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The possibility of use of Nise for the treatment of headache

Nise headache is a modern and effective drug. Headache affects more than 80% of the adult population of the whole earth. This unpleasant phenomenon can cause persistent reduced efficiency, and therefore significantly affects the quality of people's lives, causing complications for many diseases. Headaches can cause depression, cause depressive disorders, sleep disorder and many others. Despite the prevalence of this phenomenon, its causes are still not completely understood, which sometimes causes difficulties in making a correct diagnosis. Today there is a huge amount of painkillers. The main thing – in this variety to choose the one that will be safer and more efficient.

Nise for pain in my head

General characteristics of the drug

Nise from headaches is a nonsteroidal synthetic drug belonging to the class of sulfonanilide.

It helps to get rid of headaches mild to moderate in nature and is anti-inflammatory and antipyretic.

Release the drug in the form of tablets, dispersible and solid, suspension and gel. For getting rid of headaches the tablets and suspension. The active ingredient of Nise is nimesulide (nimesulide Latin name). In one solid tablet contains 100 mg of nimesulide and soluble – 50 mg.

Tablets and suspension are dispensed in pharmacies with a prescription.

Prescription at Nise from physician

Mechanism of action

How Nise helps get rid of the headache? The effect of this drug due to its ability to inhibit (suppress) the activity of the enzyme cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), which is an integral part of biochemical reactions that result in the formation of prostaglandin. These biologically active substances contribute to the development of the pathological process, transmitting impulses from cell to cell, resulting in inflammation, swelling and pain apply. As a result reducing the activity of COX-2 decreases the level of prostaglandins, the temperature comes back to normal, undergo the pain and swelling. In addition, the drug has a number of additional properties:

  • prevents agglutination of platelets, thereby protecting against the appearance of blood clots;
  • reduces the level of histamine, which triggers allergic reactions,
  • protects cartilage from destruction;
  • has an antioxidant effect.

Prolonged administration of large doses of Nise can cause gastritis mild form, as it slightly reduces the activity of cyclooxygenase-1 to protect the stomach lining from damage.

the Benefits of Nise in osteochondrosis

After taking the drug is rapidly absorbed. Hard tablets are absorbed at 95% and dispersion at 99%. Peak concentrations in the blood, where it reaches 1.5-2 hours after administration. Nimesulide after absorption quickly reaches the center of pain. It is completely excreted from the body: 35% in liver and 65% in the kidneys.

Indications for use

In Addition to eliminating headaches, Nise as a symptomatic treatment facilitates and some other States:

  • musculoskeletal pathology of both inflammatory and degenerative nature: gout, rheumatism, bursitis, arthritis, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease;
  • fever of any origin: acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections, and others;
  • post-traumatic inflammation and pain of the soft tissues and tendons.

shortness of Breath is a side effect of Nise

admission Regulations and precautions

The Drug is taken course. The dosage of the drug and the dosing frequency shall designate an attending physician. If after administration in the stomach discomfort, you can take the medicine and after a meal. Food does not have much effect on the absorption of the drug, it only reduces the speed of the process, and he begins to act a little later. Precautions. To apply Nise if there is intolerance to components of drug, pregnancy and lactation, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract of various etiologies, renal or hepatic failure, bleeding and low blood coagulability, with a combination of diseases such as asthma, nasal polyposis and sensitivity to NSAIDs.

Tablet not give to children under 12 years of age, and a suspension – babies under 2 years.

Not recommended Nise people engaged at work, require high concentration, as it decreases the reaction rate.

With caution the drug should be taken for people suffering from heart failure, diabetes mellitus, vascular pathologies of various origins who abuse alcohol and tobacco, also taking anticoagulants, other NSAIDs and drugs with a pronounced hepatotoxic effect.

diabetes mellitus is a contraindication to the reception of Nise

Negative impact

The Most common adverse effect is abdominal pain. Other commonly reported effects: weakness, dizziness, nausea, allergic reactions, diarrhea, vomiting. Quite rare disorder of mental and emotional nature, worsening headaches, drowsiness, pronounced gastritis, shortness of breath and tachycardia.

In a few cases after taking the drug may develop anaphylactic shock, acute renal failure, hepatitis, gastrointestinal bleeding as a result of a sharp decline in the level of clotting.

The Development of severe conditions while taking Naiza extremely rare and due to the presence of serious pathologies, duration of intake and the consumption of large doses of the drug.

Nise – efficient modern drug quickly relieve many types of pain. But unfortunately, he has quite a large list of side effects. So take it only as directed by a doctor, and in some cases strictly under his control.