Why after Smoking a bad headache?

Today, everyone knows about the dangers of tobacco. And the fact that after Smoking a headache, for anybody not a secret. Any smoker faced with a symptom similar to a migraine. Some experience this after the first few puffs, while others only when trying to get rid of this bad habit. Someone is trying to come to terms with painful feelings, and someone is trying to find a way to get rid of them. But, before you choose a suitable treatment method you need to know exactly the causes of headaches.

Smoking is a common habit

cause of ailments while Smoking

At the moment it is set the fact that cigarette smoke is harmful to the body as a whole. Tobacco suffer from the following systems:

  • nervous
  • cardiovascular
  • mucous membranes
  • of the digestive tract.

The Greatest burden fall on the vessels and organs of hematopoiesis. The most harmful substance included in the composition of tobacco is the alkaloid (nicotine). It affects the peripheral centers of the autonomic nervous system. This causes the dysregulation of vascular tone and knocks the work of the heart as a whole. This leads to a surge in heart rate. This process, in turn, raises blood pressure. The result is that from Smoking, headache, chest or throat or all at once.

the Problem of headache after SmokingBut not only nicotine harms the person Smoking. Tobacco smoke contains tar, remaining after the processing of tobacco, and carbon monoxide, also known as carbon monoxide. When such a dangerous mixture connected with hemoglobin, they interfere with the blood to carry oxygen through the body. In the tissues develops an oxygen deficiency.

As a result if you're a smoker feels the intoxication of the organism. It is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • nausea
  • dizziness;
  • headache (similar to migraine);
  • or the state (amounting in extreme cases to stop breathing).

In Addition to all of that chronic smokers suffer persistent cough, shortness of breath, sudden mood swings, pain in the abdomen and chronic throbbing headache.

Effects of getting rid of bad habits

Many smokers, quit Smoking, try to avoid unpleasant feelings. But often the patient's condition is not improving. Pain and other unpleasant sensations are amplified. Sometimes new symptoms appear.

Many people think that's weird, illogical. When quitting Smoking, we expect that health will immediately improve. Often the patient, trying new techniques, only worsens its own state. To avoid that happening, you need to know why the pain persist, even when thrown it.

Nausea is a consequence of Smokingquitting Smoking a really useful body. But do not be surprised to deteriorating health after trying to quit Smoking. The fact that nicotine affects not only the human psyche, causing the effect of addiction similar to narcotic. As mentioned above, it affects your body. Such exposure causes pathological changes in tissues and organs.

quit Smoking, the person forces the body to readjust, to adapt to new conditions. Change blood gases, level of oxygen in the body and other indicators. Already after approximately 12 hours of Smoking cessation from the body displays a lot of carbon monoxide, and in the blood increases the level of oxygen.

All this affects the General condition and tone of blood vessels, and eventually changing their reactivity. Slows the reaction of the circulatory system. In the end, the vascular wall is not able to grow or shrink.

These inhibited reactions are the cause of enhanced headaches similar to migraines, and negative autonomic reactions.

Dizziness is a consequence of Smokingdo Not forget about the psychological causes of symptoms. Psychologists have long proved that people often try Smoking to relieve stress resulting from experiences of challenges, fears or complexes. Smoking a cigarette, the smoker makes a kind of ritual. But it is worth remembering that tobacco smoke causes a narcotic with similar effects from drugs.

But if people strictly rejected such a “ritual”, he loses his usual method of distraction from anxiety. As a result, all the fears and complexes only become sharper, thus worsening the condition. That's why people who have recently quit Smoking, become extremely nervous and irritable. Because of this constant voltage is also causing headaches.

How to get rid of unpleasant sensations?

All the recommendations on getting rid of headaches and other symptoms of tobacco intoxication is General in scope. Beforeall the smoker need to restore vascular tone. Method of getting rid of discomfort depends on the length of the smoker and the current state of his health.

Treatment and relief from headaches can happen with the help of medicines. But the drugs cannot be taken on their own, based on others ' experience and advice. Before you start taking pills, you should consult your doctor.

quitting Smoking - possible cause of headaches

Medication can be supplemented with folk remedies. Soothing hot herbal tea with honey and lemon will help to cope even with a severe headache. But it is necessary to follow a few rules:

  • you should not brew the drink too hard, it will only excite the nervous system;
  • it is impossible to make teas, can raise or lower blood pressure
  • it is wiser to abandon the strong tea, preferring green or white.

Taking the decoction, add to it honey and lemon, which are well relax and relieve the pain.

Try to avoid stress, worry and anxiety. It is known that the fears, emotions have a negative impact on health. Experts strongly recommend walking in the fresh air and exercise. The body will be much easier to cope with nicotine intoxication and withdraw harmful substances, if you will keep it in good shape and will increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Folk remedies for headaches

Often, headache occurs due to poor blood supply. To help improve circulation a scarf or shawl made of natural wool hard. Put the crocheted thing on the neck and nape. You can wrap the head so that the wool irritate the skin at his temples.

To Help cope with the symptoms massage the neck area. Learn how to massage your neck and scalp, or ask your friends for help. To do neck massage to gently smooth and soft movements. It is a mistake to assume that the intensity of massage depends on the result. First you need to massage the temporal area of the head, patting the skin with fingertips.

You Can use essential oils or sea salt. The first can calm down and relax. They stimulate creative activity. Salt has a beneficial effect on the whole body. But remember that it is not recommended to lie in the bath for more than 10-15 minutes. Do not forget to check the potential response of the body to tools. They can cause allergies, rashes.

These tips will help you avoid headaches and other symptoms caused by nicotine poisoning. Quitting Smoking guarantees safety of health will be the key of longevity.