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What points should be massaged for headaches on the body and on the hand?

Many people think what points to massage for headaches on the body and will help this method. Headache occurs for various reasons – from simple fatigue and lack of sleep, mental stress (often the case of students and senior pupils before the exams, during the period of active preparation) to post-traumatic pain, migraines, manifestations of hypertension. It is desirable, of course, know the root cause. to Take the pill to reduce the pressure – it's easy, but in some cases can only worsen the condition. And acupressure can help if not eliminate the pain completely, it is noticeably easier.


Traditional medicine of Tibet, China and Southeast Asia knew how to cure diseases and soothe the pain by means of massage. In Korea there is a system su-Jok. Basically, it is also a kind of acupressure, but the impact point is carried out using seeds of plants according to their energy. In China and Thailand and is practiced to this day pin point massage, which is carried out using pressure, rubbing certain points of your fingers.

location points to relieve headaches

The Main points for relieving headaches are:

  • on the hand in the wrist area
  • on the thumb of the hands (women left, men right);
  • on the back of the head, at the base of the skull
  • on top of the two tendons on the back of the head;
  • on the big toes (taking into account the sex of the patient, and hand);
  • the center of the palm
  • dots at the base of the neck;
  • seventh cervical vertebra.

Massage points on the body to relieve headaches

Technique of acupressure

Massaging the point as himself, and resorting to anybody's help. To determine the desired area with two fingers obkladyvaetsja wrist. There are well-marked bulge of bone on the wrist joint. Move your fingers slightly closer to the hand: the bones are grooves in which are literally right underneath the forefinger and thumb of the other hand. These cavities and need. They are able to affect the head. Need to press gently on these grooves, alternating with a circular rubbing movement. The push is for 12 seconds, after which you can rubbing the same period of time. You can use herbal salves with menthol or clove oil.

To Find the desired point in the center of the palm easier. We need only to place the thumb and index finger in the middle. The only caveat is that you should always observe the “rule of the right hand”. In esoteric teachings and in all treatises of Chinese, Tibetan and Indian medicine the right side is male and the left female. All manipulations should be carried out in accordance with the sex of the patient.

Thumb massaged at two points, one of which is located in the center of the pads and the other on the tip of your finger. For pain in the head they need to press lightly.

shiatsu for headaches

Massage the occipital lobe, if possible, is best done in the supine position. If you can't use someone's help, while sitting and doing their own.

Grab the palm of the occipital part, placing it so that it covered the base of the skull, and pressure on the upper part two parallel tendons, alternating with intense rubbing of the area between them. Good results are obtained using Thai and Chinese lotions and the combination of massage with inhalation of aromatic oils.

The Pressure on a slow account. “One” – let go and counted to seven. “Two” – released again, slowly counting to seven. In between pushes we need to pay attention to your breathing. It must be deep. Seven breaths – push, each time for a second longer. And so 12 times. Such a complex effect, as practice shows, gives a quick positive effect. Can be used for acupressure on the fingers of wooden sticks with rounded ends. They can be purchased at stores that sell various oils, ointments, incense from India and South-East Asia, or make yourself. For cooking on the energy parameters are suitable pine, birch, ash. To varnish the finished product is not necessary.

The Point at the base of the neck are massaged crosswise. Left hand – right and right – left. Place three fingers on the spot where the neck joins the shoulder: the right point is the area located under the middle finger, in the hollow between the clavicle bone and the shoulder.

what influence? You need to massage light pressure first one way, then another, and then jump to the area of the so-called seventh cervical vertebra. This area is massaged active pressure and rubbing points located on both sides of the vertebra. Thus improves circulation and relievesmuscle spasm (clip), which can be one of the causes of headaches. Especially often it is observed in patients whose work is connected with long sitting (office workers, drivers of motor vehicles).

In the preventive purposes it is possible and desirable to carry out self-massage of the cervical and occipital points, even if headache is absent. This will help to avoid stagnation, poor circulation and headaches.

Essential oils for relief of pain syndrome

To relieve headaches in addition to the massaging of energy points and use aromatherapy. It is important to choose the right oil for the oil burner.

If the headache occurs in humans, for which hypertension is a known diagnosis, then it is better oil of lavender, bergamot, lemon, lemon balm.

Aromatherapy for headache

For those suffering from sleep deprivation and overwork of the students and knowledge workers, as well as for those who have to spend a long time at the computer, best rosemary, oil of orange and neroli, Jasmine, lavender.

All the aromatic oils can be used not only in the lamp, but also adding in 1-2 drops of coconut or olive oil, used for massage. All procedures – pressure, stroking, rubbing – should be done with moderate force. The sensation should be pleasant, relaxing, pressure – easy.

There is an opinion that the healing effect of the massage is to force action, sometimes in the literal sense of “bruising”. Allegedly massage is a “red herring”, and because of the strong pressure on the point man ceases to feel pain in my head. This is a deeply misguided and wrong opinion.

The Action of massage is based on the effects on the centres of energy, “cold” and “hot” energy of essential oils, as well as on the impact on the state of the vessels and the circulatory system.

Learn the technique of massage the desired areas easy, and the effect of the use of methods of influence on the points to relieve headaches often exceeds all expectations and eliminates the need to resort to the pills.

we Must not forget that this is an emergency measure. But everyone needs to ensure that he had full and sufficient rest, and remember that any pain is an alarm signal. If headaches visit often, it's a reason to go to the doctor for the purpose of examination.