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How to identify and eliminate headaches with vegetative vascular dystonia

Headaches with vascular dystonia (VVD) are the main symptom of the fact that the autonomic nervous system there are any violations. TOOOo date there is no consensus about the VSD. Some doctors insist that it is only the consequence of serious disturbances in the body, while others distinguish it as a separate disease.

Symptoms headache

Most Often this disease affects women. This headache is not the only symptom. As a rule, it is accompanied by complete weakness of the body, apathy. But to learn how to treat such pain, you first need to make sure it really came from dystonia.

Symptoms of headache with autonomic neuropathy

As a headache with autonomic neuropathy? As a rule, headache is distinguished by its duration. The attack may last even for several days, it still feels very strong pain.

All of this is associated with disturbances in the autonomic and Central nervous system. But if to make a diagnosis, it is absolutely no disturbance in the operation of vessels will not be identified as spasms. It is this feature that distinguishes a headache with autonomic neuropathy from other tsefalgii.

Symptom autonomic neuropathy

Typically, when the IRR does not even show any visible abnormalities in the brain because its blood supply is carried out completely and in normal mode. But if the headache comes on suddenly, then it is safe to say that the IRR is not its cause. Cephalalgia when the IRR increases gradually, moving in a very strong lingering dull pain.

Very often this pain is accompanied by severe dizziness and fainting. But if the cephalalgia becomes unbearable, there may be nausea and even vomiting. This ever present noise in the ears, before eyes arise white flies and darkening.

Along with these symptoms the person is constantly haunted by the feeling of anxiety and irrational fear, which is amplified in the morning. And the pain usually comes later in the morning and lasts all day, wearing compressive in nature, may also feel a strong pressure on the forehead, eye and in the temporal part. While blood pressure is in order.

Typically, this type of cephalgia does not prevent the person to sleep, on the contrary, during sleep the pain subsides. This is due to the fact that the brain is inactive during this time, all the processes occurring in the nervous system, slow down, and there is no reason to cause pain. But in the morning when a person wakes up, everyone returned to their seats.

restful sleep for headaches due to autonomic neuropathy

the Appropriateness of medication

Many people argue about the appropriateness of taking medicines in the treatment of headaches arising from the IRR. As a rule, in this case, no painkillers and analgesics do not help, even if taken in big amounts several times a day. They are able to improve the performance of the vessels, but does not solve the underlying problem.

But there is a theory that all sorts of sedative drugs able to solve the problem of headache for dystonia. They should be taken the course of 2-4 weeks, to do a little break, and then drinking again. And if it will be seen that cephalalgia is gradually eroding, this suggests that the drugs effect.

Of great importance in the treatment of headache from autonomic neuropathy plays overcoming feelings of anxiety and fear. Usually, such emotions cause a person to worry much, the nervous system is in constant tension, the mind cannot relax.

Drug treatment for headaches

Again can help sedatives. But in their selection should be careful. Must consult with doctor, before start taking the drug. And prefer only medicines on natural ingredients, which in its composition does not contain any chemical substances. It is recommended during treatment to refrain from driving a car, since most sedatives inhibits a person's attention.

Principles of life in IRR

In Addition to medication is very important for headaches that arise from vegetative vascular dystonia, stick to a healthy lifestyle. There are a few useful tips. If you try to follow them, then after a while you can get rid of cephalgia.

first of all, should abandon bad habits. It is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet alcoholic beverages. It is allowed to use only a small amount of alcohol on holidays. But if a headache, even a few drinks is not necessary. Otherwise the pain will only intensify.

the Benefits of a healthy lifestyle for headaches due to autonomic neuropathy

has a Negative impact on the nervous system Smoking. In the cigarette in high concentrations contains nicotine,which stimulates the nervous system. Although some smokers a cigarette that may cause temporary relief, but after a couple of hours feeling of anxiety and headache come back with a vengeance.

Very useful from time to time when the attacks recede, exercise in the fresh air. Must consider your age and existing chronic diseases. Should not be too active or engage in dangerous sports. It is best to give preference to race walking, swimming, gymnastics.

Thus, the main features of headache that occurs during vascular dystonia, is considered.

Despite the fact that to cure a headache of this type is difficult, the observance of a healthy lifestyle, eating large quantities of clean water and natural foods, intake of sedative natural drugs may help at least partially to rid of the problem. And don't forget to visit your doctor and get examined so you can identify the true nature and dynamics of cephalgia, which will help in the treatment.