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Can low body temperature and headache occur at the same time?

Low body temperature and headache can occur in anyone. If headache person feels immediately after the first signs of its emergence, low temperature manifests itself slowly in the form of weakness, drowsiness, irritability and fatigue. When such symptoms you must take your condition under control, to measure the temperature during the day and consult a doctor if body temperature is below normal.

Symptoms headache

Causes of cephalgia and hypothermia

The Causes of headaches and setback temperatures can be low blood pressure, weak immune system or a serious disease. Temperature imbalance and pain in the head are only the outward signs that the body has failed. Accurate diagnosis can only specialist after carrying out several studies

According to statistics, a headache is the most common reason for seeking medical help. The therapist is unable to diagnose the cause of the disease. For an accurate clinical picture is assigned to conduct the necessary blood and urine tests. Very often it happens that a doctor cannot establish, from-for what there was pain. In this case, it is called benign (primary). There are secondary (symptomatic) pain, causes of their appearance organic and cranial nerve.

Low body temperature

To include primary headache, pain from tension, cluster and other associated physical tension.

A Secondary result of trauma, vascular lesions and head and neck, intracranial injuries, admission or withdrawal of drugs, infections and mental disorders.

Cranial is a Central and neuralgic facial pains.

Low body temperature and headaches

The Causes of temperature depressions can become hypothermia, disruption of the endocrine system of humans and more. Cause pain able hepatic failure, anaemia, various neurological disorders, Oncology, vasodilatation of the skin. Due to these diseases increases the body's heat. But most of the decrease happens in case of burns, inflammation of the skin, psoriasis. In removing the causes of lowering the temperature state of the body returns to normal.


Headache doctors referred to as cephalalgia. Slight pain in the head may be the norm, if not a regular character and has no additional symptoms. If the cephalalgia is accompanied by high or low temperature, it is necessary to pay special attention to this. Collectively, these symptoms may be a symptom of a serious illness.

The Rise of temperature with headache can be consequence of the development of cancer. At the various types of tumors can appear aching pain in the temples and high temperature. These symptoms can hang on for a month or more. Arise and signs such as weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss. If the tumor is localized in the brain, the person, in addition to pain and temperature imbalance are vomiting and nausea. Cephalalgia and fever are symptoms of many diseases, such as thermometres, chronic intoxication, hypertension, dysmenorrhea and mihalos of the cervical spine.

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low body temperature when the cephalgia is not the norm and may indicate pathology.

When the body temperature is below 29°C possible fainting. At 27°C short of breath, disturbed cardiac activity, possible onset of coma. Low temperature and prolonged pain can be symptoms of cancer of the brain. Intense headache, increased intracranial pressure, nausea, vomiting and imbalance.

Another disease with these symptoms is hypothyroidism, which interferes with the activity of the thyroid gland, produce hormones that affect the nervous system. The most common cause of cephalgia and temperature imbalance is hypoglycemia, accompanied by low blood sugar due to improper diet. This condition suggests the initial stage of diabetes.

The Immune system is closely linked with temperature. By reducing the immunity in humans may decrease the temperature for a short time, then a rise in the disease. Such a leap is not always noticeable because it occurs in a short time.

In any case, the decrease in body temperature and headaches should be a signal to consult a doctor and undergo a full examination to identify the causes of disease.