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Else get a headache when breastfeeding and how to treat it

Headache with breastfeeding is something that is unlikely to want to face any woman, and especially during lactation. It is worth noting that the use of medications in these moments is undesirable, but about non-drug treatment few people know, can cause stress on the background of this state. The period when a woman carries a baby after birth is the most important stage in the life of a mother and child, because at this time the mother should be as healthy as you can, to ensure its transmission to the child. Experts have proven that together with breast milk the mother passes even your mood, and the child it may change.

the Problem of headaches during breastfeeding

what is the reason you may experience headache during lactation

Every new mother should be aware that when you breastfeed it does not belong to himself, and therefore it should be carefully to follow the diet, behavior and even body. If the mother has a need to carry out certain treatment, it is possible to implement it only with the permission of the doctor.

Often nursing mother have to deal with severe headaches and in this situation, many people are inclined to take medicine or drink a decoction of herbs. Initially you need to identify the reason, where there is such a manifestation, and don't need immediately to resort to medical treatment. Mostly a headache, with:

  • fatigue
  • sleep;
  • post-Natal pathology;
  • high blood pressure
  • the use of strong anesthesia during childbirth.

Before nursing mother to take the pills, you should start to plan your day, so it was time for sleep and rest.

Sleep deprivation is the cause of headaches

If you have chronic sleep deprivation in women during lactation may occur malaise, irritability, and even weakness. All this in the first place will affect the baby, and because it is not necessary to exhaust yourself in household chores, if it has no real power. Night feeding, taking care of the baby and experiences – this contributes to the development of discomfort and fatigue, because each of the fair sex must involve some help from family and primarily from a spouse.

A nursing mother may be different manifestations of exactly how headache. If it is possible to observe the pulsation in the frontal and temporal lobes, this indicates that the mother is too much worried and nervous. This symptom occurs due to increased pressure in the blood vessels, and may be accompanied by painful attacks in the cervical spine. To take action in this case only the doctor.

medications from pain in the head lactation

Drink headache medicine nursing mothers is extremely rare and very carefully, as pain can be of different nature and can not always help the medicine. Initially, if the medication harmed the baby, as he gets the dosage along with mother's milk, which can affect the baby.

Pressure cause headaches

There are a number of pills that should not just limit, but to literally exclude. These include the Aspirin, which is used for a long time and used by many. And also:

  • acetylsalicylic acid, which is composed of components capable of destroying the liver of the baby and the brain;
  • aspirin
  • paracetamol, but there are cases when a doctor gives permission for its use, as the mother's body may need is this drug, the doctor adjusts the dosage so as to prevent harm to the baby.

If the doctor explained, than to treat the pain and what to drink, and in this case it is Paracetamol in the house it should create the necessary conditions. Namely, you will need to ventilate the room, turn off the TV and computer, as this all provokes pain in the head, and in addition to all this you need to take a comfortable position in a chair or on the bed. In addition to Paracetamol, there are a number of analogues that are prescribed for mothers in the lactation period, but do not forget about personal intolerance as his body, and crumbs.

This medication, as Ibuprofen is considered one of the best options for beating high temperature nursing mothers, as it is absorbed in the milk and in the blood in minimum quantities.

Paracetamol for headache

If there is a need to use medication for a long period of time or is worsening, you should stop feeding for a time or permanently.

It is Important to rememberthat it is strictly forbidden to use Analgin, which received a lot of feedback in a positive way.

Any drug from the group of analgesics is a complete ban in the lactation period, but if the fairer sex has taken responsibility and decided to use it, then you need to use the minimum dosage.

A tool Such as no-Spa should not be used for headaches, as in the matter of what can be done for pain in the stomach it will be more relevant. When choosing a drug should very carefully study the manual, pay attention to side effects and contraindications, as there can detect symptoms that subsequently manifest in the baby.

Some women doctors recommend the use of a method for pumping before will be applied to the preparation that will allow to feed the baby milk without medications. If the annotations indicate that the excretion of the drug is carried out in a few hours, it will be possible with peace of mind to feed the baby milk after the time specified in the instructions.

Ibuprofen for headaches

Manifestation of severe headaches when breastfeeding

If the mother is manifested severe headache similar to migraine, then often the doctors advise to switch to artificial feeding, because it takes a long period of medical therapy.

