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Why is the person every evening can be a headache?

There is Probably no more common condition, when every evening, a headache that causes inconvenience and suffering. Even two centuries ago, a famous Russian physician G. A. Zakhar'in in his work wrote about that quite a painful condition of the skull bones, nerves, multiple senses and brain tissue, where, in addition to severe lesions that most often present of the influence of certain disorders that appear in other parts of the human body. And in this case, the main cause of the strongest headache in the evening is a developing ailment that need urgently to diagnose.

Symptoms headaches

Cold-related illnesses in which the body temperature rises, be sure to give a headache not only in the daytime, but at night. with Too frequent overeating, stress, Smoking, physical stress, sleep disturbances, overheating, and any disease that causes poor nutrition to the brain and oxygen starvation, of course, leads to quite severe pain.

In medicine it is known that on the basis of the development of pain in the head is severe irritation of multiple receptors in the membranes of the brain, spinal roots, glossopharyngeal nerve, arteries, as well as a large number of muscles in the head. The strong and prolonged pain can occur due to the ongoing irritation of blood vessels and the thinnest of the cranial nerves, because they have a large number of receptors responsible for the manifestation of sensitivity. Completely different neurochemical changes can at some point cause pain and is not too positive impact on human emotions.

Evening the pain may be dull, constantly throbbing and even compressing. Most often it can be felt directly in the parietal, occipital, or frontal zone. All this may be accompanied by a serious increase in pressure, gradual visual impairment, dizziness, vomiting and nausea. If every night a headache, to establish a correct diagnosis for the doctor is of great importance is the nature of the flow, localization and duration of the unpleasant human condition.

Smoking is the cause of headaches

Of Course, it is necessary to remember that the head might one day go for a totally healthy person. However, the same type, too intense and increasing pain should make a person to visit a qualified physician. The most important thing is not to miss serious disease and not to become a hostage of pain pills.

Classification of cephalalgias

When headache, this may be evidence that the person develops some sort of vascular disease, migraine, spreading infection, there are complex metabolic disorders, occurs disease is very complex intracranial structures. Most often physicians see patients secondary pain that develops as a manifestation of some other disease. For example, it could be meningitis, inoperable tumors and strokes are very common. In the evening drinking a few cups of coffee, a person can ensure yourself a nasty headache, which will be held only in the morning.

Experts have long figured out that the headache that occurs directly in the evening hours, is the most common symptom of such well-known diseases, such as hypertension, intracerebral hematoma, dystonia, transient ischemic attack, stroke, blood circulation, subarachnoid hemorrhage, arteritis, malformation of blood vessels.

Hypertension is the cause of headaches

A Fairly common disease, dystonia, and its development provokes a headache, which is often accompanied by dizziness, severe mental disorders, nausea and pressure surge. Especially head can be quite sick in the evening after changing weather conditions and earlier emotional overload.

When quite common hypertensive disease the pain is localized directly in the occipital region of the head. The patient feels severe nausea, heat in head, tingling in the heart, dizziness, sees before his eyes a dark or bright flies.

The resulting pain is the most common sign of development in humans meningitis, viral infections, and encephalitis. The pain in the head often accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, a too high temperature, vomiting, pressure in eyes. Then tonight, you can join some neurological symptoms, cough, runny nose.

Examination of patients with headache

Given the fairly large number of reasons, which may every inhabitant of our planet can cause severe head pain in the evening, people in need of the most careful examination.

Coffee cause headaches

I Have to visit a therapist, a qualified neurologist, an experienced neurosurgeon, ophthalmologist, and, of course, infectious disease specialist. From existing analyses, it is recommended to use the lipid profile, a blood test.

The So-called functional research may include the most modern computer tomography, Doppler, electroencephalography. In all cases, the volume assigned individual surveys.

The Purpose of conducting the above procedures in accordance with the previously found somatic diseases and complaints of the patient.


It Should be remembered that the treatment of headache almost always depends on a variety of factors. Thus it is necessary to treat the main disease. In order to stop the headache, which occurred at night, specialists recommend to use the latest analgesics.

This can be a non-steroidal drug, such as, for example, ibuprofen, IMET, paracetamol, solpadein, nostalgy, Pentalgin, Panadol.

The Above drugs without the advice of a doctor to make your own, but for too long their use is strictly prohibited. To recommend a particular drug, when there is pain in the evenings, maybe only a medic, which quickly and correctly will determine the cause of the malaise. Depending on the diagnosis the patient may be advised to start taking muscle relaxants, valproate, venotonics, gabapentine, b vitamins, neuroprotective agents, diuretics, cardiovascular drugs, and antioxidants. In addition, to effectively treat pains in my head use physical therapy, which includes electrophoresis, acupuncture, Spa treatment, massage and various water treatments.

The Most important thing in the treatment of headache to use the advice of a physician. Only a specialist will be able to explain what medicines you should use cupping.