Headaches that occur during and after sexual intercourse

headache after sex? To ignore this symptom in any case impossible, as it may indicate a serious illness. Headaches during and after sex to happen both in men and women. When visiting the doctor it is necessary to describe in detail how duration are pain, what is their nature. Based on the described symptoms, the doctor will prescribe tests and refer to the appropriate specialist. To understand why headache occurs, it is necessary to consider its main types.

severe headache

the Nature of cephalalgias

  1. Headache after sex may be sudden, it usually occurs during orgasm or immediately after it.
  2. the Pain may be intensified, begin painful sensations during foreplay and after orgasm greatly increase.
  3. the Pain may begin at the very beginning of sexual contact, this person feels a strong pressure in the neck. After sex, this pain does not last long.
  4. pain in the head can be strong, spasmodic, and throbbing. The person may feel a strong blow to the forehead or nape.

headaches at the beginning of sexual intercourse

Why is there pain during or after sex?

During sex a person may not begin to feel headaches because of growing arousal, but immediately after sexual intercourse, a symptom becomes apparent. In some cases, it can cause unusual posture in an upright position. Wanting to try something new, he begins to experiment, even without thinking about the fact that he's physically not ready. Improper posture can also cause muscle spasms and even vomiting. After the adoption of the horizontal position is usually all the unpleasant sensations are.

A Cause can be muscle rhythmic contraction, which greatly enhance the circulation in the brain, causing increased intracranial pressure. This symptom usually begins in people who had suffered from high blood pressure. In this case, the person suffering from headaches, it is better to take a more passive stance in sex and undergo treatment.

In some women, migraines occur during sexual contact. The reason for this is a bad emotional state. A woman may not want sex (don't like the partner or not), but because of the fact that the partner insists, she has to steel himself. Because of this, the nervous excitement and headaches.

The Cause may be the medication, which include hormones. They provoke hormonal imbalance, which appear and soreness. Hormone levels can also raise itself during orgasm, causing increased blood pressure and headache. This most often occurs in men.

Stress is one of the causes of headache after sexual intercourse

Headache during sex can occur if sexual relations cause stress or even fear. This happens if the person is clamped, has any complexes or worries due to the fact that something does not suit the partner. In this case, you need to try to understand themselves, to identify the causes that prevent to relax and have fun. You may need to see a shrink.

Migraine during sex and starts with such serious diseases as glaucoma, cancer. The person begins to feel noise in the ears, darkening before the eyes, loss of orientation. If you feel these symptoms, you should undergo examination by a neurologist.

In men unpleasant symptoms during sex often appear in the presence of dystonia. The pain starts in the neck and then spreads to the area of the crown of the head, temples and forehead. Soreness in the head begin at the time of orgasm and continue for some time after intercourse.

If the headache during sex can be felt infrequently to worry because it is not worth it. Maybe it's just a reaction to a very strong delirium. If the pain happen every time you have intimate relations, you should definitely pass inspection.

Ibuprofen for the treatment of headaches

How to help yourself in case of pain syndrome?

first of all, try to relax, ventilate the room and try to sleep. If does not help, take the pill. In this case, can help Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Analgin, Spazmalgon. On the forehead you can put a cold compress or cabbage leaf.

May Very well help massage your head and neck. Movements should be slow, soothing. If you do not want to take pills, brew yourself a soothing tea Linden, chamomile, mint with honey. The head can be wiped with ice cubes.

remember that sex is better notto do after a hard day, when you're overtired or not feeling well. If in an intimate relationship is something you care about, try to talk candidly about it with your partner. Do not have sex during an exacerbation of chronic disease.

Never have sex with a partner whom you do not wish. Experiencing negative emotions can lead to more serious psychological disorders, a person may even lead to aversion to sex and to everything opposite sex. Sex should be fun, physical and psychological discharge.

If during sexual intercourse you abruptly feel worse, then stop and try to relieve the tension.

If you suffer from hypertension, it is before intercourse it is advisable to take the pill so as not to trigger headaches. Try not to have sex in a hurry, when something irritates or annoys you. Not worth at all to refuse sex, if you start to feel bad. Understand yourself, find the reasons and try to eliminate them. Then the sex will bring you only pleasure.