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Can pregnant women take paracetamol for a headache

The Problem of headache (hereafter GB) is familiar to many, especially women, and its origin may be different. Modern medicine divides pain syndrome in the head in the primary and the secondary.

Headache in pregnancy

The Primary form of GB contains an independent nosological forms. This includes migraine, pain, tension, cluster pain and also some other types.

The Secondary form of the disease is always linked with another disease. The reason for it, for example, could serve as a neoplastic process (1% of cases), nasopharyngeal inflammation, ophthalmological diseases and infections. All the painful symptoms in the head that occurs simultaneously with another disease classified as secondary.

The Problem for many, occasionally the illness is experiencing, most people, up to 35% of the population has an almost constant feeling of headache. Revealed that unpleasant sensations are more prone to the female population, including pregnant women.

Types of cephalgia during pregnancy

Pain in the head may accompany expectant mothers the entire period of carrying a child. To clarify causes of disease, it is important to observe:

  • what is the strength, character, intensity of pain;
  • where they are located;
  • under any circumstances, appear;
  • how long does pain;
  • what is docked and what are the effects of activities, activity pregnant during the period of pain;
  • the presence of comorbidity pregnant, chronic foci of infection;
  • how many types of GPS watches pregnant (one kind or more).

the Types of headaches during pregnancy

To Understand the definition table will help.

disease DescriptionMain causes ofPregnancyDescription of symptoms
Migraine – unilateral throbbing bouts of severe or moderate headache, usually lasting from 4 hours to 3 days (without treatment)1.Climatic and weather changes.
2. Fasting, eating cheese, citrus, red wine, chocolate.
3. Stress, psychological stress.
First trimester
Second trimester
Third trimester
severe pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, irritability, in rare cases, the appearance of an aura (flashing lights, dots before the eyes).
The symptoms ease.
Possible complete disappearance of symptoms.
tension Headache bilateral constant moderate compressive or oppressive feeling in head, lasting from an hour to a week.exhibited when sickness, physical exertion, fatigue, insomnia, depression, work in an uncomfortable positionFirst trimester
Second trimester
Third trimester
Weak expression.
Pressure in the temples, forehead, passing on the crown and the occipital part, as oppressive "hood wrap"; sensitive reaction to bright light and noise; nausea and vomiting are absent.
The symptoms are worse towards the end of pregnancy
Headache when complications of pregnancyComplication in the form of development of diabetes or pre-eclampsiaFirst and second trimester

Third trimester
Diabetes often occurs without symptoms sometimes increases the volume of urine and itchiness in the crotch.
Preeclampsia accompanied by severe hypertension, vomiting, mistaken for migraines; you need to be hospitalized

Interesting observation: more than half of women with migraine in pregnancy noticed considerable relief in the course of disease in II and III trimestrah or disappearance (possible hormonal stabilization).

Who can help to cope with the problem

To contact patients with attacks of pain? The specialist neurologist together with the gynecologist who is pregnant. The doctor will rule out serious pathology, will prescribe an MRI if necessary, will be referred to the ophthalmologist, ENT-doctor and therapist for a complete examination: General and biochemical analysis, pressure measurement, perform ECG, ECHO-KG, etc.

According to the survey, the woman if indicated, will be referred to the following specialists: endocrinologist, podiatrist, allergist, reflex or therapist. With their help, you can identify other pathology, veiled under a migraine or headache of tension.

To Alert the pregnant woman has following symptoms:

  • strong local or diffuse pain in the head, sudden;
  • seizures, followed by high blood pressure, fever, nausea, vomiting, fainting, increasing the amount of urine, seizures;
  • violation of the functions of speech, hearing, vision, and sensitivity and motorfunctions;
  • strengthening of pain over time or the appearance of a new unusual pain;
  • the appearance of a painful syndrome on the background of fever (over 37°), myalgia and arthralgia;
  • development of the aura, but no signs GB.

In this case, without delay we need to call an ambulance. This could be signs of meningitis, hypertensive crisis, neoplasm. If time does not apply to emergency therapy, the life of the expectant mother and the child may be at risk.

you are Allowed paracetamol

As is known, a pregnant woman cannot use many drugs. Means, effectively stops the headaches, you can use paracetamol ("Panadol", "Efferalgan" (without vitamin C)), and it is permitted in all trimesters. Paracetamol is used as analgesic and antipyretic drug.

Contraindications are liver, kidney, hematopoietic system, elevated bilirubin, intolerance to medications. The manual informs: can pregnant women to use paracetamol with caution, dosage tablets – 500 – 1000 mg up to 4 times a day (maximum dose) every 4-6 hours.

the drug Paracetamol

Adverse events are rare, but not excluded cases of nausea, sharp stomach, skin rashes, hives. Taking more than five days is not desirable.

In the study of women using paracetamol in the period of carrying a child, it was found that the drug penetrates in the body of the child, but his impact is not tracked.

So whether you can take paracetamol pregnant? Doctors give a positive answer, choosing paracetamol as the lesser of two evils (in comparison with the other analgesics). In addition to paracetamol, to get rid of pain also allowed ibuprofen, no-Spa and papaverine.

With true migraines permissible use of motilium and metoclopramide as antiemetics. But preference give physicians non-pharmacological treatment includes the following activities:

  • establishing a good sleep, periods of relaxation and rest;
  • the use of massage, massage of the face, neck, shoulders
  • regular walks, simple gymnastics classes;
  • sessions swimming and simple water aerobics.

non-drug methods of treatment are harmless and only bring health benefits, but to find out the cause of headaches needs to specialists. Then you can avoid the overflow of the disease in a chronic form and to ensure monitoring of the condition of the expectant mother and baby.


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