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How to get rid of headache without pills and drugs

Headache is the most common thing that have been experienced by every person. The question of how to relieve headache without medication quickly and effectively, torturing everyone who suffers from this painful condition.

Choose a tool depending on the type of headache

There are different causes of headaches and ways to address them. The long-known universal proven by many people techniques that help for a long time and for a short time to get rid of this problem.

Selection tools is dictated by the cause of the pain

The Most common types of headaches:

  • headache;
  • the pain associated with meteodependent;
  • pain during menstruation
  • characterized by pain in the sinus;
  • voltage.

One of the most common headaches is the migraine. It is known that a frequent cause of migraine is the use of low-grade wine, cheese, smoked products. To improve your condition, it is enough just to exclude this food from the diet.

Another cause can be a reaction to the change of climate or time zone. In addition, common causes are migraines and stress. To resolve the symptoms, you need to try to eliminate its causes.

Relieves headaches migraine any cream or balm with menthol content. If the medications for any reason do not have the desired effect, but also provoke side effects, best pain reliever natural ingredients (extracts of medicinal herbs, folk remedies in the form of ointments or aromatherapy). Has long been used in similar problems balm “Asterisk”, which has a soothing and cooling effect.

headache Treatment folk remedies

The cause of the headache in migraines is neck muscle tension in the cervical region. For the treatment and prevention of patients prescribed phyto-remedies. Aloe is very good for cervical migraine. In any case, with this type of pain it is impossible to apply treatment warming ointments. They stimulate increased blood flow to the hotbed of pain, which contributes to further escalation.


A Frequent symptom in inflammatory conditions of the body, flu, colds is a relentless headache. In this case, to remove a headache without medicine, used medicinal plants, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Relieve the symptoms of headaches and aromatherapy. In the inhaler, simply add 3 drops each of peppermint oil and lavender, breathe, and headache begin to subside. This is a great alternative to the expensive medicines and ointments.

Compress for headache

Quite widely used essential oils with eucalyptus. Peppermint is an excellent analgesic. Rosemary essential oil is used in migraine, not only locally, but also as an additive in night creams.

Often headaches are accompanied by menstruation, a response to atmospheric phenomena (magnetic storms, high atmospheric pressure, cloudy weather and excessive solar activity). In this case, the best firecast or physical therapy can advise physicians on the basis of blood pressure, and ultrasonic examinations of the brain.


One of the most convenient ways to get rid of headache without pills is a finger massage of the head. It can be done anywhere, the main thing is to relax.

using the pads of middle fingers should start to smooth out the forehead area above the eyebrows upward and outward. Massage until the first roots of the hair. Then you should climb on the forehead, one finger above and do the same massage movements. Repeat the same sequence twice. Even during the cessation of painful symptoms massage to finish is not worth it.

The Grounds of the palms is necessary to press on whisky and do circular movements clockwise and counterclockwise. Repeat the exercise 6 times.

On the bones behind your ears to set the thumbs of both hands. To press hard and abruptly let go. You should massage the base of the skull to the middle. The procedure should be repeated three times. If in the moment you feel stress, so the pain would focus there. If this place is discovered, you should take a deep breath, exhale to press hard on the sore spot and hold, counting to 7.

When tilting the head forward, holding it with one hand, using the other hand to squeeze with force the back neck muscles. Squeeze until not made out. To do the exercise 3 times.

gentle massage of the scalp, neck and earlobes can help to improve blood circulation and relieve stress. To do this, simply press on whisky and slowly massaging in a circular motion. A neck and back massage in the neck you can ask loved ones.When the pain of the head, caused by sinusitis, you need to massage the bridge of his nose.

strangely enough, but during sex relieves stress and normalizes blood pressure, stimulates the production of oxytocin, which triggers the release of biological painkillers of the body.

One of the ways to cure a headache, are practicing the techniques of relaxation. This can be meditation, prayer, breathing massage, relaxing music.

There are conditions under which this type of massage is not effective. In this case you should consult a doctor and remove the cause of pain. You may need more serious treatment of headache.


If the cause of the headache was dehydration, sick or getting a hangover, you should drink plenty of fluids. Immediately need to drink at least 200 g of water. During the day you should drink short SIPS of water often. It is better to use plain, non-carbonated water.

When he began a headache, if possible, to lie down and relax in solitude. It is desirable to turn off the lights and silence. The room temperature should be comfortable. The couch, the pillow should be comfortable, not to create stress for the neck muscles.

headache Treatment folk remedies

A Good tool for this type of pain will be a cold compress. It helps to narrow blood vessels, thereby relieving pain. Apply the compress should as quickly it will get warm.

Traditional analgesics

How to get rid of a headache? Effective method is herbal medicine. There are many herbs that can help to cope with this disease. The plant pyrethrum is used in the form of tea, supplements in food. The plant should use, since it may cause severe side effects. It is better to purchase in homeopathic drugstore capsule with its contents in the form of a powder and added to drinks and food.

Teas and tinctures of rosemary, lavender, mint and chamomile will not only help to relieve headache, but also to relax.

eating Right

Not the last role in how to relieve headache without drugs, proper nutrition plays. Large amounts of carbohydrates, canned foods, fatty and fried foods can worsen the condition of the liver and blood vessels, which causes ischemic stroke and headache.

You Should eat more light, fortified and liquid food. You should eat natural analgesics: almond, Cayenne pepper (the seasoning). Eat foods blood-thinning.

The Correct solution would be getting rid of such habits as Smoking and drinking alcohol. People suffering from headaches, you can take high-quality brandy and red wine in reasonable amounts.

Now you know how to remove a headache without medicine, to improve the state of his health.

To tips to get rid of headaches, were more effective, it is necessary as a prevention to often be outdoors, change your lifestyle forever and give up bad habits.


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