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Features of the drug Nospanum headache

All people know the phenomenon, when a headache. Nospanum headache is used most often, as shown by medical practice. This is due to the rapid action of the components of this drug on the body, with few adverse reactions. Usually this medicine for a headache does not help in all cases. Because the head can hurt people for different reasons. Some of them do not fit into the scope of the shpy.

Symptoms headache

When to take medication

Doctors have found that the best effect of no-Spa gives pain in the head caused by nervous stress. TOOOhe preparation Also helps with pain that occurs with physical stress, when jamming of a nerve of the cervical spine. But there are additional syndromes that often accompany the listed. The main types of headaches, which is taken Nospanum:

  • pain in the head that occurs during physical or nervous tension;
  • the pain that appears while the pinched nerve in the cervical spine;
  • in the temples pain is felt, which is typical for high pressure; it disappears with light pressure on the temples, and then is returned again;
  • pain in head is felt on one side only, while the second half of the head almost does not feel;
  • pain is typically has a uniform pulsating character, periodically, the pulse becomes stronger, then weaker.

Physical stress is the cause of headaches

Nospanum for children and pregnancy

As a rule, special attention should be paid to the use of the drug in pregnant women and children. There are some features, which in any case cannot be neglected. So let's consider them more concretely and in detail.

This applies Especially to pregnant women, in whom headache is much more often due to their interesting situation. Many prefer to use all sorts of pills, including pamprin for pain relief. But absolutely wrong to self-appoint yourself treated.

But-shpa can be used in pregnant women only after consultation with a good doctor. But even in this case, to drink medicine often cannot. Should limit consumption as much as possible. Sometimes, though, already in late pregnancy when the fetus has matured and evolved enough, some doctors even prescribe to drink Nospanum. This is done to prepare the woman's body for the coming delivery. As a rule, the uterus is thus reduced and extended from time to time. As a result, the childbirth contractions are not as painful. But, again, to take medication independently in any case impossible.

Children too, all is not so simple. Typically, the drug no-Spa is directed only to relieve cramps, but not everyone. For example, if the pain in the head caused by spasms in the nasopharynx, it is possible to use pamprin in this case is strictly prohibited. The medicine will have no effect, but to harm the health of the baby.

no-Spa for the treatment of headaches

To Give Nospanum children only after consultation with the doctor. Used this medicine as an urgent care with a strong spasm in my head. But the true cause of the headache should be promptly established. Too frequent use of such drugs is invalid.

But there are some symptoms and diseases in which to give Nospanum children need. Not so much, but they can use this type of drug systematically on doctor until the condition improves.

no-Spa helps to cope with spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, cystitis, kidney stones. Flatulence and spasms of blood vessels in the periphery are also reasons for taking shpy. But the most common reason is a very high temperature. The child it is usually accompanied by severe headache, which can even go to nausea. And to facilitate well-being but-shpa is an excellent option.

But no-Spa, as every drug has its contraindications and the rules of admission. On account of this depends not only the effectiveness of the drug, but also the safety of its use. So let's focus on these important matters.

Hepatic failure is a contraindication to the use of shpy

How to take medicine

Receive shpy does not depend on the schedule of meal. But there's one important point. The fact that the best medicine is absorbed into the blood if before taking a snack. Because harm to the stomach no will. No matter what you like to eat. Only strictly forbidden to take alcoholic beverages. Itthe only important condition.

The importance of the dosing frequency. Ideally, all dosages are appointed by the physician. But if no-Spa is used occasionally as a local anesthetic, you should not take pills more than one or two pieces a day. If the drug is used not in the form of pills and injections, the acceptable daily dose is about 5-6 vials.

special attention is paid to dosages for children. As a rule, they are all painted in the instructions to the drug for different age categories of children. But you don't always need to blindly follow instructions. It is best in any case to consult a doctor. The only exception is the critical need for a first-time reception shpy headache relief at high body temperature.

Contraindications and side effects

special attention is paid to the contraindications and side effects. As with any drug, no-Spa when used improperly can cause some damage to the body, especially for children. Therefore, you should pay special attention to this issue.

heart Problems is a contraindication to the use of shpy

Absolutely can not take pamprin and pamprin Forte to people who have been pronounced liver failure. The same applies to asthmatics and people with permanently reduced blood pressure. The fact that these diseases can only worsen under the action of the individual components included in the shpy.

Irregular heartbeat is also a reason not to use this medicine. When you receive will be increased stress on the heart, eventually can develop an arrhythmia, and in some cases even acute heart failure, which subsequently could result in even heart attack.

If a person is not lactose intolerant, it is possible to take pamprin should also very carefully. Everything here will depend on the degree of this intolerance. Sometimes a small dose will not harm the body, but need to consult a doctor.

Absolutely can not eat this drug to small children and breast-feeding women. Because children's bodies are still very weak and just is not suited to a normal reaction to many medicines, it can at best simply not to perceive, and at worst it may result in dire consequences.

The same applies to nursing mothers, because Nospanum absorbed not only in blood but also in breast milk, and then drink child!

Especially dangerous are the side effects from the injections. There were cases of anaphylactic shock. But the pill can sometimes cause dizziness, itching skin, low blood pressure, increased heart rate and nausea. But usually it is seen only in overdose or in the presence of serious diseases of the body.

opinion on the topic

so, intake of this drug as Nospanum, must be done consciously and very carefully even although this medicine is sold in pharmacy without prescription.

In an intelligent and responsible approach Nospanum can significantly ease the human condition in severe headache, high body temperature. The main thing is to avoid overdose, do not drink alcohol before taking the medication and after, and take into account all contraindications.