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Headache and vomiting in a child: the main causes

One of the frequent complaints of parents in the children's clinic is a headache (GB) and vomiting in baby, the causes of which can be determined immediately or at a thorough diagnosis. If in the recent past, when children complained of headache and nausea, came to the aid of popular analgesics, now things are a little different, and the usual analginum already does not help the situation. Headache may be accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and during collection of anamnesis, the clinical picture of such pain is similar to migraine. According to medical statistics, such somatic disorders, compared with last decade, has increased by 15-20%. Causes of head pain and nausea may be increased load on the eyes and the brain at the time.

migraine Children

What are the features of headaches in children? What to do parents in this case?

causes of headaches in children

The Etiology of headache and vomiting is so vast that all the factors impossible to list: it's carbon monoxide poisoning and allergic reactions, nervous exhaustion and worries. The school program is so intensive that can cause cerebrovascular dysfunction. When such pain you need to eliminate the cause. Some causes of headaches:

  • an accompanying symptom of sinusitis or sinusitis
  • vascular disorders of the brain associated with narrowing of the lumen, and possible thrombus
  • violation of intracranial pressure; these symptoms are particularly characteristic of the crisis of puberty, when hormonal changes occur in the body of a teenager
  • genetic predisposition: often headache may be transmitted through the maternal line or through one generation;
  • congenital heart disease or vascular disease congenital nature;
  • intoxication brain and blood; in adolescence it may be alcohol poisoning or drug raw materials;
  • a viral infectious diseases can cause pain head: headache may appear during the period of intoxication and after treatment with strong antibiotics;
  • the child has a headache and nausea in traumatic head injury: if you fall or blunt force;
  • cancer;
  • inflammation of the brain (meningitis, encephalitis);
  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in children.

Heredity - the cause of headaches

First you need to determine the cause of the head pain and vomiting in a child, then to start treatment, and only under the supervision of a doctor.

Clinical picture

Children do Not always promptly complain of headache. Very young children may simply be restless and nervous. Some children may be afraid to talk about their pain to adults. This is due to the fear of hospitals and medical procedures. To avoid such fears, you need to explain to the child the importance of health and not to provoke fears, scaring them by hospitals and doctors.

At the slightest symptoms of pain head of the child, the reasons for which you cannot find out by yourself, you need to immediately consult a doctor. Even "harmless" at first glance, analgin or tsitramon can trigger allergic reactions or exacerbate chronic diseases. Only a doctor can figure out a somatic cause and prescribe treatment. Before contacting the doctor spend the observation of the health of the child:

  • do that with vomiting and nausea belly;
  • are there when the pain of the head and dizziness weakness;
  • what is the duration of pain;
  • which character of pain: sharp or dull;
  • is there a temperature;
  • how often the child experiences headache and nausea
  • in what circumstances the pain occurs: before or after meals;
  • could the headaches and nausea be caused by physical or mental load of a child.

Alcohol as a cause of headache

Diagnosis of pain syndrome in the head area

After collecting the anamnesis of the head pain a child must go through such studies:

  • MRI or CT brain
  • biochemical analysis of blood and urine;
  • dopplerographic test;
  • control blood pressure.

All diagnostic procedures can be performed as an outpatient in the clinic or diagnostic centers or in a hospital. Some children, because of a genetic predisposition in early childhood prone to bouts of dystonia. Due to such situation there is an abrupt hypertensive pressure, and the child complains of weakness and headaches. When changing the environment (place of residence, long journey) children experience not only headache, but also vomiting and nausea. In this case, you need to consult a pediatric neurologist.

Home first aid kit to treat headaches in a child

If you have sudden pain, then before you deliverthe child in medical institution, you need to give the child warm tea and give a mild analgesic in the form of or dipyrone tsitramona. When the pain of the head in children typically use vitamin complexes that contain useful trace elements. Among the drugs that doctors recommend in such cases the children, oxybral, piracetam, nootropil. They cropped pain syndromes and improve the dynamics of cerebral metabolism. As vitamins and trace elements use neuromultivit, alphabet, activel. Vitamins include supplements that block pain.

MRI for diagnosing headaches

If the chronic nature of the head pain is not confirmed by a diagnosis, but light and non-hazardous to health child dose of analgesics necessary to enhance the blocking of pain with diet. To do this a few weeks to eliminate from the diet of a child pastry, fried and pastry dishes. In this period the child should eat food rich in plant fiber. Also allowed soups, porridge and meals, steamed vegetable stews and chicken burgers. Explain the usefulness of such food is difficult, especially if it is small.

Parents just have to control this mode and use the game to try to help the child survive this period. Senior students are also strictly forbidden to eat chips, crackers, various types of soda. To prevent headaches parents should be more walk with your child outdoors. Sometimes children like the TV was always on. This extra "burden" on brain activity.

The Cause of the head pain can be sharp light. Therefore, room lighting should be subdued. Excellent ventilation and airing of the room before going to sleep can also be attributed to prevention of pain of the head. For students in this case will be useful exercise. Some parents, having read popular scientific literature, use scented candles in the children's room or lamps. It relaxes and calms the nervous system of the child, but the mechanism of their impact on the child's body has not been studied.

Overall, the headaches and nausea of a child due to several causes, which are caused by congenital and acquired factors.

To determine the cause of the disease, you need to seek medical advice.

The sooner it will make parents, the faster the child will get rid of unpleasant pain and sickness of the head of state.