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Headache in the parietal area and its main causes

Many people sometimes suffer from such symptoms as headache at the crown of your head, the reasons for which it is difficult to determine. The person begins to feel as if his skull bursting from within. It all starts with discomfort, but then the pressure intensifies. Sometimes it seems like any bump on the head, but in more severe cases, pain spreads throughout the skull and has more serious consequences. The causes of this phenomenon are very diverse.

the Problem of headaches in the parietal area

Pain in parietal region

Pain in the parietal lobe can occur in every person. This may occur even in children. with the main reason, according to doctors is the increase of pressure inside the skull. However, there are several other reasons that cause this condition in the body. The head can hurt because of various infections, neoplasm and other things.

The Man may feel slight discomfort. Then the pain will gradually worsen. The pain may be compressing in character and, on the contrary, arching. Much less pain will be piercing in nature. In some cases, people may feel a pulsation. Sometimes pain is manifested by seizures. Quite often the pain is so strong that it radiates to other body parts or internal organs, for example, eyes, ears. From such manifestations of this symptom affects up to 50% of people with headaches.

do Not confuse these sensations with migraine. Although in some cases, as with migraine, the person experiences discomfort or intolerance of bright light or loud noise. And these symptoms only increase with time.

Headache pain experienced in the ears

Most Often, the syndrome in this part of the brain only appears to be 35 – 45 years. By the way, women can experience a similar sensation during menstruation or in the first months of pregnancy.

anxiety symptoms of other diseases

Of Course, pain in the crown may appear due to poor environmental conditions, improper diet, regime of activity and sleep, and other conditions that can be corrected, which will lead to the fact that people will no longer feel discomfort in my head. However, it is not always possible to solve the problem of such relatively simple methods. Very often headache is not an independent disease, but a symptom of other more serious diseases.

In time to see a doctor and begin the treatment of such ailments, you need to listen to your own body. There are additional symptoms which are symptoms of other diseases, so it is necessary to pay attention to them, if they do appear.

first, you must consult your doctor if the pain in my head intensify and occur more often, the period between them shortens, and the attack of pain can last longer.

second, when the pain in the crown of the head can dramatically change blood pressure. This change must be tracked. In addition, a person can feel nausea and retching. He is becoming more weak and lethargic.

to consult a doctor for headache in the crown of the head

Third, severe headaches can cause fainting in humans. If this at least one time occurred, the urgent need to consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

fourth, in humans, can impair hearing or vision. Sometimes it is very difficult to move my head. In some cases, limited movement with his hands.

The Patient may feel dryness in the mouth. He has enlarged lymph nodes in different parts of the body, but especially on the head, neck and in the armpits. Begins to deteriorate concentration. Bad people remembers different facts or finds it difficult to recall moments from the past.

If the pain the patient is accompanied by these symptoms, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, because this is a clear indication that the disease progresses and the patient's condition is deteriorating. Drugs that have pain-relieving properties won't help in this case. For the treatment of disease it is first necessary to define it. Only a specialist can properly identify the causes that led to headaches in the crown, and this affects the choice of treatment methods.

causes of pain of this localization

Headache in this area can be caused by injury of the crown when you hit about something or when the fall of man. However, there are other factors that may cause such an unpleasant sensation in the person.

stress at work - cause headaches in the crown of the head

The first thing to pay attention to the way of life. Too big loads in the process may affect human health. The same applies to irregular sleep. In addition, the lack of fresh air may causeanoxia. The brain cells will not receive enough oxygen, causing pain in the head, which can only deploy in a certain proportion, for example, in the crown. So it is very important to ventilate the room, and as often as possible to walk in the fresh air.

In addition,the long pastime at the computer will not improve the condition of the patient, so the use of this unit must be limited. Every hour you want to do 10-minute break. It is best to give your eyes a break and to do exercises not only for whole body but also separately for the eyes.

Should pay attention to the nourishment of man: his regime and diet. Very often it can have an impact not only on the whole body, but the brain in particular. The person will experience discomfort in the crown. If your diet is wrong people will receive less useful to the body the elements of food that will lead to their shortage in the body. It is also forbidden to indulge in alcoholic beverages, various energy drinks with the chemical composition of tobacco. Do not abuse any drugs. Definitely need to give up bad habits.

Overdose medicines that cause headaches in the crown of the head

In some cases pain in the crown of the head can be caused by drugs, especially if there was an overdose. Sometimes muscle spasms of the face and neck lead to such consequences. By the way, meteo-dependent people to changes in climate, changes in weather conditions and the pressure may suffer from such pain.

However, not only these factors can cause pain in the crown of the head. Very often, the discomfort can be triggered by different viruses and infections. It is affected by the blood disease, ischemia, problems with the nervous system, and cancerous tumors in the brain. If the pain starts in the crown in old age, most often it is a problem with the blood vessels. Possible even ischemia. To identify the disease, is to make magnetic resonance imaging and angiography.

It is Almost impossible to cope with pathological changes of chronic nature (for example, migraine, or hydrocephaly). They provoke pain. These abnormalities can cause sinusitis, tonsillitis, inflammation of the optic nerve and so on.

This is the Most dangerous symptom in hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke, in hypertensive crises.

To eliminate pain in the crown, it is necessary to determine the cause and then start treatment.

In Addition to medicines, helps to massage, fresh air, compresses, herbal teas.

If the headache in the crown, then be sure to seek medical attention. Of course, this can be caused by head impact on any subject, but often enough my head starts to hurt and in the absence of injury. The reason may be not only the increased intracranial pressure. These sensations can be symptoms of more serious diseases. That is why it is very important to monitor your health and consult a doctor. Only he can determine the correct reason which caused the pain in the head. A skilled practitioner will choose the appropriate treatment with a variety of treatments and medicines.

However, it is best to prevent this disease: need to check the state of the organism and to visit your doctor at the first symptoms. It is also very helpful to change the environment for the better and lead a healthy lifestyle.