What should be the nutrition and diet for migraine?

From classic migraines with aura and without suffering many adults: about 18% of women and 6% of men. As treatment recommended diet for migraine, because all other resources have help from pain.

the Problem of migraine

Causes of migraine

mostly suffers from migraines female half of the population. the Disease usually goes away by itself during menopause as a result of the restructuring of the endocrine system.

First appear pain only in one half of the head, but later they often move in the head. Symptoms are worse from any movement and sounds, which severely restricts physical activity during attacks.

The Pain in this disease are the result of spasms of blood vessels in an expanded condition. We have scanned antispasmodics are ineffective.

According to one hypothesis, the nucleus of the trigeminal nerve in migraine fall into depression. Accordingly, when the patient eats foods with the amino acid tyramine, the trigeminal nerve is activated with one hand, and a pain attack. If the human body healthy, it is able to suppress arousal.

due to the fact that the condition of the vessels is steadily decreasing, turning into a pathological form, treatment of migraine is very difficult. However, with the help of a special diet can prevent most of attacks.


Rules of nutrition in migraine pain

Thinking of what to drink from migraine, patients buy expensive drugs, where pharmaceutical corporations have amassed fortunes. However, the disease itself one tablets to cure it is impossible. It is recommended to adhere to certain nutritional guidelines.

The Diet of patients with migraine should be balanced, full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Also recommended to follow a few rules:

  • food should be taken 3-4 times a day, preferably at a certain time;
  • should be excluded from the diet of fried, marinated, sweet, salty, or at least limit the intake of such food;
  • it is better not to indulge in exotic cuisine and diet;
  • it is strictly forbidden to feel hunger;
  • it is recommended to observe your body and to refuse food, which increases the intensity of headaches.

There are several studies that proves that migraine triggers the lack of magnesium in the body. It is therefore advisable to consume more products, which consists of this element: sea cabbage, bread, melon, oatmeal, milk, vegetables.

the Use of fruits migraine

Recommended products

The Most effective remedy for migraines is a special diet, which involves eating only healthy food. Patients are encouraged to use:

  • vegetable oil (especially useful linseed, mustard, olive)
  • decaf coffee leaf tea (not strong), juice, homemade compotes and fruit drinks;
  • lean meat, sea fish, chicken without skin;
  • low-fat dairy products (kefir, fermented baked milk, curds, cheese);
  • fresh fruit and vegetables.

The diet of a patient with migraine may look like this:

  • Breakfast: fruit salad, low-fat yogurt, fruit juice or green tea;
  • lunch: soup with vegetable broth, boiled chicken with buckwheat, broth hips;
  • snack: low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt;
  • dinner: salad of fresh vegetables, Apple, tea.

Shows the menu, of course, only approximate and should be adjusted to the peculiarities and preferences of each person.

Consumption of fermented milk products in migraine

What should be excluded?

Food migraine also involves exclusion from the diet of certain foods that aggravate the disease in most people. First of all, you need to refuse food that causes an allergic reaction, and also the following products:

  • suitable alcohol (especially wine and beer);
  • offal: hearts, liver, kidney, chicken navels, liver, etc.
  • fat pork, fowl;
  • smoked sausage, smoked and cured meats;
  • hard cheese
  • products with sodium glutamate;
  • beans, peas and other legumes;
  • nuts;
  • citrus
  • caviar all varieties of fish;
  • all the products with caffeine: tea, cocoa, coffee, chocolate, Cola and energy.

However, you should understand that organisms in all patients are different, and an adverse reaction to prohibited products is not always the case. This can be determined only as a result of analysis and careful observation. So, in some cases, coffee even helps relieve the attack. However, this is only possible in the initial stages of migraine.