Why in the heat headache remedies and first aid

With the advent of summer, many people turn to doctors with complaints that they have a headache from the heat. Headache is not a disease but a symptom. So when it arrives to diagnose the problem and treatment should consult a doctor.

causes of headache in the heat

Why are there headaches

The Most common causes of pain in people of all ages are:

  1. Dehydration. Insufficient amount of fluid in the body in the heat leads to poor circulation. Because of this, less oxygen and nutrients get brain, causing a migraine.
  2. vasodilatation under the influence of high temperatures. The extension receptacle of the trigeminal nerve causes intense headaches. Scientists have discovered that when the temperature of the environment increases the number of people suffering from migraines.
  3. Heat and sunstroke. Overheating of the body too causing severe pain.
  4. Sudden increase or decrease of the pressure due to the heat.

What to do when overheating of the body

When heat stroke disrupts the function of heat exchange, which in the body maintains normal temperature. This condition can cause heart failure in people suffering from disorders in the cardiovascular system.

First aid for heat stroke

The Symptoms of overheating:

  • the emergence of severe headache;
  • as the skin becomes red with sunburn, difficulty breathing quickened;
  • of the victim nausea, vomiting and acts on the body cold sweat;
  • greatly increased body temperature;
  • , the pupils dilate, the eyes of the dark, appears dizziness;
  • pulse weakens and becomes frequent;
  • appear spasms of the muscles accompanied by pain.

If not in time to render aid, may cause hallucinations, convulsions, unconsciousness, sleep problems.

Heat stroke can be caused by:

  • excessive increases in the temperature and humidity of the air;
  • being in a hot room with poor ventilation or the lack of it;
  • heavy physical loads in clothes from synthetic fabrics if airtight heat;
  • long-lasting presence on the street when the air temperature is high.

First aid for heat stroke

After Identifying the first symptoms of overheating, you must:

  • call the medical team;
  • to transfer the person to a cooler, with a good airing the room or in the shadow around the victim should be free people space
  • position the victim should be lying on her back with raised legs and head
  • to remove the patient from the top and all the clothes, consisting of tight or synthetic cloth, a belt;
  • if the casualty vomits, you need to prevent the victim zahlebyvayas vomiting;
  • wrap the patient in wet sheets or sprayed with cold water;
  • to give to drink large amount of chilled water, adding a little salt, or drink tea, you can use the Valerian tincture: 20 drops diluted in a glass of water;
  • to impose on the forehead and under the back of the head cold compress or wipe your face and hands with ice;
  • if the victim is unconscious, give to smell ammonia
  • has stopped breathing or heart it is necessary to do artificial breath and heart massage.

After experiencing heat stroke it is recommended to stay in bed for several days.

For the prevention of heat stroke should be less than to be outside at the peak of activity of the sun, to wear a hat before going outside, wear light clothes from natural fibres, drink plenty of water, ventilate the area, use a humidifier, do not drink alcohol and should not overeat.

Also, the frequent cases of heat stroke.

Symptoms and first aid for stroke

Stroke is a severe violation of the circulation in the cerebral vessels. One of its reasons may serve as the heat. It is very important, seeing the person in a pre-stroke condition, to give him first aid. Timely action can not only alleviate the patient's condition but also to prevent a lot of complications. To identify the condition before the stroke is quite simple:

  1. a person in such condition turns out not to smile. As part of the face is no longer governed by the patient, the smile warp or curve is obtained.
  2. Slurred speech similar to a conversation a very drunken man.
  3. When raising both hands once and one hand – struck – will be much shorter than normal.

The Symptoms of a stroke:

  • causeless severe headache when performing any work or when idle
  • fainting;
  • not understanding the meaning of a strange speech and unintelligible own;
  • disorders of motor coordination and balance.

At first aid, you must first call an ambulance,put the patient on his back, lifting his head. You also need to measure your blood pressure, at low pressure it is necessary to put hot water bottle under the feet of the victim, in high – use pressure lowering drugs such as captopril, sinoprila, etc. Necessary to provide the patient free breathing, and freeing from unnecessary compressing of clothing.

Treatment of heat stroke

Many are wondering whether the treatment of typical pain from headaches. In the case of heat pain only for some time will take the pain as a symptom, and for its complete cure necessary to eliminate the cause.

regardless of the causes of headaches immediately after its appearance should make the patient to avoid more serious symptoms and consequences. If possible you should move to a cool place and slowly drink 4 cups of water for 20 minutes, lie down in bed with raised legs. It is not possible to drink water as this can trigger deterioration. You can take a cool shower or dip your feet in a basin of cold water, wipe the face and hands with ice or a damp cloth. It is best to remove unnecessary bright lights and sources of noise.

If the person is outside your home, you can buy a bottle of cold water and apply to the forehead or to hold in your hand. You cannot drink sugary and carbonated beverages, as they dehydrate the body.

With constant headaches in the summer time folk medicine suggests using an infusion of rose hips. For this 1-2 tbsp rosehip roots are boiled in 2 cups water for 5-7 minutes and insist. The resulting broth is taken cold half a Cup three times a day before meals. In the summer the broth good to drink not only for treatment but for prevention of headaches.

Water is the best remedy from a headache in the heat

You Can use the tincture of Eleutherococcus, which is sold in the pharmacy. A contraindication to its use is high pressure. Tincture relieves headaches, normalizes blood pressure. Begin to take one drop twice a day, gradually increasing the dosage to 14 drops. 14 drops should be taken during the week.

Good for pain, mint helps. It can be brew and drink alone or add to black, green or fruit tea. Peppermint oil can be used as a filler for the special lamps for aromatherapy. For headaches healthy tea with chamomile, thyme, St. John's wort. Before beginning treatment with herbs need to consult a doctor, as they have a number of contraindications, particularly St. John's wort.

If a person has a headache accompanied by swelling of hands and feet during the heat, you can take drugs such as pentoxifylline or trental. These drugs improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body.

The Most powerful drugs from pain in the head is Nurofen, Metamizole, NAVIGON, novalgin, depron etc Children drugs headache not recommended, in particular those which contain caffeine, codeine, and aspirin. With respect to the dose in this case can be used paracetamol and ibuprofen.

These medicines are only suitable for use in the most severe cases, with a mild headache it is better to use folk remedies or light medicines.