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The problem of these long nagging headaches: what to do to the patient

What is nagging headache? Why does it occur? These issues concern many patients. Headache is a symptom that can complicate a person to a normal life. It can occur for different reasons. But sometimes several days and even months can torment nagging headache that becomes chronic in nature. The doctor immediately unable to establish a definitive diagnosis. This pain is characterized by the fact that it becomes constant, monotonous, from time to time increases or decreases.

Problem nagging headache

The disorder develops gradually and eventually becomes chronic. To leave this state without attention is impossible.

You Should definitely visit a doctor and be evaluated.

In this case it will be possible to find out the cause and begin efficient treatment.

causes of chronic headache

 a Walk in the fresh air to prevent headachesHeadaches occur for a variety of reasons:

  • disturbances in the nervous system;
  • the formation of a tumor in the brain;
  • development of cerebral edema
  • starting the stroke;
  • menstrual cycle (women)
  • high or low blood pressure;
  • hypertension.

so, the reasons for the development of this condition very much. In order to find out the reason, you need to undergo medical check-up. These symptoms are often concerned about pregnant women. In this case they can be associated with hormonal changes the body, occur in cases of poisoning, to appear as a reaction to the content of chemicals in products.

In Addition to common causes, which lead to the fact that this state becomes a permanent companion of man, there are others. They can occur quite rarely. This can be a serious disease of infectious origin, such as smallpox, plague or cholera, different types of fever. Fever can be a symptom of extrapulmonary tuberculosis forms. Very often, these forms of the disease develop in people with low immunity.

High or low pressure cause headaches

Headache can be associated with the ingestion of parasites that prevent the absorption of nutrients by the body. However, not always constant headache is associated with migraine. Although often it is associated with the expansion of the cerebral vessels. If you are concerned about persistent headaches, it is a serious reason to consult a doctor.

The Characteristic feature of the hypertension of cerebral vessels is a pain, which is localized in the neck and temple. Typically, it affects elderly people.

The causes of hypertension may be the following:

  • old age
  • overweight
  • office;
  • lack of exercise.

In this disease there is a pulsating vessel, which causes the plasma effect on the neurons of the brain. They start to be squeezed, which causes nausea and retching. Pain increase gradually. For the diagnosis requires consultation with a cardiologist and General practitioner.

Medications that are prescribed for the treatment of this disease available in pharmacies by prescription only. They have a pronounced diuretic effect. In addition, these drugs are prescribed for diseases associated with heart failure and hypertension blood type.

to consult a doctor for headache

If the acute headache is disturbing in the morning hours and continues for a long time, it is possible to suspect the development of cancer of the brain. This disease is quite rare, but the consequences can be more serious. Gradually the violation life of the organism.

Important symptom in brain tumors is the constant pain that is localized strictly in a certain place. If you begin to have trouble falling asleep problem and the feeling that something is pressing, it is a chance to go to the doctor. The drugs are ineffective in Oncology required brain surgery.

The Disease is very insidious, and the prognosis depends on how quickly the patient begins treatment. During the surgery, the doctors excised the tumor, it is very important where it is located.

headache during pregnancy

As a rule, constant headaches during pregnancy are associated with hormonal changes in the body. In this case doctors draw conclusions about the toxicity. He is associated with the development of the child during pregnancy. Morning sickness is a reaction to waste products of the fetus. Most often, the toxicity does not require medical treatment, it goes away on its own. Many medicines should not be used during pregnancy.

Headaches in pregnancy

However, if the sickness does not pass for a long time, it makes sense to suspect other diseases. In order to identify the cause, you should visit the doctor. It is very important to eliminate the causes of this condition in order to know how to deal with a headache.

If pain develops while taking medication

As a man does when he's in pain? Beginning to take pills – painkillers. However, if you keep doing it, then the body starts to accumulate high concentrations of drugs, which, in turn, may trigger the development of headache. Many painkillers contain caffeine, which is also present in coffee and tea. Therefore, in the blood is too high dosage of caffeine.

It is Necessary to reduce the dose of drugs that contain caffeine, it can relieve your condition. May occur deterioration but here you need to show restraint and to seek medical attention.

so, what to do if concerned about a constant headache?

If you have a headache for a long time (several days or more) and not go for the medical examination.

Of Course, you can drink analgesic tablet, but if the pain is not gone, you need to look for the reason. This condition not only bring discomfort to the human existence, but also may be a symptom of serious illness.

You Need to revise your eating routine and to find time for walks in the fresh air and exercise. If you have the problem of excess weight, you need to consult with a doctor or dietitian, who will help you to choose diet.

Constant headaches can be associated with very serious diseases, to start treatment as soon as possible.