Taking Excedrin migraine

A product Such as Excedrin, migraine headaches and used with great success. It belongs to the category of fast-acting, and side effects is celebrated not so much.

the Problem of migraine

At the heart of Excedrin are components such as caffeine, paracetamol and acetylsalicylic acid. These substances are well able to cope with the manifestations of disease. this drug is Available in pill form, where is a certain way to concentrate the active ingredients.

General information on the preparation and characteristics effects on the body

To have the concept how the Excedrin affects the human body, you should become familiar with its composition.


Pills from migraine Excedrin and can be described as a drug containing three components with different properties. Together, they cope well with painful sensations that may be different in nature. The impact of components on the human body is better to analyze each case separately.

Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) acts as antipyretic. She is able not only to stop but also to prevent inflammation, to reduce pain. The formation of blood clots with it lock. Eliminated the binding of platelets, much better blood circulation in the area where the inflammation begins, thus creating a hurdle in his way.

The next component, caffeine, has the ability to act stimulating on the respiratory center. Under its influence there is the widening of blood vessels. Caffeine helps to cope with the feeling of sleepiness, General fatigue, enhances workability. Interacting with aspirin, caffeine beneficially affects blood flow, increases the tone of cerebral vessels.

Paracetamol contributes to decrease in body temperature, slows down inflammatory processes. This is because paracetamol has a definite impact on the center, monitors the temperature in the hypothalamus.

How the drug affects a person after the adoption inside

After Excedrin tablet gets into the esophagus and begins to dissolve, the following happens. Acetylsalicylic acid can be incorporated into blood, liver and digestive tract, splitting there until the formation of salicylates. Then, the resulting substances are still broken down in the liver.

Excedrin migraine

As aspirin and caffeine are seamlessly integrated into the body and distributed in a liquid medium.

After taking the drug on an empty stomach it can be detected in blood within a few minutes after taking. It can be digested almost completely by means of metabolites, and then exits through the kidneys. The substance can be easily integrated into a functioning gastrointestinal tract. After about half an hour after taking can already be seen where it's most concentrated.

The substance will be broken down in the liver and excreted out through the kidneys. In the initial state of the organism appears only a small part of the substance – about five percent.

When receiving normal doses of paracetamol the relationship with the squirrels is too small. When you increase the dose and increases its interaction with the environment. If the migraines to take more than necessary dose, the remaining products slowly build up in. Over time, this can cause trouble with the liver.

Contraindications to use of Excedrin

For the drug Excedrin manual should be studied carefully. It is prescribed as a rule, in such pathologies as:

  • pain, migraine, headaches;
  • increasing the toothache
  • menstrual pain
  • pain in joints and muscles;
  • acute respiratory illness, influenza.

to consult a doctor when pelvic pain

Not recommended taking this migraine drugs for conditions such as:

  • individual sensitivity to the components included in the composition of medicines;
  • haemophilia
  • incorrect operation of the gastrointestinal tract, the presence of gastric bleeding;
  • vitamin K
  • kidney failure, improper kidney function;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • excessive anxiety, poor sleep
  • glaucoma;
  • postoperative bleeding
  • age restriction – children under five years old are prohibited to use this medicine.

If you have problems with the kidneys and the liver to the intake of the drug should be treated with the utmost caution. To without difficult for the body effects to take the Excedrin, the manual must be studied carefully, and treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a physician observing the patient.

Be aware that if you are taking aspirin and paracetamolin combination with alcohol increases the possibility of developing disturbances in the liver, both functional and structural.

Excedrin Effects on the body

The working Mechanism of the drug can be described as follows: when exposed to the source of the pain relieves spasms, blocks inflammatory processes, the blood circulation in the affected area is improved, reducing the chance of blood clots.

Under the action of the drug activates the body, it becomes easier to fight fatigue, sleepiness.

The Way to use Excedrin:

  1. Taking Excedrin should by mouth, with food or shortly after it. The dose should be determined by the physician based on the patient's condition.
  2. headaches after intake of a couple of pills you can see the result after about a quarter of an hour. In the case of adoption migraine drugs will affect it in half an hour. In the presence of strong pain medication without prior consultation with supervising physician for more than five days is not recommended. Migraine can not be used the drug more than three days.

receiving a longer period is allowed only if there is an unambiguous endorsement of the attending physician.

release Form and dosage

Release Excedrin is made in the form of tablets of elongated shape in the shell white. On one of the planes includes the note is the letter E. In a package of 16 tablets.

each tablet contains acetylsalicylic acid in a quantity of 250 mg, caffeine 65 mg, paracetamol 250 mg.

The Dosage appointed by the doctor depending on how severe the disease is.

Taking the Excedrin, it should drink a full glass of water. Taken in this way, the medicine properly soluble and better excreted from the body. In case of accidental or deliberate excess of a daily dose, the presence of side effects immediately seek medical attention.