Why get a headache when orgasm?

Headache with orgasm – a fairly common phenomenon that can for a few seconds to fight off the desire to continue to devote herself to amorous pleasures. In practice, this unpleasant phenomenon affects about 2-3 % of the population of the planet. Pain usually occurs in the back of the head. Most faced with this problem are embarrassed to share with it with your partner and to seek help from doctors. This all leads to the fact that the person suffers from severe pain, preventing to have fun in bed throughout his life.

severe headache during orgasm

An Interesting fact is that some people have pain during orgasm appears not always. For example, if a person experiences pleasure several times during the night, it is quite possible that a headache will occur only 1 time.

Types of headaches

Doctors revealed that while having sex a person may encounter 2 types of headaches:

  1. Increasing gradually. The first unpleasant sensations usually occur at the time of lovemaking. This pain increases every minute and reaches its climax at the moment of orgasm.
  2. Sudden – orgasmic headache appears at the peak of pleasure or immediately after it.

Main causes of disease

Doctors distinguish several basic causes of severe headache during lovemaking:

Taking oral contraceptives is the cause of headache when orgasm

  1. Rhythmic contraction of the muscles, which leads to increased rush of blood to the brain. In humans, increased pressure and becomes a cause of pain in the head.
  2. Intake of oral contraceptives. Another common cause of the above problems. If the girl is wrong for her contraceptive pills, the likelihood of headache during orgasm increases many times.
  3. Migraine. Statistics show that many people do not even suspect the presence of migraine prior to sexual activity.
  4. Headache during orgasm can occur due to hormonal "explosion". It should be noted that from such "explosions" often suffer the male part of the population.
  5. Excessive anxiety.Many insecure people getting very nervous during lovemaking. Sex becomes a stressful situation, against which the headache starts.

Doctors warn that this unpleasant symptom may indicate the presence of any serious diseases. For example, headaches during lovemaking can occur because of glaucoma or a brain tumor. In this case pain is accompanied by darkening in the eyes, tinnitus and disorientation.

The men above attacks can occur due to a strong fear of premature ejaculation. In this case, doctors say about the psychological nature of pain.

appeal to the doctor to determine the causes of pain

When the first unpleasant symptoms should immediately seek help from a specialist. An Experienced doctor will all the necessary diagnostic procedures to find out the causes of illness and prescribe the correct treatment.

Symptoms of disease

It Should be noted that orgasmic headaches by their symptoms is different from growing. At the moment of orgasm occurs throbbing headache resembling “a blow to the head”. Discomfort, usually localized in the occipital part of the head and lasts from 2 minutes to 4 hours. It should be noted that this kind of headache occurs in 70% of patients. More often from such attacks suffer men older than 30 years.

At the beginning of sexual intercourse the pain is oppressive, muted and dull. The growing discomfort felt in the neck and lasts normally until the termination of sexual intercourse. These unpleasant symptoms occur in about 25-30 % of patients.

Nausea and vomiting after sexual intercourse in an upright position

Pretty rare, but severe headache can occur when you have sex in a vertical position. In addition, during this intercourse, often there is nausea and vomiting. The unpleasant symptoms usually pass after a couple lays down horizontally.

In some cases a severe headache may be felt after having sex for 12 hours, and its echoes can reverberate for another few days. Scientists warn that until the complete disappearance of unpleasant sensations it is necessary to refuse from sexual relations. Otherwise there is great risk of a repeat attack.

Quite often a severe headache occursafter sex.

It Should be noted that these unpleasant symptoms usually occur in men suffering from vascular dystonia. The attack begins with the occipital region and gradually spreading to temples, forehead and crown area. Doctors claim that the causes of pain after lovemaking are the same, and causes discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Ibuprofen for relief of headache

In most cases, these headaches are safe and are associated with the body's response to arousal. But if these unpleasant symptoms occur for the first time and last for a long period of time, then this is a clear reason to seek help from a doctor.

Particular treatment

Pain during orgasm can be treated with beta blockers. These tools allow you to reduce the intensity of pain and the frequency of its occurrence.

These drugs can also be used for relief of existing pain. In this case beta-blockers are used together with medication with analgesic effect. Very popular is the “Ibuprofen”. In some cases patients may be prescribed tranquilizers and antidepressants.

People who are faced with these attacks, doctors are recommended to do massage of the head and neck. You can request that massage therapy did the second half.

 head Massage for headache

To Cure the above disease can be effective folk remedies. Homemade recipes for many centuries been used to fight many serious diseases.

  1. When a headache during sex, you must apply to the forehead soaked in cold water cotton handkerchief.
  2. you Can make a poultice from raw potatoes. The potatoes need to peel, grate on a coarse grater, wrap the resulting pulp in a gauze bandage and apply it to the place of pain.
  3. If the pain appeared after sex, to the head you can apply a fresh cabbage leaf and secure it with a warm scarf. To remove this compress should be only a few hours.

Prevention of cephalgia

In order to have sex and not have severe headache, experts advise to follow a few important rules:

  1. first of all, it should be possible to completely rid yourself of depression and stress.
  2. Doctors recommend that men suffering from high blood pressure before the start of sexual intercourse, to accept funds that contribute to the normalization of the pressure.
  3. When you are actively keen on sports activities and physical exercises, you should not “overload” yourself with intense physical exertion.
  4. In moments of intimacy we must try to breathe freely and smoothly.
  5. When the pain still occurs, you should slow down, and even better to postpone sex.
  6. making love, try to stick to the correct and comfortable postures. Also, don't make too sudden movements.
  7. Should try to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. This will help the body adjust to the growing excitement.

If everything is done correctly, it will be possible to avoid the appearance of severe headaches during and after orgasm.