Modern migraine prophylaxis: General recommendations

Migraine is a longtime human companion. Migraine prevention is important for the maintenance of normal health. The treatment consists in removing the attack. But a strong headache, accompanied by nausea, drastically affect the quality of human life. Even the anticipation of pain spoils the mood and robs the joy of life. In order to prevent the development of seizures, prophylactic therapy was developed.

the Problem of migraine

recommended for preventive therapy?

To take measures to protect yourself from a possible migraine attack is necessary in such cases:

  • attacks happen more than twice a month, strongly impairs health;
  • the patient uses medicines from migraines more than twice a week;
  • medicines to help the weak, their effect does not last long;
  • to take drugs for the relief of the attack does not allow contraindications
  • becomes a migraine to cause persistent neurological failures;
  • migraine becomes a cause of epileptic seizures.

For maximum efficiency, the prevention of migraine must be comprehensive. should Not be limited to medication. To maintain health it is important to figure out what triggers the beginning of an attack, and avoid these factors. Each person can have its own set of trigger pain, so you need to monitor that affects the body in each case.

Stress as a cause of migraine

The origin of migraine attacks can be:

  1. Stress. Headache may occur due to a stressful situation. Chronic stress can also be precipitating factor. Moreover, men would rather play a negative role working problems, and for women difficulties at home and in relations with people.
  2. certain foods, alcohol.
  3. Strong smells (nice including).
  4. Bright light.
  5. Noise.
  6. Smoking and cigarette smoke.
  7. Exhausting physical activity.
  8. Hormonal changes in women, depending on menstrual cycles or taking oral contraceptives.

Finding out what is the reason for the attack has started, can significantly reduce their frequency and strength.

Alcohol as a cause of migraine

drugs to prevent migraine attacks

All drugs should be started only after consulting a doctor. The attending doctor will choose the drugs from quite the extensive list. For successful treatment the patient will require discipline and precision, and because the medication you need to take enough courses long. Their application does not release the patient from the need to be attentive to your body and avoid that which may cause attack. Individual therapy for each patient can include the following groups of drugs:

  • beta-blockers
  • anticonvulsant drugs
  • antidepressants.

Each of them acts on the body differently. Medications from the group of beta-blockers have multifaceted implications. They reduce heart rate, reduce blood pressure, relieve acute anxiety.

do Not be afraid when prescribing anticonvulsant drugs. Although they are used in the treatment of epilepsy proved their high effectiveness in combating the most severe cases of migraine.

Smoking cessation for the prevention of headaches

Antidepressants are effective for migraine, as they have the ability to reduce pain symptoms by acting directly on the receptors in the brain.

traditional medicine

Since headache is a problem relevant to everyone, methods of fighting with her folk remedies numerous. If you do not abuse the medication, and to apply them in combination with other measures, the various infusions, decoctions of herbs will be very effective. To prevent the development of asthma used:

  • the decoction of the flowers of clover;
  • Melissa tea;
  • ground Valerian root;
  • a decoction of dogwood;
  • black currant juice
  • Linden flowers and many other herbal remedies.

Making the teas and tinctures of herbs, it is necessary to strictly follow the recipe, as an overdose of the active ingredients are equally dangerous in the case of medication or when taking herbal remedies.

the Use of clover in migraine

Botox Treatment

Unexpected pleasant effect of cosmetic treatments using Botox is the reduction in the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks in patients of cosmetic surgeons. Now for the treatment of recurring headaches developed a special procedure. She is to Botox injections in the doctor certain points on the patient's head. The drug relaxes the muscles, thereby reducing the release of substances that are irritating pain receptors. Exceptalso, it relieves neurogenic inflammation. The disease is a serious enemy.

The main rules of a healthy lifestyle will provide a major head start in the battle for health.

Need to sleep, but you can't abuse the sleep. Sleep and sleep more than 9 hours are equally harmful for susceptibility to migraine.

It is Important to exercise regularly. Physical activity stimulates the production of serotonin, and it blocks the pain. But there should not be too zealous. Grueling exercise will play into the hands of disease and weaken the body. Norms must be considered a healthy diet.

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