Why after sleep headache?

What if after sleep a headache? Good sleep is the key to good health. It helps to restore body strength after a hard day's work. But sometimes, waking up every morning, instead of the tidal forces and the feeling of freshness felt something else, unpleasant. This deterioration of health is expressed primarily in chronic headaches. Along with this often have a sore neck after sleeping. This is a fairly common phenomenon that interferes with normal life and annoy on a regular basis.

the Problem of headache after sleep

causes of morning headaches

Why and how head aches with this phenomenon to struggle? The first thing is to understand the cause of what is happening. Medicine says that severe headaches after sleeping there for the following reasons:

  1. the Pain is a result of stress stress. This pathology is better known under the name of psychological pain in the head. This problem can occur because of side effects as a result of stress when headache occurs due to tension in muscle tissues. The source of pain can become depression and excessive anxiety.
  2. Systematically pain in the head. This deep problem is characterized mainly by the etiology of the vascular system. It often affects middle-aged men that smoke and drink alcoholic beverages. The pain was time-bound: it is very often occurs after 1-3 hours of stable sleep. And then the pain can be quite severe. It is periodic, but very long, and does not let go even for a few days.
  3. Migraine. It usually occurs for unknown reasons and is manifested in two forms. The first is associated with malaise without initial symptoms, pain in the morning often sudden, reaching its peak in a few hours. In the second case, headaches are all symptoms of migraine, but the pain develops gradually and after about an hour it completely disappears. May be accompanied by nausea.
  4. disrupt the process of sleep. Such things as snoring, involuntary movements at night, nightmares and more that causes a person to frequently Wake up in the middle of the night, disturbing a good night's sleep, leading to pain in the head.
  5. Sinusitis. Causes sleep deprivation, temperature, and provokes attacks of pain. Often this is accompanied by the smell of pus and mucus.

Stress cause headaches

Other reasons

The Above causes of headaches are not the only one. Medical observations show that quite often after sleep headache caused by the following factors:

  1. Diabetes and blood pressure.
  2. Dehydration.
  3. Excessive use of hypnotics.
  4. in the Absence of dietary products, to which the organism revealed a highly addictive.

In the first case, the type II diabetes contributes to the emergence of chronic insomnia or problems with headaches after sleeping. This is manifested in patients who slept only 5 hours. There is the fact that there is a link between the obesity problems of the body and the disease of diabetes. Often the source of headaches after sleep can be hormonal shifts. Changing patterns of hormones leading to emergence of painful feelings.

Quality of sleep, as shown by medical practice, depends on factors such as a stable blood pressure and normal heart function.

Sinusitis - headache

Another reason that leads to pain in the morning in the head, is dehydration. Insomnia then the cause of the defect with healthy sleep, the lack of the latter leads to regular and even chronic pain. The doctors in this situation are advised to drink as much water that helps cleanse the internal organs of a variety of waste.

Abuse of sleeping pills has also become a health problem, especially if it occurs over a long period. Often a sleeping pill not only cures insomnia, but also becomes a cause of aggravation of this problem, the consequence of which is an acute and a long headache. Therefore, when a headache, it is better to abandon sleeping pills.

Another reason, quite often causing pain, is abstinence from certain foods, accustomed to the body, for example coffee. It's a double-edged sword, because the use of caffeine before bedtime can also cause acute pain, in the same way as a sharp rejection of it.

So if have a desire to leave the consumption of any product, this should be done gradually by reducing the dosage. Then headache after sleeping will not disturb the body, get rid of unnecessary addiction. Reasons why after sleep headache, may be too much. To avoid them, you should try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes is the cause of your headaches


regular pain in the head to live very difficult. If the morning sickness plagued the people, then it makes it impossible to concentrate on work and can lead to a nervous breakdown. Pathology needs to be treated with the most effective means. Today, there are many medications that are intended to relieve pain in the head.

Medicines of plant origin. These are usually present in any standard first aid kit, they are useful to carry in your pocket or in the car: you never know when a headache will be felt. If manifest morning headaches, people will be ready to resist them.

Those who are at risk, usually carry some analgesics, some people prefer antispasmodics. The most common tool for this is aspirin, which has long been the drug of first aid for headaches. He takes sudden pain at work, helps after a hangover. It is worn with a cheap and reliable method of protection.

The Patients, on the contrary, suffering from chronic forms of the disease, unfortunately, will not be able to protect conventional drugs. Here it needs a special approach, which often will go under medical therapy. Especially difficult such processes in people suffering from diseases associated with hypertension.

dehydration is the cause of your headaches

Here, in addition to purely antihypertensive drugs often diuretics are used.

