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When cough headache: possible causes and treatment

If cough headache, you should not delay the diagnosis of this disease. Usually, this pain can be a symptom of a serious illness or to occur suddenly and for a short while due to unstable pressure in the body. That is why it is important to diagnose the disease.

headacheHeadache that occurs when you cough, usually divided into primary and secondary. Primary the pain tends to occur in men after the age of 35 who abuse tobacco. The attack of pain lasts for about 3 minutes after expectoration, later it goes away. Sometimes primary pain occurs in adults and children, if the cough is dry and sputum just can't get out.

Secondary headache cough is a frequent consequence of primary pain, or signal a serious illness. Usually, this pain can last from several hours to several days. In this case it is worse after coughing, accompanied by weakness and fever. Headache that occurs during or after coughing, referred to as cephalalgia. And if it becomes protracted, you should immediately consult a doctor.

causes of headache

As any other disease, headache during cough has its reasons. Sometimes there's reasons, but there are several reasons that can cause pain in the head.

Smoking is the cause of headaches when coughing

To understand better how this disease is treated, consider all the causes one by one.

  1. Quite often a headache in people with weak heart and vessels. The pain could grow significantly worse during the sudden change in the weather. The cough further increases intracranial pressure, resulting in to tolerate this unpleasant sensation is just not possible.
  2. Smoking and asthma are considered today the most common causes of headaches. In this case, the immune system quickly begins to break down, the body weakens, which leads to oxygen starvation. And it definitely manifests itself not only in increasing cough, but in severe headaches.
  3. Often a child says: “When you cough, much headache”. This phenomenon in children is most often observed if you are allergic to something. Headache in this case is the result of simultaneous contact with the allergen and increasing pressure inside the skull. This can also be observed in adults. But often the cough with a headache on the background of allergies mistaken for colds. It must be remembered that an allergic reaction characterized by cough and a headache that lasts about 2-3 weeks, and absence of sputum.
  4. Last cause of the headache when you cough is just a cold. If the pain continues for long, then don't worry. This is a common phenomenon. But for persistent pain should consult the doctor. After all, it may be a signal of severe disease syndrome Arnold-Chiari malformation that is characterized by impaired function and brain development.

treatment Options

It is Very important to know how to properly treat a headache during cough.

Today, there are traditional methods of treatment pharmacy drugs and traditional methods, which are also tested by many years of experience and are considered quite effective. Consider in more detail those and others.

Traditional therapy for

Treatment analgesics should be used with caution. This would be appropriate only if the survey has not found any serious pathologies. Typically an MRI examination of the brain shows everything, and the doctor then prescribes a course of treatment by certain drugs.

Dipyrone in the treatment of headaches

usually used Dipyrone, Ibuprofen, Spazmalgon and Nurofen. And in that case, if the person along with a severe headache is observed and high temprature, better to take Paracetamol or Prohodil Forte. These drugs can not only eliminate pain, but also to contribute to the elimination of the initial cause due to a cold or flu.

To Take even such innocuous drugs should be strictly according to instructions, and best of all – on the recommendation of the attending physician. The fact that the slightest overdose can worsen the situation. It is especially important not to assign yourself a course on its own, when it comes to the combining of several medicines.

herbal teas Recipes

To Cope with a headache and cough at the same time, a good helping of time-tested medicinal herbal teas. Drink them in fresh only, not lost curative and taste properties. Herbs brewed in a porcelain dish and be sure to insist for 20 minutes, the plants had used all their useful components.

Herbal tea for headache

There are two of the most effective prescription. Forcooking the first type of medicinal decoction should take chamomile, thyme, Golden mustache, mother and stepmother, St. John's wort, lemongrass. All the herbs are taken in equal proportions in dry form. As for chamomile, it must be the flowers. Tea with such a composition is useful to drink for the night and in the morning on an empty stomach.

The Second recipe of herbal tea is to mix peppermint, sundew, anise, barn, licorice root, and Lobelia leaf. Also herbs are taken in equal proportions. Some of them get difficult. If you make it, the cough along with headache will be greatly reduced after the first Cup, normal body temperature.

so, when there is headache when coughing, measures should be taken immediately. It is best to start to treat cough, headache not even. But if the disease is caught, then you need to start with the most harmless and easiest ways (or cold vinegar compresses to forehead, herbal teas), and if does not help, then consult a doctor and to be treated more than strong pharmaceutical drugs. In any case, only a doctor will be able to choose the optimal treatment, because every case is different.