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The possibility of use of Ketorol with headache and other pain

The Use of ketorol with headache pain quickly helps to fix it. This is because the medication is among the drugs prevent the release of prostaglandins, which at the biochemical level to cause the person pain.

the Drug ketorol

Pharmacological action of the drug

Ketorol relates to non-steroidal analgesic drugs. Thus it can be used to resolve other types of pain, among which the following:

  • toothache
  • post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • tumor inflammation;

the Drug ketorol headache

in addition, ketorol helps in the fight against infectious diseases and various inflammatory processes. As mentioned above, after its use the production of enzymes, containing in its composition a prostaglandin, is retarded. But at the same time increases production of hydrochloric acid, which greatly destroys the protective function of the mucous membrane.

In women, the intake of ketorol headache may cause malfunction of the menstrual cycle or cause the uterus to contract in labour. Moreover, they observed a violation in blood pressure and failure of a rhythm of heart muscle.

Also with regular use of this drug in the blood decreases in platelet count, which impairs blood coagulation. This can cause not only the emergence of hemophilia, but also various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (erosions, gastritis, ulcer). Therefore, the drug should be taken with extreme caution, guided only by appointments of the attending physician.

Ketorol toothache

Features taking a drug

The Main thing with the intake of ketorol is to abandon its systematic application.

Its acceptance should be made by patients only during strong bouts of pain, to cope with which by yourself is simply impossible. These include a strong post-operative pain, burns, sprains, fractures or migraine.

Most doctors recommend a short course of pain medication, especially when it comes to different types of neuralgia. Longer course of pills administered during ongoing migraine attacks or man after suffering a stroke.

While refraining from the use of ketorol should people undergoing gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. Hemorrhoidal inflammation or anal fissure also are contraindications to its use. In that case, if the patient has a mechanical damage to the cranium, all medication that blocks the production of prostaglandin, it is absolutely contraindicated because they can cause hematomas in the brain.

pregnancy is a contraindication to the use of ketorol

Elderly people and young children, the drug is administered only when absolutely necessary and in very small dosage. Overdose of pain medication can cause rash on the skin, nausea or severe changes in intracranial pressure. If you experience similar symptoms from further use of the drug should refrain.

be careful to use the ketorol should pregnant women because it can have a detrimental impact on the development of a fetus. It should be remembered that the use of analgesic medications should be administered only by the attending physician after examining the medical history.

In that case, if a pregnant woman is recommended to undergo treatment with the use of ketorol, in the process, it is recommended for a long period of time to be outdoors and to adhere to proper diet. This will help to minimize the negative impact of tablets on patients.

After childbirth women should completely abandon the treatment ketorol because it will have a negative impact on a newborn baby. If it cannot be excluded, breast-feeding of infants is prohibited.