Causes and treatment of menstrual migraine in women

Menstrual migraine is a widespread disease among women. This is completely incomparable with the accompanying month ailments: abdominal pain, dizziness, General weakness of body and nervousness. Migraine during menstruation causes a great discomfort and intolerable pain in the head.

Headaches with menstrual migraines

Suffer from this syndrome, few, only 15% of women worldwide. Sometimes the appearance of a migraine is a consequence of a disease, and sometimes this contributes to adverse climate or just a change. But even without due cause migraine during menstruation with age may develop in any woman.

Causes of migraine

As a General rule, any illness has its cause. Menstrual migraine also has its specific reasons. And to better understand how you can cure that pain, you have main reasons to consider these in more detail.

pressure Surges during menstruation as a stimulant migraine

Pressure spikes and delay in the body fluid can lead to periodic severe headaches. The abnormal pressure and so a headache, but if it's a migraine during menstruation, the pain is amplified many times over. Excess liquid, if time and completely not excreted from the body, will provoke even more pressure to the horse race.

In the event that migraines during menstruation are chasing a woman long enough, this may indicate a kind of allergic reactions. They are expressed in intolerance by the body's own estrogen or decaying proteins of oocytes.

birth control pills and migraine

Sometimes migraines can be triggered by certain birth control pills. This usually shows up immediately after their admission. In addition to migraine, there is increased nervousness and General weakness in the body.

Typically, the discontinuation of the pills leads to the cessation of pain in the head.

If woman's work is connected with constant stress, fatigue and nedosypaniya, migraine during menstruation should not be a surprise. Then headaches will occur until the emotional state is not back to normal.

Tips for women during menstruation

Diet in the prevention of menstrual migraines

Every woman should know how to cure migraine during menstruation. There are today a lot of pills and folk remedies, but they do not always help quickly. Therefore, we consider rules that must be followed during menstruation:

  1. you Should follow a healthy diet. For this, enrich your diet with juices, fresh fruits and vegetables. But to completely eliminate or minimize the consumption of smoked meat, fatty, spicy and salty foods. Don't have to do it throughout the cycle – just in the days of menstruation to eat is not to the detriment of health.
  2. on time monthly to protect yourself from hot baths and steam rooms. The fact that the functions of the ovaries become more active, and migraine will only intensify. You should try to take cool or lukewarm shower, and then the headache can be reduced.
  3. Should periodically massage the head and neck, to impose on his stomach warm diaper, as do young children with colic. Then the migraine would disappear. Especially a good massage acupuncture points, but properly done it can only be a specialist.

Treatment and prevention

And now on to the methods of treatment and prevention of migraine before menstruation in women. first you should always consult a gynecologist if the problem of overtaking is not the first time. Only he can correctly prescribe medications and prescribe a course.

Analgesics for headacheFrequently to get rid of the headache doctors prescribe analgesics and non-steroidal drug, mefenamovuyu acid. But the thing is that to take these medications with extreme caution. And it's better to drink them less than prescribed by a doctor, however, only slightly reduce the pain, than to drink more and harm the body.

If necessary, women often are assigned to some types of hormonal medications. Usually the gynecologist writes out the ones that contain estrogen. In most cases it is a deficiency provokes the appearance of migraine in women during menstrual period.

with regard to prevention of menstrual migraines, there are quite a few useful and effective tips. Because migraine is easier to prevent than to suffer the question, how to cure faster.

The first thing to do would be to have a calendar in which to mark not only the days of the menstrual cycle, but the days when a migraine starts and when it is strongest. In this simple wayit will be easy to determine when exactly to start taking the appropriate drugs. So you can avoid overdose and adverse effects.

There is another folk recipe that has helped many women to prevent migraine during menstruation and improve health. This vitamin broth. For its preparation should be mixed in equal proportions lemon balm, Linden, Valerian herb, yarrow and chamomile with plantain. All herbs take one teaspoon and pour 2 liters of boiling water. Let stand covered 2 hours, drain.

This vitamin potion, which can not only prevent migraine in women, but also has anti-inflammatory and calming effect, nourishes the body with vitamins and nutrients. To drink it is necessary to begin before menstruation or the first day and drink 1-2 cups a day.

Migraine is a very unpleasant phenomenon, especially during menstruation. Because the body and so it is not in the best shape, and severe headache all the spoils. So the main time to notice discomfort, consult a doctor and take appropriate treatment measures. And not to forget about preventive measures that will help to abstract from this kind of ailments.