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Headaches as a side effect of epidural anesthesia

Headaches after epidural anesthesia is a problem that occurs in many patients. Despite the fact that modern drugs guarantee minimal side effects, they still occur and cause discomfort to many women. What to do with the epidural? How to minimize side effects? You can highlight any recommendations? The answers to these questions can be seen below.

to consult a doctor for headache after epidural anesthesia

summary of issue

The Epidural space of the spine (3-4 vertebrae), in which is injected a special needle and a catheter. Drugs anaesthesia completely block the transmission of pain sensation from nerve to the membranes of brain structures. During that anesthesia is most often used components containing local anesthetic agents, and narcotic analgesics, which have repeatedly proven their effectiveness. They allow you to have a local impact without affecting the maternal organism and not affecting the formation of the fetus.

heavy legs after epidural anesthesiaMany women choose natural childbirth without any painkillers. This type of anesthesia is considered the most popular and widespread. One of the main contraindications that restricts the use of this tool is to bleeding disorders and reduced levels of platelets in the blood. If the size of the fetus is too large, the anesthesia may not be used.

Experts cannot determine the exact term of carrying out such procedures. Start epidural pain relief can be caused by several reasons. Some clinics perform local anesthesia during the birth. Health care facilities the introduction of the anesthetic solution is possible only in case when the patient cannot bear pain progressive. No specific dates, which ensured that after a puncture won't be any pain. If a headache, then maybe the introduction of the anesthetic solution was not carried out in the most suitable period. In some cases, it all starts with the first contractions of the uterus, and in others – at the final stage. It should be noted that full anesthesia can only be performed in the event that if labor started normally, and the cervix is fully opened (under normal conditions, 3-5 cm). A woman must endure pain before and after the birth. Only the nature and location of pain may vary.

Why does your head hurt?

the Decision procedure should take the attending physician based on the diagnosis and current condition of the patient.

Schema epidural anesthesiaThis type of anesthesia has several disadvantages, among which are:

  • severe headaches
  • increased intracranial pressure
  • pain at the injection site;
  • heaviness in legs
  • on the venue can often stay with spina bifida.

He fully takes responsibility for the health of not only the mother but also the child. If the patient has decided that will give birth to yourself, its no one can make.

Pain can occur in those patients who have individual intolerance to components of the drug. When increased intracranial pressure may intensify pain. It is often possible to diagnose the progression of the migraine pain, which begins compression in the temporal and parietal region. The main advantage is that the interfering drug may not have a negative impact on the structure of the fetal brain. The woman maintains a positive emotional state. Risks of development of any pathological changes are absent. The anesthesiologist, obstetrician and gynecologist must weigh all the possible contraindications, and then to inject pain medication. If you observe pain, in any case cannot be tolerated. You must immediately seek help. Anesthesia can minimize the incurred risks in childbirth, because proper use can only lighten labor.


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