Why headache when long sleep?

Sometimes people wonder why a headache for a long time when asleep? To faithfully answer this question, you should figure out all the causes of such extremely unpleasant feeling.

the Problem of headache after sleep

As the majority of doctors for the whole day to feel good and be energetic and cheerful, you must not only eat well and exercise, but also sleep well. Though sleep and is considered to be beneficial to health, sometimes situations arise that after a dream of many a headache, especially when you sleep more time than required.

What factors can trigger a cephalalgia?

Some of us often meet with the fact that after a night of sleep headache. Often these sensations are caused by different diseases or health problems. But besides these there are other factors that can affect the state of a person after sleep.

One of the factors that causes headache after a long time we sleep, it is the wrong posture during sleep. Very often a headache after sleep due to the fact that wrong posture affects the cervical vertebrae, which in turn peredelyvayut as blood vessels and nerves. Such jamming leads to the fact that a person feels unpleasant sensation of pain. To such feelings after sleep was not should sleep only on a comfortable bed and definitely medium hardness. The same applies to pillows, which should be convenient.

Strong coffee at night is the cause of the headache in the morning

In the event that very long when you sleep after drinking coffee in the evening, in the morning you may also experience headaches. This is due to the fact that this drink produces on the nervous system stimulating effect. If you drink coffee in the evening and immediately go to bed, the headache since morning you provided. Also do not forget that during the day you can drink no more than three small cups of coffee.

Very often you may experience a headache from the intersperse. Some people on weekdays work a lot, I love the weekend have a good sleep. But as practice shows, not only the lack of sleep has a negative impact on the human condition. It is often on the transfer and you experience a similar sensation. This is due to the fall in blood glucose levels. So after a long sleep head does not hurt, you should Wake up early, eat well, and then you can go back.

Another reason that is causing your morning headaches may be the presence of so-called bad habits, which include Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Very often, after an evening of too much alcohol the morning after a long sleep terrible crack head.

Smoking is one of the causes of headaches after sleep

All of us have heard that a lot of food to eat at night is harmful to health. And that's a fact. If you don't leave dinner too saturated, the terrible headaches you don't ever get rid of, especially if long sleep.

Headaches and health problems

Of Course, in addition to irregular routine, nutrition and other factors that cause such feelings, there are other causes that are associated with certain diseases.

Sometimes just a headache in the morning may indicate the presence of a certain disease. So with such reasons, causing morning headaches, you should be very careful.

Very often a morning headache may be associated with various injuries of the head. It is not necessary that the injury occurred recently. Often they begin to show themselves after a certain period of time like pain. In addition to the usual pain can appear such symptoms as dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other. Therefore, in the presence of such symptoms as soon as possible to go to the doctor.

head Injury is the cause of morning headaches

very rarely a morning headache may signal the presence of such a terrible disease, as a brain tumor. In other words, it's cancer. Cancer often manifests itself this morning with unbearable pain in the head character, accompanied by constant nausea and vomiting. These symptoms occur only in the morning, immediately after sleep. At other times of day a person feels more than normal.

Very often similar symptoms can manifest itself, seemingly ordinary migraine. It is in the morning after a long rest he feels overwhelmed, he has a splitting headache, a feeling of dizziness and nausea. In the case of migraine need to take medications, so as to operate normally throughout the day people simply can not.

Very scary illness that can cause pain in the morningsyndrome in the head, is meningitis. Other than a headache in humans is a very big fever, and the neck becoming completely immobile. If any such symptoms should immediately call an ambulance.

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