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Why after exercise headache and what to do?

The Rhythm of life in a modern city is such that to set aside time to rest is not always possible. Noticing that after exercise headache often, you need to find out the cause, because that is the first signs of serious diseases. That can be a headache and whether the main cause can be physical exhaustion?

Symptoms headache

Possible causes of headaches after exercise

If the patient came with a complaint of frequent headaches after workouts and other physical activities, primarily through the necessary tests to find out the General condition of the body. If the tests don't cause anxiety, it is possible to assume that people faced with an initial form of migraine and it is important to figure out why during exercise headaches and what they are.

The task of the physicians in this case – to observe and to specify what kind of physical stress provokes a headache.

Often a headache is the result of a spike in blood pressure after the person carries out some physical work. But sometimes the pain occurs at a specific time, e.g. Morning and evenings, then maybe this is the beginning of hypertension.

Visiting a specialist to determine the cause of your headachesIn cases when the headache is constant, it is necessary to pay attention to her. Headache can cause no physical activity, and the presence of serious diseases as brain tumors or such diseases. The doctor must determine the cause of pain for diagnosis.

If a person is young and healthy, infrequent headache can cause stress during training. The intensity of physical activity, emotional state can cause pain. Over-training may not always be effective, but to dwell on this special attention is not necessarily enough to use the recipes of traditional medicine, which relieves tension and pain.

Methods of treatment of cephalalgias, folk medicine

St. John's Wort for the treatment of headachesa Few simple, proven and very effective ways to help in most cases to cope with the pain:

  1. St. John's Wort, drenched with boiling water. Need 1 tsp. Of herb per Cup. After half an hour, drain. Half a Cup of infusion 2 times before meals will relieve problems.
  2. yet Another recipe that will help to cope with a headache: two cups of boiling water pour 2 tbsp of grass mother and stepmother. After an hour of steeping to thoroughly drain. 2 tbsp 3 times a day half an hour before eating will help to eliminate the pain after workouts and fatigue.
  3. Tea, to which is added the peppermint (no more than 1 tsp.), even if the head suffer much, is able to return the patient to a normal condition.

folk medicine treatment of headaches carried out by means of medicinal herbs.

Lemon to cure a headacheIf during exercise headache, but the phenomenon is infrequent, the problem can be solved without using the usual painkillers. A few simple recipes will help to independently solve the problem, if the headache is not the result of serious diseases:

  1. Regular lemon, cut into thin slices and placed on the location where the pain is throbbing, help for 20-40 minutes to get rid of the problem. The silence and lack of bright lighting will help speed up the process.
  2. If in a bath of warm water add 50 grams of Valerian herb and sea salt and then immerse yourself in it for half an hour, you can achieve a stunning effect: not only will disappear the pain in my head, but much improves the General condition.
  3. Massage head and cervical vertebrae is one of the most effective anesthetic methods. Need to learn technology of massage, in the future it repeatedly can relieve the problems of headaches after exercise.
  4. Sleep is also a great way that will save you from bouts of pain: knowing about the problem, you need to plan your day so that after loads of physical exercises to allow the body to rest.

The Pain in his head split into several types: acute, throbbing, aching, pressure, dull, as constantly disturbing and appearing from time to time. Most often pain can be a symptom of diseases in various stages.

sleep - the way to get rid of a headache

Analyzing the symptoms, it is possible to diagnose the following diseases:

  1. Changed structure of the vertebral discs leads to the appearance of degenerative disc disease of the neck. Constant dull headache, extending to the temporal part of the skull, the neck, with signs of weakness and nausea, and dizziness are the main symptoms of this disease. Problems with coordination of movements, poor hearing, presence of the veil beforeeyes, double vision, especially while performing any physical exercises, are also symptoms of degenerative disc disease of the cervical vertebrae.
  2. Sharp headaches occurring in the back of the head can be signs of migraine neck. Characterized by the return of pain in the supraorbital region and temporal part of is another symptom. Should pay attention to whether there are growths in the cervical vertebrae. Persistent pain in the back of the – characteristic symptoms migraine neck.
  3. because Of systematic hypothermia, formerly injuries of the head or a constant position of the body in one position may develop myositis of the neck. The pain makes it impossible to do neck rotations, to bend, to change position, all accompanied by severe pain. The neck is characterized by condensed, sharp pain experienced in the shoulder blades and the back of the possible dizziness and nausea.
  4. Physical activity, which subsequently cause headaches, can be triggered by a serious disease of the brain, namely neuralgia. Paroxysmal pain, extending during the movement in the jaw, ear, neck, back, shoulders, resemble the lumbago.
  5. Vascular pathological processes, expressed strong spasms in the arterial system during fast walking, running, sudden squats, jumping can cause sharp headaches in the occipital part. Possible visual change of the contours of objects, the appearance of spots in vision, double vision the vision. You should lie down and calm down, to resolve the attack.
  6. Intracranial pressure, which is accompanied by pain in all areas of the scalp, as well as a tangible heaviness, fear of light accompanied by constant pain require the intervention of experts.

disclaimer sports complex of exercises for headache

Should I give up physical activity?

Of Course, the cause of the pain in my head must be defined. At some time will require the reduction of load or exclusion of exercises that provoke pain.

Examination and treatment are performed exclusively by doctors. Perhaps the reason the pain is associated with age – this fact also should be taken into account, as incorrectly calculated loads can cause sudden fatigue, and some types of exercise are contraindicated. For example, exercises on the horizontal bar, which included not only pulling, but also coups, more acceptable for people young and middle age, and those who are already older than 50 years, such exercises may not always be effective.

From physical labor and workouts to give up completely is not required, you just need to correctly distribute the classroom activity and load.

Only later, when the body gets used to the load, you can gradually increase practice time and intensity. Should be attentive to the reaction of the organism to physical fatigue, which is inevitable after a workout. Improved sleep, vigorous condition, no signs of fatigue – a sure sign of proper loading. Be healthy!