How to get rid of migraines during pregnancy?

A Migraine during pregnancy is a disorder of vascular tone, which is chronic in nature. The disease manifests itself as severe headaches that can last for several hours.

the Problem of migraine during pregnancy

headaches more frequently in women (2/3 of all patients) and can worsen during pregnancy. Migraine poses no threat to the unborn child, but a woman can cause much inconvenience, because almost all of the pills that help get rid of the headache, contraindicated for pregnant women.


The Manifestation of migraine attacks individually. Some pregnant women it can be in the form of a slight indisposition and discomfort, while others – of unbearable attacks, accompanied by vomiting. The most common and typical signs include the following:

  • strong throbbing headache;
  • the pain often extends to one side of the head;
  • the duration of pain ranges from 4 hours to 3 days;
  • increased sensitivity to bright light and loud sounds;
  • high blood pressure
  • vomiting
  • weakness.

Reasons for migraines in pregnancy

Unambiguous the reasons that can cause migraines in pregnancy, are not fully studied.

a Walk in the fresh air migraine

But today, as a result of researches it is possible to identify the following factors that can cause headaches:

  • severe physical or psychological stress;
  • lack of sleep and stress
  • eating certain foods: chocolate, citrus, cheese, smoked fish;
  • sharp change in weather conditions (some expectant mothers are particularly sensitive to climate change);
  • lack of water in the body (especially in the first trimester)
  • there are a few drugs in high doses (e.g. Aspirin).

Between the headaches and the condition of pregnancy there is a close relationship, because the cause of any pain in the woman's body is often a hormonal background. Therefore, and migraine often has hormonal nature. Strong seizures in expectant mothers are more often seen in early pregnancy. After that, they either completely stop, or be repeated throughout the pregnancy several times.

It should be noted that those women who for a long period had suffered from pain in the head, with the pregnancy everything was. 70-80% of all pregnant women who previously suffered from migraine, said that was a decrease of pain or its complete disappearance in the period of gestation.

But sometimes, when a girl who knew about the headaches firsthand, experiencing the first attack just after conception.

the Danger of migraine attacks for expectant mother

Despite the harmlessness of migraine for a child, there are some risks for women. So, if a strong pain in the head accompanied by a darkening in the eyes and nausea, then it may be a sign of sharp pressure peaks that pregnancy is not desirable. Sharp spasms of blood vessels prevent proper supply of nutrients to the fetus.

In addition, pain in the head can be symptoms of conditions such as blood clots, diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, increased intracranial pressure. Therefore, in cases where headaches are repeated fairly often and intensively, you should report them to your doctor who will be able to establish the nature of their origin.

non-drug treatments

As you know, during the carrying a child the use of any drugs is extremely undesirable.

Drinking coffee for headache

But what to do when medication is impossible, and intolerable headaches? You can highlight several ways to treat pain or alleviate them without resorting to pharmaceutical products:

  1. Caffeine. A proven and effective remedy for headaches remain hot drinks, containing caffeine (coffee, cocoa, tea). Found that in moderation caffeine is not harmful to the unborn child. It is better to add to the drink a lot of sugar. Glucose is the main food for the brain.
  2. Massage has no less effective for pain. Migraine shows the massage of the cervical spine and head. If there is no masseur, self-massage whiskey, scalp and neck. Movements should be circular, intense but not sharp.
  3. Cold. To reduce pain symptoms in pregnancy-to-head it is advisable to apply cold compresses and keep a few minutes. You can also take a cold shower or just rinse the head with cold water.
  4. Walk onfresh air. Little physical activity not only useful for pregnant, but also for the outflow of the blood from the vessels of the brain to the muscles, thereby, normalizes blood pressure and eliminates pain.

migraine Drugs during pregnancy

Medical treatment of any illnesses during pregnancy doctors are extremely negative. This is due to the negative impact of drugs on the fetus. So if you endure headache possible, experts advise to refrain from taking the tablets.

If the pain is too strong, it is the most safe means in the struggle with migraine remain Aspirin and Paracetamol. However, to take them to a strict dosage prescribed by the attending physician.

In some cases, the doctor may prescribe the intake of magnesium-containing drugs that have a positive effect on blood vessels and not threaten the health of the child.

In Any case cannot in the treatment of migraine during pregnancy taking aspirin and its derivatives. They thin the blood, which can lead to internal bleeding and cause premature birth and miscarriage.

It is Also forbidden to heal oneself with the help of painkillers and other analgesics. They adversely affect the hematopoietic function of the body and can cause disturbances in fetal development.

It is Important to remember that self-medication during pregnancy is very dangerous both for the child and for the woman. So before you decide on taking any medication, you should consult a doctor.

Prevention of asthma in pregnant women

Due to the fact that the use of drugs when migraine attacks are limited, an effective method of combating the disease remains prevention.

Citramon migraine during pregnancy

For the prevention of severe headaches in pregnant women are the following tips:

  1. Regular meals, preferably fractional. It is known that one of the most frequent causes of headaches in pregnancy is the change in the level of sugar. It is therefore important to prevent the feeling of hunger. To do this, you should eat often and small portions.
  2. it is Important to get enough sleep. Found that lack of sleep is the cause of pain in the head. Pregnant to sleep at night no less than 7 hours, but not more than 9-10.
  3. Rest. Pregnant women are contraindicated stress and any serious concerns and worries. They not only provoke headache but can lead to premature birth.
  4. Regular physical activity. Expectant mothers are recommended daily walks in the fresh air and gentle exercise in the form of yoga and breathing exercises. They reduce or remove the headache. In addition, they increase the supply of brain cells the blood, therefore, prevent migraine.
  5. Effective tool for the prevention of migraines remains a massage. He has a calming and relaxing effect. You can make an appointment to the masseur themselves or to massage the face and neck. The impact should be soft and smooth.

Recall that the longer the duration of carrying a child, the less and less by the intensity of the migraine attacks. This is due to the reorganization of the woman's body and preparing the body for childbirth. If in the early stages headaches are observed quite often, then closer to the birth of a child 90% of expectant mothers migraine completely goes away. Therefore the main task in the fight against migraine in pregnancy is to prevent headaches in the first trimester. At this time the body needs help from outside. In the second half of the period of time the body learns to cope with the problem.

Upon the occurrence of migraine attacks in no case should not self-medicate because some drugs may harm the fetus.

So any procedure should only be used after consulting your doctor.