Why is there a throbbing headache?

If worried about throbbing headache, what to do? like This threatening symptom should alert the patient, because it is a sign of vascular pathology, informs of impending danger. This is a serious medical and social problem. Annoying headache often breaks our plans that reduces the quality of life.

Throbbing headache

Why the head felt the ripple

natural laws governing human body. When man feels pain, he knows about the problems and issues that have arisen in such a complex mechanism. The most unpleasant ailments is painful throbbing vascular type in mind. What are the most frequent causes of abnormal pulsation in the vascular system?

As a result of regulatory or mechanical changes in the blood vessel walls there is a feeling of throbbing pain. The blood is sent to the vessels, but the circulatory system to external stimuli correctly and clearly unresponsive. Blood vessels begin to relax excessively or unnecessarily compressed. To make the body sufficient blood flow can occur as spasms of the blood vessels at the moment they are too strong contractions. At the time of ejection of a large volume of fluid the blood vessels dilate excessively.

Visceral nervous system regulates the activity of internal organs, the tone of blood vessels, so the malfunction of the complicated mechanism causes a painful feeling of throbbing in the head. It is necessary to find the causes of headache of this type, to act competently, because this symptom indicates that the patient has health problems.

Golovnaya pain when damage to the blood vessels of the brain

evidenced by this symptom

Clear symptom of disorders in the brain and vascular system is the pulsating character of the headache. At first the patient is uncomfortable Intrusive headache with a weak ripple. After pain medication she retreats. But over time, the patient requires strong medications. Throbbing headache becomes dull and oppressive. Before you are seeing black dots. Patients concerned about vomiting and nausea. This is a sure symptom of damage of cerebral vessels. The causes of this type of pain are different.

Cardiovascular problems

The Migraine. There is a sharp throbbing pain unilateral or bilateral nature on one area of the head: fronto-orbital area, temporal region.

the different Types of headaches

High blood pressure:

  1. neck and head pain with throbbing.
  2. to understand whether hypertension precipitating factor throbbing headache, it is sufficient to measure its pressure during the next acute pain attack.
  3. Blood pressure of these patients should be measured constantly. Medications prescribed by a doctor is required to accept under the scheme, if the detected high pressure value.
  4. Stroke can become a terrible consequence of hypertension, so you need to seriously address the strengthening of their health. The patient should immediately consult doctor, who will prescribe treatment.


Acute respiratory disease. Initially infectious, colds, on the background of hypothermia are often in the back of the head there is a slight painful throbbing. Such discomfort frequently observed with the appearance of complications of the common cold, sinusitis, sinusitis.

Headache sinusitis

Therefore it is impossible to ignore his condition, even in mild cold. To quickly recover, you need to make an effort.

The Pulpit. Often have pain, which is throbbing in his temples. It becomes a consequence of pulpitis. This defeat of the pulp – the soft tissue of the tooth.

A Sharp pain occurs because inflammation very quickly spread to the region of the temples. Painful feelings are intensified during biting.

Formidable pathology

A brain Tumor. The pain in the head associated with damage to the neural structures. After waking up there is severe pain of a permanent nature, then in a few hours disappear.

Meningioma/brain tumor

Only a doctor can determine what type of tumor causes these painful feelings. Gives good results the treatment of many types of tumours during early stages of development. It is important not to panic, not to miss the opportunity for timely treatment.

Poor circulation. If the required amount of blood to a section of the brain is not supplied, the fabric is badare supplied with oxygen. The patient sometimes feels throbbing headaches.

Without a prescription pain pills to use in any case is impossible, because in the end it will only exacerbate the situation.

Pulsating pain stress often occur in healthy people:

  • in case of incorrect postures during sleep;
  • when reading in transport, in low light
  • causes harm is wrong a work place, the wrong height of chair;
  • after sleeping on an excessively hard surface;
  • in a state of emotional arousal experienced short-term stress;
  • incorrectly chosen glasses outdated contact lenses can lead to constant stress and eye strain, severe headaches;
  • when Smoking greatly decreases the ability of the vascular system.

If you change the lifestyle of a person the pain of this type in most cases resolves spontaneously. You need to properly organize the workplace, to create the necessary conditions for a comfortable sleep, easy to perceive the inevitable difficulties of life, to avoid the influence of external stress factors.

Careful attention should be throbbing headache, which first appeared in the patient. This symptom indicates that there are problems with blood vessels. It is necessary to consult with specialists and begin treatment.