Why sometimes headache and nausea at normal pressure

Migraine is the attack, the main symptom of which is headache. Accompanied by visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, and one-sided. It is noteworthy that blood pressure is normal.

Headache at normal pressure


Headache – an abnormal symptom that occurs when the stimulation of nociceptors in the head and neck. Pain receptors are located in blood vessels, periosteum, muscles, mucosa and maxillary sinuses.

Women suffer from this disease almost twice as often than men, but after reproductive age indicator is aligned. This suggests a role of estrogens in the development of the disease.

A Tenth of all the inhabitants of the planet feel these symptoms. As a rule, the disease is hereditary. More than half of the children inherit the migraine on the maternal side, only 20% from the father. In developed countries the disease affects 23% of the population, 60% of patients are adults. In children, migraine occurs in 1-5% of cases.

types and Stages of migraine

In the first stage the spasm of the vascular wall, which leads to insufficient blood supply oxygen to a certain area of the brain. Clinically this phase is manifested by an aura.

In the second stage, the vessels dilate. Periodic oscillations of the vascular wall cause a throbbing pain.

In the third stage there is a dull pressure pain, which is caused by swelling of the brain tissue surrounding the vessels. Headache, sick, but the pressure remains constant.

depending on the symptoms the initial manifestations of migraine are:

  • without aura;
  • with aura;
  • basal
  • ophthalmology
  • retinal
  • complicated.

General features: hereditary, frequent attacks of intestinal colic and motion sickness at an early age.


Define the symptoms:

  • unilateral, throbbing pain;
  • worsening of seizure during physical activity.

Criteria can be a combination of traits from this list and one of the following:

  • nausea with or without vomiting;
  • phonophobia
  • sensitivity to light.

As a rule these attacks are repeated periodically, as their length does not exceed 72 hours. With the timely help of the short-term bouts.

Migraine with aura


The Aura develops gradually over four minutes, duration 60 minutes. All symptoms are reversible. Predecessor pain attack – aura – looks like a blinking dot or asterisk, which is transformed into a zigzag line. Often narrows the field of view.

The Aura is in most cases accompanied by numbness of limbs, impaired speech and motor functions.

the Causes and factors that cause a seizure

vasoconstriction right or left cerebral artery and retina. It causes one-sided pain and blurred vision. Vasoconstriction occurs due to sudden release into the blood of serotonin, histamine, and proteolytic enzymes.

For each person there are individual reasons that trigger a migraine.


  • bright light
  • smoke;
  • flickering of computer or TV;
  • variations in weather conditions.


  • canned goods, smoked meats, fast food;
  • exotic and dried fruits;
  • pickled vegetables
  • sunflower seeds
  • products with glutaminate sodium (Chinese food, soy sauce)
  • red alcohol;
  • caffeinated beverages
  • chocolate.

Other factors:

  • stressful situation;
  • irregular meals;
  • long sleep;
  • insufficient amounts of magnesium;
  • menstruation
  • of the pharmaceutical substance (contraceptives, nitroglycerin);
  • Smoking
  • motion sickness in transport;
  • dehydration
  • sex.

It Should be noted that pregnant women, as a rule, does not bother headache. It is caused by changes in hormonal levels, which proves the effect of estrogen on the progression of the disease.


Common diagnostic methods, blood tests, x-rays give no results. Diagnostically valuable are electroencephalography during an attack, and fundus examination. Marked vasoconstriction, swelling and disritmia without convulsive readiness.

Angiography is indicated to exclude concomitant diseases. After severe bouts on MRI can be observed smaller infarcts, atrophy and enlargement of ventricles of brain matter.

When to sound the alarm

Very often headaches accompanied by nausea and vomiting called migraine. But this is not so. There are a number of diseases in which these symptomsare the leading.

The Most common the following:

  • sharp rise in blood pressure relative to the source, hypertensive crisis;
  • hypotension, decrease of blood pressure;
  • meningitis
  • encephalitis.

Features headaches with vascular crises

Hypertensive crisis except pain symptom, causes dizziness, blurred vision and hearing. Headache in hypotensive condition gives the sensation of throbbing of blood in his temples and always painful-pressing, cutting and arching.

Hypertensive crisis

The migraine the pressure is always normal. Nausea and vomiting provoked all States, but in meningitis the pain is accompanied by photophobia, start heavy, accompanied by cramps and high body temperature. These symptoms are life-threatening and require emergency hospitalization to the inpatient Department.


Patients are subject to intensive treatment during the attack and surveillance in the interictal period with the preventive purpose. Effective treatment vasoconstrictor ergot preparations:

  1. Ergotamine is taken under the tongue on one table. every 20 minutes until cessation of the pain symptom, the maximum dose of three table. A day.
  2. 0,2% solution of dihydroergotamine – 15 drops per reception.
  3. 0,1% solution of dihydroergotoxin – also 15-20 drops inside.
  4. Rebergen – one table. A day.
  5. Diamin – one table. Twice or in ampoules of 1 ml during the attack., in solution taken orally 25 drops three times a day.

A Comprehensive Cafergot drugs that contain ergotamine, belladonna, phenobarbital and caffeine take two table. At the beginning of the attack. No more than six tablets per day. Counterparts – ancien, regulamin, kofetamin..

headache Ergotamine migraine

Combination with painkillers

Cofflin consists of paracetamol, codeine and ergotamine. The drug is particularly effective at the beginning of the aura. Analogues of serotonin Sumatriptan is the most advanced tool. He is taken in a single dose 100 mg and is equally effective in injections and tablets. Maximum dose 200 mg per day.

adjuvant therapy

To prevent nausea and vomiting used reglan and reglan. Heavy, nekupiruemy attack treatable by hormone and diuretics, neuroleptics. Therapy is conducted in the neurology Department.


If the attacks are repeated more than two times a month, preventive treatment is assigned. To this end take antiserotonin drug peritol. Start with the lowest dose, then gradually increased until the most effective.

Other medications:

  • inderal dose 10-20 mg/day;
  • verapamil, nifedipine, Cinnarizine
  • flunarizin 5-10 mg;
  • pharmacological, Cavinton, Vinpocetine.

non-pharmacological means

Traditional means Of widely used acupuncture. Method helps to relieve migraine attack. Acupuncture points are selected strictly individually, and the technique known since the days of ancient Chinese medicine. To prevent attacks you need to undergo acupuncture therapy. The treatment is performed by a neuropathologist who owns method.

Help sports: Jogging, swimming, walking. Good results Spa, balneological treatment. A positive effect soothing conversation with the therapist. This helps to relax muscles, to relieve the tension.

Preventive examinations, treatment of opportunistic diseases allow time to cope with this ailment.


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