage therapist for treatment of headachesa Good prevention of headaches is a solid 8-hour sleep. Correct posture will also help you to avoid these unpleasant sensations. Choose a comfortable pillow and mattress. If you often have a headache, refrain from Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages, regularly measure blood pressure. Type in your diet fresh vegetables and fruits.

If you still have any problems, which led to the development of oppressive headache, give up all our tasks and lie down to rest. Try to find the cause of this condition. Ventilate the room and moisten the air. It's not necessary to use special devices. Wet a regular towel and hang it on the battery or the headboard. To the forehead can be applied cold or hot compress – to whom that is more suitable. You can tryget rid of the pain using medicinal herbs – Valerian, lime blossom, sage, peppermint. Relieve stress will help essential oils of plants, such as lavender, rosemary, mint. They can drop on the pillow or rubbed into the temporal area of the head.

practice gymnastics for the treatment of headaches

If possible, go for a walk or do some exercises. The pain subsides, if you do self-massage of the temporal part of the head and neck. A good folk treatment for headaches is lemon peel. It should apply to the forehead and temples, of course, if you're not allergic to citrus.

If all the above techniques have not helped you to get rid of pain, visit a therapist. He would find out the causes of these symptoms and prescribe adequate treatment. Drugs included in the treatment is aimed at pain relief and the prevention of its subsequent appearance. Earlier often prescribed a course of combined analgesics and NSAIDs, however, the large effect of these drugs is not give. They do not eliminate the causes of headaches and do not change the emotional state of the patient.

When pressing headache analgesics better to combine this with antispasmodics.

The Self with cognac, coffee or folk remedies may do more harm than good. Definitely need to pass inspection and get rid of the main causes. For this purpose, are appointed by MRI, CT and tests. As quickly as possible you need to contact the doctor if pain in the head accompanied by loss of memory and vision, numbness of the extremities and convulsions. An urgent visit to the doctor is required when the increased pain and increase their duration, the increase in body temperature.

A Feature of a pressure headache is its unpredictability. Frequent bouts of intense pain can speak about the presence of infection or inflammatory process. Treatment should begin only after the cause of such condition. During examination you may find that headache is a symptom of the malfunction of any organ or hormone deficiency. Therefore, after treatment of the underlying disease the pain subsides. To remove an asthma attack is with medication or folk remedies. Traditional methods are best applied after the consultation with the doctor. Pay attention to prevention. Listen to your instincts, don't ignore early warning signs.