Artificial feeding, of course, is opposed to the chest, but sometimes it's the only way to protect the baby and the mother's health. In extremely rare cases possible to use Enalapril and Captoril that are not concentrated in milk and the perfect lower high blood pressure. Scientists aren't fully understood interaction of the drugs and lactation, and therefore do not need to abuse them.

There is a list of medicines that cannot be used during lactation under any circumstances, and that:

  • Dibazol;
  • Reserpine
  • Cordaflex;
  • Dopegit;
  • Diazoxide
  • Verapamil.

Herbal tea for headache

non-drug treatment for headache

There are some tips on how you can avoid or get rid of headaches without resorting to medication.

  1. Infusion of strong black and very sweet tea relieves headache, but with a sweet should be neat and have no need to abuse, as this may provoke an allergic reaction baby.
  2. massage and head and neck. A good option would be visiting a professional massage therapist or the help of relatives, as in this case, you will fully enjoy the relaxation.
  3. Using breathing exercises nourishes the body with oxygen, causing the blood to move faster, which helps to reduce the pressure and expansion vessels.
  4. in recent years, many began to give preference to needle applicators that are attached to the neck or the back of the head. This procedure is performed for about 30 minutes and helps to improve blood circulation.
  5. Using a contrast shower is useful always and not only when you want to get rid of a headache, as it strengthens body and boosts immune function.
  6. Every mother should know that the presence of endorphin or hormone positive is the surest way to get rid of stress, irritability and spasms in the blood vessels.

Massage for migraine

Preventive measures for health during lactation

In Order not to wonder what to do and what tool head to use, have to worry about the body as much as possible and well in advance, carrying out certain procedures.

  1. Juice from potatoes, cranberries and black currants, but only freshly prepared, perfectly suited to the use, if use it with honey. And such a composition can be replaced with green tea, which contains peppermint and cinnamon.
  2. traditional healers believe that if you RUB the temporal and frontal part of the garlic, then the headache will be removed as a hand.

If during the life of the ever-present headaches, then you need to learn to distinguish a migraine from a simple pain, as if migraine attack can often need the help of medical officer. Migraine is characterized by the presence of noise in the ears, pain located in one spot in your head and not over the entire surface. Diagnosis can only be a doctor after studies, and this should not be taken too serious measures not to aggravate the situation.

When visiting the doctor should pay attention to the fact that at the moment there are breastfeeding so he can give advice in relation to the position.

douches to prevent headaches

headaches and stress psychologists recommend to carry out as many water treatments, as they help relieve tension, nervousness and there is complete relaxation. Massages, meditation, yoga, and not only that, you will be a pleasant pastime for nursing mothers. It is thus possible to exclude tablets from your life and learn to cope with emerging problems in a more gentle way.

There arean old recipe that was used by our ancestors. Broken raw egg, poured hot milk and consumed. It is believed that the regular use of such a composition will allow to cope with migraines long before its occurrence.

But here should pay attention to precautions, as if to consume the untested raw egg, it is possible to catch Salmonella, which will be fatal to the infant.

breastfeeding mother should exclude all addictions, such as Smoking, alcohol, poor diet. They can affect the appearance of headaches, and not only the fair half of mankind, but also her child.

It is Worth noting that there is no need to feel sorry for yourself and to postpone preventive treatments, walks in the fresh air and the intake of fruits and vitamins. The longer delayed the time to improve the health, the poorer the condition of the mother and baby.

If the expectant mother begins planning a pregnancy to take vitamins and stay only on the clean and fresh air, during all 9 months of attending various courses, trainings and not only that, it is possible during lactation at all you can avoid serious pain. Not worth it to harm your baby and limit nutrients, replacing them with liquor and pills, as all this he has to consume for life a considerable amount. There is a pretty huge difference between when a child the body get powerful drugs to infants and older because there is a different degree of immunity and, consequently, the reflection of the body on impact. In the hands of every mother's health and her child by taking care of yourself, you can make his life a lot brighter and nicer.

Scientists have proved and demonstrated that when mothers are breastfeeding babies with love and understanding, while being in high spirits, and them babies come from the same emotions. This is the perfect place against the mother and the child, as if he will be calm, not to worry and stress, that will eliminate headaches.

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