Why is a migraine and how to fight it

Migraine causes are due to certain factors. It is a neurological disorder that predominantly affects women. The disease provokes attacks that knock out of the rut of the person for a few days a year or every day. If the disease concerned from day to day, the person is unable to live a normal life and work. In such cases, draw up a disability.

severe headache

Migraine is of two types: regular and with aura. The aura is a warning sign that appears for a few minutes before the attack. Enables a person to prepare to take your medicine. The warning associated with loss of sensitivity, flicker in his eyes.

Causes of migraine

As Can be seen many factors that affect the localization of the disease in the area of the brain. So what is migraine? The appearance of headache can cause stress or overload the body's nerves, a change in atmospheric pressure. With rapid change in temperature the blood vessels in your head can't change, and starts a spasm.

The Cause may be uneven vasodilatation or, on the contrary, their restriction, because in the first case, the brain receives extra blood, and the second drawback. Irregular rhythm of life, namely sleep deprivation, a symptom of many diseases. The body does not get rest and through the power of work as a result of this process start various ailments.

Improper diet is the cause of migrainepoor diet causes migraines and disrupts the metabolism in the body. Hormonal disruptions in the body – one of the symptoms of the headache. Due to anxiety disturbed nervous system. Sometimes, the person can reward yourself by being sick. Although migraine does not die, but live she's okay too.

Even if a person tries to lead a healthy lifestyle, eats right and has no bad habits, he still can get sick. The main and most common cause is heredity. If the parents suffered from such disease, most likely, he will give to the children.

Some people fall into the risk group. The fact that the manifestation of the disease depends on place of residence. A higher percentage of patients living in Metropolitan areas, because there is a high pace of life. And according to this reason, these people prone to migraines more often than those who live in small towns.

A Lot depends on the nature of man. After all, who likes to always be the first, also suffers. Heavy physical activity causes fatigue, and seizures. People who are prone to depression, prone to headaches because lead a sedentary life, are at risk and those who have bad habits, diabetics.

Symptoms of acute headache

The Appearance of migraine triggers several symptoms that let you understand what is going on with health. with the Main symptom is a headache on one side of the head and with the other hand. Classic migraine With acute focal pain. This symptom is complemented, and others, among them:

  • nausea, vomiting – people can't stand the sob in the head, there are side effects;
  • General weakness of the body, drowsiness during the day;
  • a disorder of perception of the world, before the eyes can be flashes of light, a man loses his eyesight for a few minutes.

Nausea is a symptom of migraine

The Symptoms occur on the rise, but pass in an hour. More than an hour of none effect. Several symptoms and distinguish normal from classic migraine. Among them:

  • sharp pulsating pain on one side of the head;
  • reduced physical activity;
  • nausea and vomiting
  • intolerance to light and sound;
  • the pain is worse after exercise.

The Main symptom is prolonged pain. It can last from several hours to three days. Sometimes the reason for such pain can be and other diseases. If the discomfort continues, you should consult a doctor for advice. Because the problem may be more serious than migraine.

Modes of struggle

Treatment of migraine in many cases is connected with the nerves, because one of the main symptoms is arousal of the nervous system. Nerve cells do not regenerate. For this reason, it is necessary to protect yourself from stressful situations. Sometimes it's impossible, but you can change your mood and perceive the world in a positive light.

Aspirin in severe headache

Doctors claim that migraine is untreatable. But this is not always the case. It is possible to prevent the development of attack with the help of effective methods. If you do not do prevention, we can only expect from a specialist.

Remember: severe headache do not have to endure. Just need to stock up on medicines that relieve the attack. There are some drugs that are ableto reduce the symptoms of the disease. Doctors usually prescribe aspirin, paracetamol and triptana. The latter appeared recently, but can affect different symptoms.

Medicines relieve spasm in the head and throbbing pain, have bezbolevaya effect and constrict the blood vessels of the brain. You must be extremely careful with drugs based on caffeine, because to them, it may be addictive, and attacks may recur.

To the symptoms bother the patient less, you need to prevent. Although the process is long, but it is effective. Remember that a lot depends on a person's lifestyle. If the patient is at risk, it is especially necessary to pay attention to your health.

How to prevent disease

First of all, it is worth remembering, from what appears, the disease, then to apply methods of treatment. Need to know what to fight and how to win, and even better – what to do to prevent a serious attack.

It is Important to reject tools that stimulate the production of energy by the body. When the brain gets stimulants that he soon refuses to work independently. Useful activities can be running or physical activity. But these methods can help only for a time, soon the body gets used.

the Benefits of physical activity in migraine

Sleep plays a role in good health. Definitely need to sleep well. Each person has a limit of dream, but not less than 7 hours. Our body is able to regenerate, this process occurs while we sleep. But if he is awake, he not only frequently ill, but is in a bad mood.

Avoiding harmful habits helps to get rid of the symptom. Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee helps to draw energy from the body. A proper diet returns the lost. It is important to not only eat natural food, but to do it regularly, not to miss Breakfast and make sure that the interval between meals was not more than 5 hours.

It is Impossible to exclude physical stress on the body. Muscle training should be feasible. If you overdo it, you can get the opposite reaction. People after 30 years you need to focus on those sports that bring not only favor, but also a pleasure.

Methods of traditional medicine

Migraine cure not only medical, but also folk remedies. Sometimes the latter give a better result than the medicine. Headache known to people long ago, for this reason, our ancestors learned to break free from this symptom means at hand.

Use cabbage with migraines

In the kitchen of every housewife there's always cabbage is a vegetable that not only tastes, but also relieves pain. If you put a piece of cabbage to the affected area, the patient feels better within a few hours.

The Ambulance in the treatment of pain is juice potato. For several minutes he works and relieves the symptom. Many green tea lovers know that this product contains antioxidants and helps clean the body. But if you brew a strong tea, then this drug will help to relieve headache. Well helps and currant juice and viburnum.

You Can infuse different herbs. But if a person has no experience in this business, it is better not to risk your health. Every body responds differently to the application of the herbs. Someone may be allergic. You should not worsen a bad condition.

Method massage temples

When headache, people instinctively start to RUB her fingers to soothe the pain. And was invented by massage for those who suffer from migraines. But for this procedure, refer to professional masseurs with medical education.

a Massage of the temples with a strong headache

Inexperienced people can just hurt and not help. Massage is not a one procedure. To feel the results, you need to pass a session of 10 treatments.

Although the main symptom not to get one method, but it is possible to overcome the disease all of it. Only from the patient depends on how he will feel. To prevent attack, it is necessary to take serious measures. If the person cares about his health, he will have to work to support themselves.

due to the impossibility to establish the factors leading to the occurrence of seizures, the therapy of migraine consists primarily of elimination of symptoms.

This is achieved by analgesics and aspiranturas drugs (blood thinners). It is recommended to avoid provoking any disease situations, beverages and foods, spend more time outdoors, stick to a healthy lifestyle.