Headache, in medical language called cephalalgia, is so frequent an occurrence that people are stocking medicines to continue to defend himself. They are afraid of pain and don't want to be dependent on them. Cephalalgia may occur in man after a good long sleep where and whenever you want, but if it happens regularly, just aspirin use problem can't be solved.

It is Necessary to go on reception to the doctor to report the problem. If the patient cannot indicate the cause, the doctor will diagnose and, if necessary, will appoint a number of biochemical tests, computed tomography of the cerebral hemisphere and based on the results make a diagnosis.

But in most cases, as the practice of medicine, the cause lies in the incorrect lifestyle of the patient or any problems associated with it. The doctor, taking into account the causes of the ailment, will prescribe a number of drugs that aim to stop the pain.


List of drugs that are intended to relieve headaches, is quite broad.

Paracetamol for headache

Common groups of drugs are as follows :

  1. Analgesics. The most common means. They are used not only as analgesics but also for the removal of the high heat. To this group of drugs include such medicines as Paracetamol, Panadol, Painkillers and, of course, Aspirin. To consider analgesics the simplest preparations.
  2. Antispasmodics. For Example, Spazmalgon. Drugs in this group differ primarily in that they relieve pain and also expand the blood vessels.
  3. Nootropic drugs. Antispasmodics have a similar effect: they widen the vessels on which blood flows. To this group belong Nootropil and Piracetam, which are used most often. They reduce the intensity of pain.
  4. non-steroidal Anti-inflammatories properties. The group of these drugs include many medications. Among them, Acetylsalicylic acid, Nise, the drug Ibuprofen, or Diclofenac. They have a very broad spectrum of action, in which there is suppression of the headache.
  5. antihypertensives. Differently called diuretics, which are used for therapy hypertension arterial system.
  6. Antidepressants. The drugs for stress relief, depressive syndrome, chronic pain in the head. These tools include Amitriptyline.
  7. anti-migraine Medications. Affect the body, narrowing down blood vessels. Are the opposite of the antispasmodics. These features include Remargin or Dihydergot.
  8. Drugs designed to remove tsefalgii, directly caused by migraine. In medical terminology are called “triptana”. Among these are Zomig and Imigran.

Spazmalgon for headaches

Each group of drugs has in its list of dozens of different funds, which have properties that allow them to avert the outbreak of cephalgia. All medications should be used only with the prescription of the attending specialist. When the course of treatment are taken into account the underlying cause of the disease, and the goal of therapy is not only relief of pain but complete elimination of cephalgia.

Using folk remedies

To combat headaches can be used not only tablets, but also folk remedies, which have proved their effectiveness in practice. Soreness in the following ways:

  • be applied to both temples is made of the pulp of beets;
  • drink a glass of warm pure water;
  • to put on the head leaf of fresh cabbage
  • to drink the juice of your choice: potato, lemon orcurrant;
  • RUB the skin on his forehead lemon peel;
  • to attach to the left and right temple pieces cut onions;
  • knock on the area on the nose 2 or 3 minutes;
  • tea (strong), add the lemon;
  • eat a few mushrooms butter.

the Syrup of rose hips for treating headaches

If the cephalalgia suffer, without ceasing, will help special concoctions. The recipe is very simple, you only need to have on hand the necessary materials. Funds can be made:

  1. Infusion of Valerian. Need pour 1 Cup water the roots of plants. Boil for 15-20 minutes, then defend it for hours, and then drain all of the contents. Then the drink can be consumed.
  2. Infusion of wormwood. American roots pour boiling water and let stand 4 hours.
  3. Syrup of rose hips. The flowers of the plant pour 1 Cup of boiling water, cook for 40 minutes and then carefully strain. It will be possible to drink.

All herbal teas should be consumed in not too large portions 3 times a day. The person can change and all other ways. For example, in the treatment availability is often advised to practice daytime sleep. After this person awakens with renewed vigor, cephalalgia slowly retreating. The reason is that the body after sleeping all day he gets the required rest, which he often does not get at night due to insomnia. This method helps to prevent disease.


  • observe the correct mode of sleep, more rest;
  • to avoid unrest and associated stress;
  • breath;
  • active exercise
  • to undergo regular medical examination to detect inflammation in the blood vessels.

Cephalalgia at any time of the day does not allow a person to work normally and to relax, she needs treatment.

Therapy should be comprehensive, combining the use of drugs, infusions of herbs and a healthy lifestyle.

Then the headaches will remain far in the past.