Why hunger headache?

Why hunger headache? Isn't there something more serious behind this harmless symptom? There is a headache for many people, regardless of age or gender. Even small children are suffering from such ailments. Often the cause of this condition are constant stress, migraine, narrowed blood vessels and even our food.

Symptoms headache

what is the reason for such poor health, which is especially acute when fasting. Because habitual diet symptoms do not appear, and should remain without food and headache not to breathe. most Often this unusual headache-prone people who sit on a diet, and those who do not have time habits and eat right. That is the main reason for this is malnutrition.

Symptoms tsefalgii when fasting

Quite difficult to understand what the cause of your headaches, as options are more than enough. First and foremost, you must know the following symptoms. If the headache appears during the period of fasting and goes right after eating or for several days, then most likely this is the pain of hunger.

Additional symptoms pain hungry:

  • the pain of medium intensity;
  • the hearth is in the centre of the forehead;
  • even without pain sensations of shock reinforced
  • after forehead the pain spread throughout my head.

to consult a doctor for headache

Usually the headache may be in people who were susceptible to this symptom previously, for example, patients with migraine. In this case it is necessary to more carefully monitor their health, any provoking factor may adversely affect the patient's condition.

There is also the stress response because the body has sounded the alarm, thinking that he no longer has to wait for food, and requires to compensate for the deficiency. When the feeling of hunger to the brain does not get sufficient amounts of vitamins, macro - and micronutrients. If we don't eat accordingly, he had nothing to feed the brain.

Insufficient level of sugar in the body. Our brain fueling glucose, and when a person is starving, she misses the body in sufficient quantities, so your brain is dulled, and why headaches occur.

Fatigue is accompanied by people who are on the all his strength, both physical and emotional, give work. If you neglect lunch, no one from this better not be. It is scientifically proven that when a person is hungry, all the processes in the body are dulled, for example, the work of the brain and other organs. Therefore, to do all that is planned better have something to eat.

My Head starts to hurt if the person did not take food for 5 to 6 hours. Some physicians diagnosed characterized by unpleasant sensations after 12 or more hours of fasting. It should be noted that the reason for the starvation is not always diet or busy schedule. Why the body has such a reaction, is still unknown.

Drug treatment

Some suggest that an insufficient amount of water makes the body work hard, therefore, there is a headache. Or problem to the hard work of brain. When fasting of different organs show that it is necessary to replenish the food supply. In view of this, our head does not stand up and starts to protest and hurt. Whatever the cause of the malaise, pain is an unpleasant sensation that needs to be addressed.

Ways to get rid of headaches

simplest and surest way is to eat. If we found the relationship of the stomach with the head, it is necessary to meet the requirements first, then the headache will pass by itself. After some time the pain may be eliminated, and then the cause will be accurately determined. So I do not advise to stop the symptom, you need to wait to find out what provoked its appearance, because only in this way you can apply effective treatment.

When the patient didn't eat for about 16 hours, one must seriously approach the issue of exit from starvation. Not all food will be useful. If you eat the first thing that comes to hand, you can purchase new issues, only to have a stomach.

If the headache from hunger, it is important to start treatment, and it, in turn, can be an alternative and drug. Nothing appears so simple, everything has its explanation. Pain is not normal, even if he pursues you non-permanent. To look for the cause. Better to seek help and begin treatment.

Alternative treatment for cluster headaches include the removal of the factor that provokes the symptom.

for Those who are dieting, you need to seriously think about changing the diet, as this reaction is abnormal. This method of slimming is not suitable, as it can harm the organism. Why not try another way to lose weight? For example, eat a normal meal, but in small portions.

It is Important to drink plenty of water, then the feeling of hunger at allrelief. This is a good alternative emergency measures for burning excess fat. Water improves the metabolism, and this, in turn, reduces the weight. The liquid nourishes the body with useful trace elements and contributes to the quality work of the body.

Out of hunger must be properly, the best option is protein foods. Proteins well absorbed by the stomach, and in combination with vegetables they nourish the body with vitamins. Meat and what it is made of, well nourishes the body and keeps the feeling of satiety. Positive influence and dairy foods that trigger the stomach.

Medical treatment is the elimination of pain. If the pain persists after eating, you need to stop it. To endure the headache is not recommended. In this case, will any analgesics, over-the-counter. NSAIDs act on the center of pain secondary character and suppress it.

If the pain does not pass by itself, you should think about visiting a doctor. This may be the first bell on the way to more serious symptoms. Recurring bouts of anything good not testify.

It is Not recommended to take random pills found in the medicine Cabinet. Since they can aggravate the situation. For example, antispasmodics are not recommended to drink due to the expansion of brain vessels, unless the cause is dystonia. When hungry pain would be the best Paracetamol, Panadol, Baralgin.

Small conclusion

All processes in our body work smoothly, like clockwork. But if there is the slightest failure, then we should expect different ailments. When the head begins to react on different internal and external factors, is a chronic phenomenon. After the first collapse appears the need for prevention, because the symptom can be repeated again and again.

For this you need to eat regularly and do not torment yourself diets, eating nutritious food, significantly reduce the harmful diet foods. To quit bad habits and start to exercise. To monitor the load and give your body to recover. Regular and prolonged sleep will save you from headaches and restores the lost strength.