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How are you connected with psychosomatic medicine and headache?

In psychosomatics headache occupies a leading position. Pain in the head is a result of the impact on human emotions of various factors.

Symptoms headache

Among them we can mention the following:

  • frequent stresses that lead to mental reboot of the brain and conflicts in the society;
  • the length and saturation of the labour working day that requires physical and emotional impact;
  • spontaneous and random receive much negative information through a broadcast on TV or reading Newspapers and magazines.

All this can cause psychogenic headaches. The worst thing is that these factors, which seem at first glance innocuous, can lead the state of the human body to a complete breakdown. Consequences may include: increased blood pressure, metabolic disorders, increased intracranial pressure and malfunction of the cardiovascular system. But all that happens! One has only to watch the reaction of people in a state of fright or anger. You can see redness of the skin or paleness that occurs because of the adrenaline rush, which immediately react vessels. This symptom most often indicates that soon a person will start a headache.

Emotional factors most likely to cause psychogenic headaches. Psychosomatic reactions are often the result of internal factors. For example, the transferred conflict or psychological trauma from childhood. Resentment, anger, sadness, lack of results when trying to achieve something, multiple mental contradictions and even joy, are also causes pain in the head.

Stress as a cause of headache

psychosomatic Effects headache

The Effect of some or only one of these factors leads to the onset of pain, which may have different nature.

Another well-known cause of headaches is depression. Previously this disease was considered fiction, but now such a diagnosis is a frequent visitor among the people in all Nations and countries. The more civilization develops, the more people experience this affliction. Depression can cause not only headaches, but also cause insomnia, poor appetite and even disrupt the metabolism. Depression leads to the verge of physical and nervous exhaustion of the human body. Almost always the disease is accompanied by pain in the head of the psychosomatic type.

Intense headache appears as the result of concentrated work. This problem originates from childhood, when the child is used to implement any of his "want", to praise for any, even a failed activity. But at work it's not so. Did not work – a reprimand or a minus in wages. Such an emotional disappointment so much impact on people that can receive these pain in the head.

Depression as a cause of headache

Migraine is the result of narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain. Of course, this disease causes a lot. But most of them has a psychosomatic nature. However, in this state there are advantages. The pain is a kind of barrier in the way of further development of mental disorder. Feeling the pain, people do forget about pressing issues and trying to deal with physical discomfort. But it also happens that the headache only intensifies the irritable condition of the person.

The appearance of person has the following shape. The muscles on the face are in a state of stress, and intelligence slightly above average. These people are often emotional, ambitious, responsible and have a sense of altruism. All of these features are fanatical in nature.

you Need to change everything for the better

To provide assistance to such person, all people must clearly understand that the root of the problem lies in ourselves. If all people will be able to dull their own inner conflicts and to get rid of their own ambitions and illusions, then this problem will solve itself. You need to surround the warmth and care of such people. It is worth remembering that the psychosomatic patient's condition can be a way of manipulating family and the people around him. You must convey to people that a warm and friendly attitude is manifested not only due to the fact that he is ill, but because he has his beautiful inner world.

You Should try to forget about the problems and direct negative emotions on the realization of the favorable plans.

It is Impossible to keep distracting thoughts, is to learn to rejoice and cry that this disease is not known.

Courage and integrity of its decisions a person must not hide, but to show to others. And the only way to get the whole world to see themselves the way you are!