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How to treat headache with reduced pressure

In the conditions of modern life it is difficult to meet someone who could confidently declare that he was not faced with the headaches. This can be explained by the fact that almost everyone is subjected to stress, fatigue at work (especially office staff), has problems with sleep.

Headache in the low-pressure

Complaints of pain in the head may have as athletes, and people with lower physical training, both children and adults. According to latest statistics, the people spending the most time in a stuffy room than in nature, are anoxia, which, in fact, and leads to this kind of pain.

The Pain is squeezing in nature, throbbing, aching, increasing. Regardless of how a headache, this is a clear symptom of a failure in the body, the result of some diseases, often very serious, and requires immediate medical intervention.

There is a classification of headaches and their types. To most common include pain caused by arterial hypotension (low blood pressure).


To establish an accurate diagnosis and find effective treatment, you must inform your doctor about the nature of the headache, that is, to answer the questions: “How does it hurt?”, “Where does it hurt?”, “What provoked pain?” and so on.

Symptoms low blood pressure:

  1. the Pain has no clear localization. It can appear in any field: the back of the head, temples, forehead, and can cover the whole skull.
  2. Often the pain is accompanied by dizziness, nausea and vomiting. In some cases there is loss of consciousness. Mild nausea, vomiting brings relief. Nausea associated with the reduction of blood flow in the vestibular apparatus, with dizziness, this symptom is akin to motion sickness in transport.
  3. always felt General weakness throughout my body, even after the reduction or elimination of pain in the head.
  4. External signs of a headache at reduced pressure may be pallor of the face, shadows under the eyes, sweating, numbness and cramps in hands/feet.

If you see slight symptoms of hypotension, then you can try to normalize blood pressure one of the following ways: to walk in the fresh air; drink hot strong tea or coffee with sugar, red wine or brandy, in moderation. You can buy in the drugstore tincture of plant origin: ginseng, St. John's wort, Siberian ginseng, which also increases the pressure.

traditional methods of treatment for headaches at low pressure

Tincture of ginseng headache

There are supporters of traditional medicine who defy treatment with drugs for medical purposes. Treatment of the symptoms and hypotension by means of traditional medicine is no exception. To significantly improve the condition is recommended:

  1. the Leaves and flowers of a prickly Thistle – increases cardiac tone and increase the pressure.
  2. Broth Erysimum helps to relieve unpleasant symptoms.
  3. Also helps immortelle (contraindicated in renal disease).
  4. If you have a headache and you feel anxiety, fear or depression, you can drink a decoction of St. John's wort.
  5. will Often take a mixture of celery juice with Melissa.
  6. Hypotension treated with decoction of onion with sugar (contraindicated in pregnancy).
  7. Sweet Cahors will help to increase the pressure, relieve headache.
  8. Strong sweet tea with the addition of the powder of ginger is a tool that perfectly equalizes the pressure.
  9. Eating different foods from the cabbage.

However it is not recommended to do self-treatment (either pharmacological drugs or traditional medicine), this can lead not only to a strong pressure jump, but also to relapse.

When should you call the doctor

Most people prefer not to think about the causes of headaches, due to fatigue and lack of sleep. So they just ignore the pain or cost self-treatment, taking pain medication tablets. However, low pressure may indicate the development of more serious diseases. There are acute signs of hypotonia that require urgent supervision of a specialist.

Medical help is needed in the following cases:

  • headache starts suddenly, by its nature differs from that usually experienced by the patient;
  • attacks are becoming frequent and worse, despite the medication;
  • in addition to pain in the head, symptoms such as numbness of limbs, impaired vision and coordination;
  • pain accompanied by elevated body temperature or fever.


When referring to a specialist patients with marked low blood pressure prescribed medication. In recent times, doctors prescribe prescriptions for drugs that are presented inthe table below (in the form of drops, tablets and capsules).

headache Treatment at low pressure

In Addition to extracts, prescribed drugs in tablets: Pentalgin, Tsitramon P, Segal M, Acepar, Algona, etc.

In more severe cases, possibly stationary surveillance, health resort treatment and physiotherapy. Still good results are acupuncture, General and local massage of the head, neck and shoulder area.

There are tips on prevention of arterial hypotension, which improve health, which leads to the nervous system and normalizes sleep. To do this:

  • two times a day to take a contrast shower, alternating hot and cold water;
  • it is recommended to harden, dripping with cool water, as the addiction to replace the cooler;
  • also useful daily runs, charging.

douches headache

In any case, the headache may be a consequence of other diseases. This is a very complex phenomenon that requires careful attention and high quality treatment from a qualified specialist. Therefore, those who ignore debilitating pain, bringing themselves to exhaustion, can cause serious disruptions in the chemical processes of the brain. Gradually, the pain can become chronic – and then the necessary treatment will require more time and financial costs. It would be wise to promptly consult with your doctor or see a neurologist who can determine the severity of the disease and give specific purposes to improve the state of your health.


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