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Techniques and types of massage head for headache (cephalgia)

Headache, unfortunately, a very common phenomenon that can be attributed to the disorder of the nervous system. Head massage for headaches is currently used often, as it when properly used quickly relieves symptoms and prevents medication inside that does not benefit the body. Engaging in combat with nodal disease and often use tools such as, for example, physical therapy, auditory training. Today we stop and consider in detail the particular method of scalp massage.

Symptoms headache

overview of pain

Some people experience frequent pain in the head, other do not even remember when the last time they suffered this affliction. According to experts, about half of the adult population suffers this affliction at least once a year. But this is a very painful condition that deprives people of the opportunity to function normally. The main question that arises in the first place: how to relieve this excruciating pain? The answer is obvious – the easiest, most accessible, and most importantly safe method is head massage.

with regard to diagnosis, in most cases, the cause and nature of disease can be determined independently,and based on the nature of pain, to select a specific, the most effective type of massage head. Of course, with head injuries, in transferring the infectious diseases massage is not suitable, moreover, it will be far from efficient, here, of course, will only traditional medicine – experienced professionals.

Because many people suffering from head disease, often subconsciously resort to a certain kind of massage, for example, rubbing my temples symmetrically on both sides, without noticing. Defining the nature and cause of the headache, you can choose any type of massage. Because the nature of the disease depends on the cause of it. There are four main groups of causes of headache.

head Massage for migraine

Causes of cephalgia

The First group is the pain caused by brain diseases or injuries of the head. In this case, of course, the head massage is ineffective. The second group is pain associated with the condition of the vessels of the head. A migraine is pain on one side of the head, accompanied by a sensation of strong pulsation of blood vessels. And quite a rare pain caused by hypertension, in this case the disease is usually felt in the back of the head and neck. Here it is useful to apply a head massage, especially for pain with a migraine nature. Massage for pain caused by hypertension in the arteries, should be used with caution.

The Third group – the illness caused by overexertion, usually mental, so-called psychogenic pain. This is the most common reason that causes the disease. Arise as a result of suffering stress. Can be caused the depressive States. The nature of this type of pain can be defined as a squeezing around the head pain. In this case, the head massage is the best way to alleviate the condition.

And, finally, the fourth group – the pain caused side (non head) phenomena in the body, it is extraneous reasons. For example, infectious diseases, because they are responsible for almost half of acute manifestations of pain in the head. Infection, bacterial or viral, initially in most cases cause the head disease. This includes the pain caused by taking certain medications, or the action of chemical substances, and and cancellations of medications may provoke pain. Examples: nitroglycerin, caffeine, chemical substances: alcohol, benzene.

head Injury - the cause of migraine

The fourth group includes and pain caused by pathologies in the teeth, the eyes, the ears, the neck, the nasopharynx.All faced on their own experience or the experience of loved ones with dental pain often hurts and head. Head disease can cause low back pain. The headaches in this case are local in nature – aches occipital or cervical region. You can cite simple examples: sleep in an uncomfortable position, work in a state of tilt and so on. In some cases of the fourth group scalp massage will be helpful.

head massage Techniques to relieve headaches

Now that we identified the root causes and the consequent nature of brain disease, see massage techniques. The main methods include:

  • total head massage that leads to muscle relaxation and normalizing the tonus of the superficial blood vessels;
  • acupressure that use the basics of acupuncture and acting reflexively;
  • change of tone of the muscles on the back of the head.

The most popular method is acupressure. It is most effective in most cases. Therefore, this type of massage can be called universal. However, we propose to consider all in order to think of the ailment through massage?

Stress as a cause of headache

Total head massage. Suitable for relieving of disease caused by mental tension or stress (the third group of reasons). Stroking her and RUB the skin to warm up, then you need to walk her fingers along the back of the bottom up, making a spiral movement. Fingers sliding heavily, clinging to head, to knead the muscles. This allows you to relieve stress and the feeling that the head is squeezed from all sides. There are also special devices with which help it is possible to independently do the massage. Even if the head does not hurt, this massage will relieve fatigue, for example, after a heavy load.

The Next type is the most popular is a pressure point head massage (different acupressure). Massage of certain points – it's impact on small areas on the head. This impact is expected to cause irritation, which in turn affects the blood vessels and muscles, changing their status.

This type of massage can be compared to acupuncture Oriental massage. Technique of this massage involves application of thumb and index finger for impact (pressing and rubbing) on certain points of the head. The bottom line is that there are points that are linked to specific organs in the body, and acting on such points, it is possible to change the state of certain organs. And the technique is to find these points, and properly to influence them. Pressing and grinding should be strong, smooth and long-lasting (but not more than 5 seconds), when you can not prevent the displacement of the finger.

head massage

point of impact to relieve pain syndrome

let's Move to technology and consider the location of major hotspots that will be impacted. Points quite a lot, all of them symmetric. For convenience, you can organize them into groups, depending on the nature of the headache. Almost all points can be influenced without resorting to outside help. Of course, there is a map of the location of the point – it is universal, but the precise finding is always determined individually by the trial effect.

The point of impact can be located not only on the head but on other parts of the body, we still consider the points located only on the head.

Here is an example of finding the main points, the impact of which leads to the removal of headaches:

  • on the temples near the line of hair growth;
  • in the hollow at the back where the muscles are attached;
  • on the line between the angle of the mandible and the mastoid process, pressing this point is accompanied by noise in the ears;
  • around the inner corner of the eye, slightly shifted to the bridge.

These points about 10, acting on them can relieve headaches that occur due to stress (the third group of reasons), nervous and mental strain.

This includes people who are sensitive to the conditions, suffering from autonomic dysfunction of the heart.

As we have seen, this does not include the point of treatment of pain with the nature of migraine. In the case of migraine using other point areas. We are still considered the most common group of stress and strain.

Points of impact a lot of the art is to correctly pick the desired point, to find their right combination, to choose the sequence of exposure on these points. Proper selection of these parameters will definitely relieve any kind of illness.

head Massage is an affordable, effective and very simple remedy for headache.