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Symptoms and treatment of headaches of vascular nature

Headache is vascular in nature is quite common phenomenon, appear in the risk group absolutely anyone of any age and gender. Even adolescents often there are nausea, dimness before the eyes, pain in the head and severe weakness.

Symptoms headache

Headache is vascular in nature occurs because of disruption of blood vessels in the brain. such disorders include hypertension or hypotension, atherosclerosis of blood vessels and venous dysfunction.

Symptoms of vascular headache

Migraine – attacks of very sharp pain, throbbing in one half of the brain.

In Parallel with the attack of pain possible vomiting, nausea, and sudden weakness. The main risk group are women.

Like any other disease, before curing, it is necessary to study and understand its causes and signs. Vascular headache has a number of symptoms and signs.

Addiction migraines from blood-pressure

The First of them – reduced level in blood pressure. Observed the throbbing pain on the inside. Usually such signs occur in those who have problems with abrupt changes in pressure (hypotonic). Such a moment is also seen in those who have significant physical activity, or those who are ill vascular dystonia. Sick vessels due to stretching and expansion of vessels because of the pulsating flow of blood. Each pulse will be given a painful shot in the head.


The Most common reason – increased levels of blood pressure. One of the reasons of increase of pressure in a sudden emotional surge caused by any stressful situation that provokes the release of adrenaline in the blood, which increases blood pressure. With frequent stress cause high levels of pressure, and soon this deviation becomes "the norm" for the patient. The vessels are adapted to frequent pressure on them, which means the development of the first stages of chronic hypertension. Localization of headaches with this disease is the occipital part. Common signs include nausea, dizziness, darkening in the eyes, dull pain, etc.

Venous dysfunction. This deviation is due to stretching of the venous vessels of the brain due to the detention of blood in them. The pooling of blood there caused by a number of factors that impede the exit of blood from the head, for example, sleep without a pillow, body position (vertical/horizontal). This pain may increase in several times, if a person takes a vertical position. One of the key reasons of occurrence of this disease is the lack of veins.

Treatment of cephalgia vascular nature

Before you self-assign courses drugs and traditional methods, it is imperative to consult with a specialist. He will prescribe a suitable complex treatment of pharmacological, medical and other methods. In the preventive purposes it is better to refuse once and for all, bad habits (Smoking, alcoholism, etc.). Effective treatments are massage, acupuncture.

This disease is quite a serious case for those who have a propensity to consume bad habits and alcoholic beverages. Fast pace of life, stressful situations, a lot of contact with people, leading to emotional extremes, all this causes headaches vascular nature gradually acquire the status of "normal" and should not be.