The main causes, symptoms and treatment of migraine in men

severe headache may indicate the presence of serious illness. Knowing the signs of migraines in men can start the treatment that will bring relief to the patient. Despite the fact that migraine in men is not a deadly disease, it can deliver quite a lot of trouble, preventing the normal work and rest.

severe headache is a serious disease

migraine Symptoms

The Disease is connected with changes in the size of blood vessels, which carry the supply the brain with blood. Lack of blood causes a painful reaction in the nerve cells, which thus indicate the emergence of such problems. After the attack the brain receives excessive amounts of blood from the enlarged vessels, which leads to repeated attack. The attack begins suddenly. 30-40 minutes before it starts there are the first signs of occurrence.

The Harbingers of a migraine is felt as follows:

  • increased sweating
  • numbness of hands and feet;
  • weakness
  • urination and defecation;
  • convulsions in the area of the back and neck;
  • slurred speech.

the Harbinger of migraine - sweatingNot uncommon are disorders of vision, when all the surrounding objects look distorted, overly bright colors. The environment loses clarity. There is a feeling of unreality.

After that starts the attack.

The Symptoms of migraine can be:

  • the pain inside the skull, which increases and moves to the neck area or temples;
  • nausea that may cause vomiting;
  • painful reaction to bright light and sharp sounds;
  • inability to perform any work due to severe pain in the temples;
  • lack of appetite
  • increased nervousness and irritability.

Irritability and nervousness in men with migrainesSimilar phenomenon can last from several hours to several days. After the attack the person feels tired mentally and physically. echoes of the severe pain and feeling of emptiness can haunt him for several days. There are cases when the migraine has led to prolonged depression and diseases related to the weakening of the immune system. The diagnosis is made, if the attacks occurred in a patient more than 5 times.

cause of disease

Many people wonder: is migraine in young men? It is believed that this disease only strikes people in middle and old age. But, statistics show that severe headaches may suffer, even children. As a rule, men in managerial positions and working in responsible production, are more frequently exposed to overvoltages and nervous stress. Based on this, doctors have much more likely to treat patients of the male sex.

alcohol Poisoning is a prerequisite migrainepreconditions of occurrence of migraine may be the following:

  1. Toxemia. Alcohol poisoning and chemically active substances causing the blockage of blood vessels. This leads to lack of oxygen in the brain.
  2. Hereditary factor. Headaches may suffer several generations of close relatives.
  3. Work related to severe emotional stress and high responsibility. Long experiences cause significant swings in blood pressure, which affects the nutrition of brain cells.
  4. Trauma or injury. A concussion or damage do not go unnoticed. Migraine is a constant companion of the person.
  5. Long use of strong points or work on your computer. These factors create an increased load on the brain analyzers that leads to a migraine attack.
  6. Eating foods that constrict blood vessels. As a result the pressure rises and a headache.
  7. malnutrition. If the body does not receive adequate standards of nutrients, it leads to disruption of all its institutions.
  8. Uncontrolled intake of drugs that increase blood pressure.
  9. Long stay in a noisy and bright place.
  10. Strong fatigue at work or camping trip that led to the fact that the body has no powers to regulate its functions. Similar effects occur with prolonged sleep deprivation.
  11. Sudden changes in weather conditions associated with a strong difference of atmospheric pressure.

Working on the computer for migraineCopying adults, children can mimic a migraine attack is so real that the disease occurs and becomes chronic.

Treatment of asthma in men

To determine the best treatment option, the patient passes through the stage of careful examination.

It includes suchstage:

  1. Inspection with a specialist. The survey doctor will be able to establish the time of onset of the disease and its possible cause. To seek medical help is necessary at the beginning of the attack. This will help to determine the exact clinical picture of the disease.
  2. Analysis of blood, urine and feces. The results of the analysis may indicate indirect cause of the disease or the presence of infection.
  3. Examination apparatus magnetic resonance or computed tomography. Detailed photos show all the features of the patient's body and deviations that can cause a migraine.

the First stage of treatment of migraine - inspection specialistAfter consultation with experts in different fields is assigned a course of treatment.

To get rid of a migraine, applying such methods of treatment:

  1. Medical. It aims to relieve the patient from suffering and return him to normal. The main focus is to decrease pain syndrome and normalize the blood pressure. In order to relieve the patient from anxiety, prescribed anti-anxiety drugs. Each clinical case is unique. Based on this, all medications shall be taken only on prescription.
  2. Diet. Migraine is not necessary to use a rigid diet, the associated with a small intake of food. From the diet temporarily is necessary to exclude meat and sweet dishes. Preference should be given fish, dairy products and fresh vegetables.
  3. Physiotherapy treatment. The impact on the body's magnetic fields and high frequency current helps to normalize the functioning of the cardio-vascular system and get rid of stagnation.
  4. physiotherapy exercises. Performing certain exercises prescribed by the doctor, strengthen the muscular system and helps relieve nervous tension.
  5. Acupuncture. This treatment can be carried out only by a specialist. Acting on certain points of the nervous system, it can completely rid the patient of pain.

The Patient will be necessarily a recommendation on normalization of work and rest. In recurrent attacks to reduce pain yourself, at home.

To do this, carry out such manipulations:

  • cold compress on the head;
  • taking a warm bath;
  • massage the muscles in the neck area and neck;
  • sleep in a quiet, darkened room.

generally, an integrated approach to the treatment brings positive results.

In order to fix, requires constant self-control and following your doctor's recommendations.

Preventive measures

If you follow simple rules of behavior, something about this unpleasant ailment can be forgotten forever.

To Overcome migraine by observing these recommendations:

  1. to give up Smoking and drinking alcohol. This will strengthen the body and stabilizes blood pressure.
  2. Active lifestyle. Long walks in the fresh air and bathing in the waters strengthen the cardiovascular system, making her immune to the influence of external factors.
  3. to Review the mode of work and rest. Possible that you need to change your job.
  4. spending Less time in front of the TV and the computer. This not only saves vision, but also relieve the burden on the brain.
  5. to Normalize the power. Need to exclude from the diet of all canned food, spicy, salty and sweet food. With caution should be treated to the nuts and firm cheese. You should eat regularly, in exactly the specified time.
  6. to get Rid of excess weight. Obese people suffer from high blood pressure. The consumption of vegetables and fruits instead of bread and meat will allow you to quickly achieve the desired result.

At the slightest sign of relapse should immediately take the prescribed drugs. If you are on any activity, it needs to stop. After that you should come to the consultation of your doctor.