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Why, after and while running a headache?

Many people complain that after running headache. Everyone thinks that physical activity only adds to the health and is a source of longevity. And really, the doctors confirmed that physical exercise, which are held regularly and with sufficient intensity, are a prerequisite for maintaining normal functioning of the human body. Thus, thanks to running man will have good health.

the Problem of headache after running

However, all the advantages of running will fade, if a person constantly suffers from headaches. What if after the usual run headaches? Such symptoms after physical activity are considered to be rather rare pathological phenomena. They restrict the normal functioning of a person.

the Main symptoms of cephalalgias after running

Headaches after running and other physical activity may be the result of various traumas, injuries and serious illnesses. In this case, the intervention of doctor is necessary. For example, if pain in the head occurs after the person leans forward, the signal that he was suffering from sinusitis or sinus infection.

Headaches can be acute, pulsing, pulling or constant. In some cases, starts to hurt and neck. Sometimes the patient feels the pulse on your neck or temples. If a person is injured, it may worsen motor neck.

Run as one of sports

it is Forbidden to ignore the pain, if man starts with disorders of consciousness, personality changes and there are various psychological deviations. in addition to the doctor urgently need to contact if pain develops for a fraction of a second and different intensity. The same applies to the nausea and vomiting. In addition, necessary medical care, if a person begins numbness. In some cases it may numb only one part of the body or of some limb. All these symptoms are a signal that a person develops severe disease, so you need to treat them promptly.

causes of headache under load

so, why a headache after running? There are many factors that can cause pain in the head, especially after exercise. With such a number that the doctors can spend a lot of time to identify the causes. Various diagnostic methods necessary to determine the factors that provoke the pain in his head.

for Example, a person may increase intracranial pressure. The brain is very safely hidden in the skull and protected by thick bone structures from various mechanical damage. The brain fluid is called cerebrospinal fluid. It circulates in arachnoid space, ventricles of the brain and other parts of the world. In some cases, the transport of cerebrospinal fluid is disrupted. This leads to the fact that the pressure inside the skull begins to grow, and the patient experiences headaches. Scientists and doctors believe that the problem is most often caused by physical activity or injuries in the head.

High blood pressure is the cause of headaches after running

In addition, the patient may suffer from hypertension. Quite often, the malaise after exercise can be explained by this. During normal daily life people do not even pay attention to what he raised blood pressure. However, physical activity becomes a factor that causes pain. It is an indicator that is designed to ensure that people paid attention to their own health and measured blood pressure. Also people could overwork during exercise, and that was the cause of the pain.

In addition, pain in the head can cause various problems with the nerves. So, the person may be suffering from depression or severe emotional stress. To cause pain may be neuralgia.

Scientists believe that in most cases, the headache occurs because of spasms in the blood vessels. Most often, this mechanism of pain is common in people who suffer from dystonia.

Treatment of pain

If pain is quite moderate in intensity, rarely appear or have a periodic character, with this problem you can try to cope on their own.

a Decoction of St. John's wort for headaches

In most cases, such medicines that have analgesic properties. Examples of such drugs are Aspirin and Analgin. Those people who do not wish to use medicines, can follow the advice of doctors. With pain in head after exercise will help to manage the rest. For example, you can just relax or sleep. Exceptalso, there are special therapeutic exercises and yoga that will help get rid of frequent headaches. When choosing exercises you must understand that the intensity should be minimal. You can use simple classes for the neck that the muscles were relaxed. Also perfect breathing exercises.

When the pain of a permanent character, and the previous steps do not help to get rid of them, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The reasons can be various serious diseases. So the best time to consult a doctor and to prevent their further development.

Popular recipes

headaches after Jogging it is recommended to use various herbal preparations. Proven decoction of Hypericum. In a glass of water you will need a spoon of raw materials. St. John's wort, pour boiling water and infuse for half an hour. Then the product should strain and drink a third Cup before meals 3 times a day.

You Can prepare a decoction with the mother-and-stepmother. You would need 2 tablespoons of raw pour a glass of boiling water and wait 40 – 50 minutes. Then the drink is filtered. This broth is allowed to drink 2 tablespoons before meals 3 times a day.

lemon Tea for headaches

To not have a headache after running, it is recommended to drink tea, to which is added the usual peppermint. By the way, if the headache occurs after running, then this problem can be solved with a slice of lemon. First, it must be added in tea. And secondly, a slice of this citrus must apply to the forehead for half an hour. Then the person must be in silence, and gradually relax.

To Resolve a painful condition after running will help bath with addition of sea salt. In water it is recommended to add the broth to the roots of Valerian. This tool will help you to relax.

However, the best remedy for the headaches while running and other types of physical activity – it's a dream. Be sure to need to sleep every day. In addition, it is useful to massage scalp. Then the pain will diminish.

If folk remedies and are unable to cope with the headaches that occur after physical activity, be sure to consult a doctor and find out the reasons for these abnormal deviations.

Better not to delay diagnosis and treatment to avoid serious consequences. Only a qualified doctor can determine the cause of the disease and to choose appropriate treatment for each individual patient.