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Causes of headache in cases of poisoning and after

Often, a person after poisoning a headache. Perhaps each of us endured a similar feeling once in my life. Poisoning is in itself an unpleasant thing, nausea and vomiting cause a lot of trouble. Yes and the General condition of the body worsens, and then there's the headache. What to do with it and why it occurs, because the head should not suffer from stomach problems?

Headache poisoning

What is poisoning

In order to understand why headache after intoxication, first you should understand by this phenomenon.

Under intoxication or poisoning understand the frustration of functioning of an organism or disease that occurs as a result of the penetration of the toxin or poison in the body.

There are many classifications of poisoning, which depend on the characteristic that is classified.

So, there is a classification dividing poisoning depending on the type of toxic agent:

  • food;
  • illuminating or carbon monoxide;
  • pesticides
  • alkali and acid resistance;
  • alcohol or drugs.

On the basis of shared pathways: inhalation, injection, dermal, oral, etc.

In addition, poisoning divided into light, moderate, heavy, and very heavy. There are many other divisions and classifications.


About intoxication and symptoms

It Should be understood that the poison, whatever it's nature, affects the entire body. But depending on its strength and the type of infiltration of different organs may be suffering in varying degrees.

If we consider food poisoning, poisoning by drugs or alcohol, they suffer from stomach, liver (she is affected as a whole from any kind of poisoning), pancreas, sometimes kidney. Toxins, vetasses in the blood, are carried throughout the body and can get to the most different organs.

There may be nausea, vomiting, chills may increase, the temperature starts to hurt and feel dizzy. Sometimes develops diarrhea, pain and abdominal cramps (as in a certain area or in several at once). After vomiting you may experience thirst due to the loss of large amounts of body fluids. Can be observed and other symptoms.

Which leads to pain and dizziness

After poisoning the victim can observe the enlargement of the liver. This phenomenon occurs due to stagnation of blood in the right side of the body. As a result in the blood reduced hemoglobin level. This causes dizziness.

The walls of the stomach when poisoning stretch, and it goes down. Developing decompression. Also because of this delayed process of digestion, food stems, start to stand out additional toxins. It can also cause dizziness and pain in the head.

A Problem with two of the above authorities leads to the deterioration of the pancreas. Generation of secret falls, in particular, insulin, which also leads to severe headache and dizziness.

Alcohol poisoning

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Often the headache caused by poisoning, is localized in the crown of the head and from there began to spread on forehead and temples. This pain is often called pancreatic. To combat it commonly used drugs such as aspirin, or herbal remedies like intestine and Pancreatin.

In cases where people have complaints of heartburn, you should not give him medicine for the stomach or liver, otherwise the symptom will intensify. The first thing to treat pancreatic cancer by Pancreatin.

Localization headache

Is another reason why the existence of headaches. It is caused by a pressure increase. This situation develops when the liver is enlarged and stretched stomach start to press on the kidneys. This leads to stagnation of urine in the kidneys, causing higher pressure. And the pain in my head. A characteristic difference between that kind of headache is its location in the back of his head.

Acute poisoning can cause instability and pressure. It is able to significantly fluctuate, strongly falling, then rising sharply. This difference depends on which body would be temporarily annoyed by inappropriate food for him. When the impact will be, for example, on the pancreas, the pressure will plummet, if the kidney, however, it will quickly increase.

It is Important to understand that the problem of one organ affects all the others. In case of serious poisoning, it is important to immediately consult a doctor.

Problems after drinking alcohol

we should also consider the headaches that torment the person after alcohol poisoning, because this type of pain familiar to many.

That headache is one of the first and most vivid symptomshangover. It is accompanied by a feeling of dryness in the mouth, loss of appetite, severe chills, nausea, etc.

The Cause of headaches after drinking alcohol is that it provokes anoxia, which, in turn, causes intensive destruction of cells constituting the cerebral cortex.

The Intake of alcoholic beverages leads to the development in the blood following process: corruption occurs in the red blood cells, which deliver oxygen to tissues. Damaged due to alcohol, they form clots that get stuck in the capillaries of the brain, i.e. die.

After the death, like any other cells, they are destroyed (rot, decay). It poisons everything around it. To protect the brain, the body increases the amount of liquid. This increased intracranial pressure, nerve endings are irritated and in the morning there is strong headache.

Here you can mark a simple pattern: the more harm caused to the brain, the more the body will produce a kind of washing, washing out dead cells under high pressure, thereby delivering a stronger and more long-term headache.

If any event impossible to remember after drinking alcohol, this is because the affected are the cells responsible for remembering.

In conclusion

Headache is always an indicator of a problem in the body. It should not always be ignored or just got to stop the first medication.

When persistent headaches should consult a doctor to determine the cause.

If the headache after poisoning continues to torment you for a few days, should consult a specialist. Perhaps this symptom indicates a serious problem of some internal organ, the complication of the poisoning or the process that it has worsened.