The most effective and fast recipes of folk medicine for migraine

One of the most common ailments, which perfectly struggling folk medicine, migraine. It's a pain that occurs with seizures, most often in one part of the head. The pain is intense and prolonged. The shelves of pharmacies offer a sufficient number of migraine medications. But they have short-term effects. Solutions to this problem can be found by turning to folk medicine, which knows how to relieve the pain.

the Problem of migraine

Causes and symptoms of migraine

To deal with a problem like migraine, you need to understand its causes.

Migraines can be caused by expansion and contraction of brain vessels.

have not managed to study the disease. Therefore, there is only speculation about its origin:

  1. In the body's metabolic of serotonin.
  2. In the brain unequally enlarged blood vessels, decreasing their activity.
  3. Poor blood supply of the brain.
  4. Disorders in the Central nervous system.

Symptoms that appear before an outbreak of migraine, called aura. They are shown like this:

  • dizziness and nausea
  • orientation is lost;
  • there is a sensation of "pins and needles" on the skin;
  • of a man overcome by drowsiness, and weakness;
  • occasionally twitching limbs (often hands).

Nausea before migraine flash

Withymptomatic manifests itself about an hour before the migraine attack.

Healthy lifestyle – the key to good health

Before you start treatment of folk remedies, you can try to minimize migraine attacks, first and foremost, you need to pay attention to your lifestyle. If you make changes to it, the migraine will recede.

  1. you Must respect the sleep. To bed and get up at the same time. Sleep must be adequate. It is not recommended to sleep during the day.
  2. to eat Right. Food should contain all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Mandatory nuts and seafood, the content of magnesium does not provoke a migraine.
  3. a Daily walk in the fresh air. Brain cells are saturated with oxygen, and the body is always in good shape.
  4. to Completely give up alcohol and Smoking.
  5. Many comes to the aid of the constant use of aspirin.
  6. to Lead an active healthy lifestyle. To avoid stressful situations and do not overwork.
  7. attentive to their health. After analyzing periods when attacks occur, to determine what causes them, and completely eliminate such moments (food, emotional situations, etc.). Each person has individual reasons.
  8. to Treat migraines with herbal.

restful sleep to prevent migraines

Pharmaceutical drugs, unlike the treatment of folk remedies, help not always, and not everyone they will afford. Traditional methods much more productive. Experience in the treatment of various diseases using herbs has yielded positive results for centuries. Migraine is not an exception.

Folk remedies

  1. Carefully chop twigs of black currant, 1 tbsp and pour boiling water. Let sit in a thermos for 4 hours. Strained broth drink 3 times a day.
  2. Pour a glass of boiling water 1 tbsp elderflower. Half an hour to insist, filter. Add honey and take 50 ml 20 minutes before meals 4 times a day.
  3. to Take 2 tbsp. Of lime blossom and conventional raspberries, 1 tbsp Valerian, mistletoe, and horsetail. To insist. If you are anticipating the approach of a migraine, drink 1 Cup in the morning and before going to bed.
  4. In equal proportions to mix hawthorn, white mistletoe, avian knotweed, yarrow and shepherd's purse. Pour boiling water and let it sit. To drink during outbreaks of migraine with increasing pressure.
  5. Pour a Cup of cold water 1 tbsp Valerian. Boil the decoction for 20 minutes and insist. Strained drug to take in a few tablespoons per day.
  6. mix equal parts of leaves of BlackBerry, olhovidnoy buckthorn, motherwort, cottonweed, flowers of camomile and tansy. To drink half a Cup 4 times a day during outbreaks of migraine.
  7. to Take 3 tbsp sage 2 tbsp wormwood, 1 tbsp Valerian, and 1 tablespoon of horsetail. After insisting to drink half a Cup 3-4 times a day during outbreaks of migraine.
  8. Pour 250 ml of water 1 tsp. willow bark. Bring to boil, insist and filter. The crust will be more efficient to act, if before boiling, pour cold water for 8 hours. To drink during the day. The willow bark can be completely replaced aspirin.
  9. Pour 200 g of water 4 tbsp lemon balm, boil and infuse. Melissa acts as a sedative, to take no more than 1 time per day.
  10. Pour 2 cups boiling water 2 tbsp guelder rose bark. Put in a water bath for half an hour, then 20 minutes insist and filter. Take half an hour before eating half a Cup 2 times a day. Drink at flashes migraine.

Use raspberries migraine

recourse to herbs and levies, need to be very careful to clearly observe the proportions and not to drink more than the recommended dose. In case of allergic reactions immediately reject. All the herbs are transported individually by each person.

Simple tricks for complex problem

How to treat migraine headache folk remedies at home? Sometimes even the most simple and easy ways can help to get rid of complex problems. For example, aromatherapy, which is a method of quick impact. Different oils are actively fighting with a headache, affect the vegetative system, have a relaxing and calming effect. While aromatherapy for migraine recommended oil:

  • peppermint
  • lavender
  • rosemary
  • rose
  • Basilica.

Compresses. Enough current is compress of marjoram. Towel soaked in the broth must be applied to the temples.

foot Baths. When dealing with acute pain you can do foot bath, gradually adding hot water.

foot Bath with migraines

Cold. When an impending migraine attack is necessary to cool the hand in any convenient way (rubbing an ice cube, put his hands under a stream of cold water, etc.). After about 1 minute the pain starts to go away.

Medicinal baths. Receiving a hot bath will greatly reduce the pain.

  1. a Handful of flour of mustard mixed with water to mushy state. A lot to add to a large pot with water and heated to 39°C. The Greater effect will not bathe, but only the lowering of the water hands and feet. To keep until, until they are red leather.
  2. to Prepare an emulsion of oil of mustard (shake oil and water). Add in water before taking bath.
  3. to Take 3 tbsp. l. Mustard seeds, 2 tbsp sage leaves thoroughly to mix. Then 3 tablespoons of the resulting collection pour cold water and infuse for half an hour. Infusion can be added to the bath, as well as to make compresses for hands and feet.

Of considerable benefit in migraine freshly squeezed juices:

  1. Mix equal proportions of juice of carrot, dandelion and spinach. Drink up to 3 times a day before meals.
  2. are Also useful cucumber juice by adding spinach and carrot.

Not always at hand there is grass or the necessary funds when it's a migraine. So your fridge should always be milk and eggs. A couple of days in a row can you follow this procedure: break in the Cup the egg and pour in the boiling milk, stir and drink in one gulp.

In cases where the migraine occurs due to overwork or too much brain load, you just need to eat a piece of herring. When dealing with such a serious disease, like migraine, it is necessary to consider all the factors, so as to prevent, as well as to be ready to get rid of the attack if it happened.