Triptana: drugs that help migraine

Triptana from migraines – drugs that are capable, in the opinion of neurologists, actually fight with the disease, exerting a powerful influence in different directions. This tool relates to potent and has a number of restrictions on use, but in severe forms of the disease it is perhaps the only effective, providing relief of pain.

Symptoms headache

Modern triptana headaches – the drugs are increasingly improving its composition. A number of second generation is under review in Russia, while abroad is already in use. The use of triptanov must be approved by the physician independent taking them is dangerous and can cause side effects. Reviews on the effects of this means are mostly positive, but if their take is correct, then the probability of a good effect is very high.

Mechanism of action drugs

Migraine is a disorder of neurological nature, manifested rare or occasional bouts of severe headache; the pain is not related to changes in arterial or intracranial pressure. In the pathogenesis of the disease is the most common mechanism of serotonin.

Sumamigren in the treatment of migraine

The Serotonin (5-HT) derived from tryptophan (comes with food) and plays a critical role in the provision of vascular tone, splitting under the influence of the enzyme. The cause of migraine is becoming sharp increase in the level of serotonin, and when linking 5-HT to receptors the spasm of blood vessels. The blood was injected in an excessive amount of monoamine oxidase, which drastically reduces vascular tone – artery blood filled mass with edema development. Pressure on receptors located in vascular walls, irritates them and causes a sharp pain. When serotonin levels are slowly improving, this locks the end of the attack.

Relpax in the treatment of migraine

Triptana is a group of drugs based on serotonin derivatives, which are agonists of the 5-HT 18/D-receptors. They have the following effects: constrict cerebral blood vessels with effect on 5-HT 1B-receptors, which suppresses the pulsation of pain; promotes the release of vasoactive proteins and algogennoe type of fibers of the trigeminal nerve, reducing neurogenic inflammation and pain; affect receptors in the nucleus of the trigeminal nerve in the spinal cord, reducing pain sensitivity. Such a complex effect provides relief of a migraine attack.

Benefits of triptanov

working in these areas, drugs have an effective therapeutic effect in the following ways:

  1. Triptana act directly on the receptors located on the walls of blood vessels, which causes vasoconstriction only when necessary.
  2. This medicine for a migraine has a high degree of selectivity, which ensures its impact only on the vessels of the Dura mater of the brain without affecting the functioning of the peripheral and coronary vessels.
  3. Blocking of pain by direct effects on fibers of the trigeminal nerve, which increases the effectiveness of pain relief.
  4. Complex effect of the drug allows to relieve background pain syndromes (nausea, photophobia, increased acoustic and olfactory sensitivity), and also significantly reduce the recurrence of attacks.

Types of drugs

Migraine is characterized by several varieties, which differ in etiology. Accordingly, triptana designed for different occasions, and their correct selection is essential to treatment of disease.

Amigrenin in the treatment of migraine

Circulated a list of the following major groups (classes) of tryptanol migraine: almotriptan, sumatriptan, eletriptan, zolmitriptan, frovatriptan, rizatriptan, naratriptan. In this case sumatriptan belongs to the drugs of the first generation; developed for a long time, and its selective effect on 5-HT 1B/D receptors are well studied and confirmed in practice when the relief of migraine attacks. Other triptana concern to preparations of the second generation and have an improved formula with improved pharmacological profiles; however, their practical effectiveness has not yet been fully demonstrated. For example, triptana classes you have taken almotriptan, eletriptan and frovatriptan are not yet fully validated in Russia and not included in the list allowed to be used for the treatment of migraine.

Recommended solution

drugs for the treatment of migraine on the basis of triptanov are realized in two basic forms – tablets and sprays. What drugs to use, defines only the physician prescribing the medication. the Most common triptana the following:

  1. Sumatriptan: imigran, sumamigren,sumatriptan, Amigrenin. The effect of the substance occurs within 20-25 minutes after ingestion cannot be used in conjunction with means that contain ergotamine.
  2. Zolmitriptan: zomig. Works in 15-20 minutes after administration, can be administered during pregnancy is effective for menstrual migraines, is compatible with almost all analgesics.
  3. Eletriptan: relax. Working through 0.5 hours after administration, can be taken by pregnant women, has virtually no side effects.

usage instructions

elimination of the migraine attack is more than 60% of cases the application of triptanov, and their effectiveness increases with decreasing time of medication after the attack has started. The greatest effectiveness of the drug within 3-4 hours after administration and persists for several hours.

Zomig for migraine

For relief of the migraine attack usually enough one tablet. Therefore, the optimal dosage is selected as follows: sumatriptan, 50 mg (maximum daily dose 300 mg), eletriptan 40 mg (daily dose not exceeding 160 mg), zolmitriptan 2.5 mg (daily dose 15 mg). Following administration of the drug can be carried out only after 2-3 hours.

Triptana type sumatriptan in the form of a spray injected intranasally in the amount of 20 mg (in one nostril). The frequency and duration of administration of the drug should not exceed 10 days per month.

If the migraine is not exactly confirmed, and the pain increases gradually, to begin treatment it is better to spend the analgesic. In the case of failure of analgesic you can accept triptan from migraine. If the diagnosis of migraine is confirmed, the intake of triptans can be combined with medications to relieve adverse symptoms (e.g., vomiting), but after consultation with the doctor.

Aspirin in severe headache

Taking into account the strong impact of the drug on the body when it is received should not be allowed excessive and unreasonable use. It is recommended that this scheme of treatment of migraine. At the beginning of the attack should take aspirin, motilium, and sweetened the drink with caffeine. If the pain does not subside within 30-40 minutes, it is accepted triptan. In the case of migraine with aura at the beginning of the aura is taken aspirin and, if the occurrence of pain – triptan from migraine. If previous seizures (3 cases) analgesic did not bring relief, triptan is accepted.

Restrictions on acceptance of

Using triptanov from migraine has a number of limitations when their usage can lead to undesirable consequences. Absolute contraindications: cardiac ischemia, disorders of the intracranial circulation, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, angina spontaneous nature. Relative contraindication, i.e. Application is possible with precaution and under the supervision of a physician: pregnancy, lactation, renal and hepatic failure, hypersensitivity some ingredients of the drug. Not recommended to appoint triptan children in adolescence.

Nausea is a side effect after taking the drug

When medication should be aware that it may cause some serious side effects:

  1. Neurological: disorders of the sense organs, dizziness, drowsiness, tightness in hands and feet, fatigue, feeling of temperature rise.
  2. Reaction of the musculoskeletal system: weakness in muscles or myalgia.
  3. a Disorder of the digestive system: nausea, pain in the abdomen, diarrhoea, colitis, dry mouth, infarction of the spleen.
  4. Disorders cardiovascular: angina, tachycardia, hypertension, vasospasm.
  5. Disorders of urination: polyuria, frequent urination.
  6. allergic Reactions.

Most Often, the drug is well tolerated, and side effects can occur within 3-4 hours after taking the medicine. Unwanted processes may occur in a joint application of triptanov and antiviral and antifungal drugs, antidepressants and some antibiotics, and analgesics.

side effects overdose leads medications or frequent use.

Triptana against migraine are an efficient means for cupping of the disease and relapse prevention. Reviews of experts on the application of these funds have only positive evaluation. Some wary reviews by people who suffer from migraines, caused, as a rule, incorrect assignment of the type of drug or its dosage. Self-administration of triptans – a dangerous phenomenon; their purpose may be done only by a doctor.