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Why with a hangover headache and how to get rid of the problem

If the headache with a hangover, what to do? When morbid sensations throughout the body, when the head pain is worse in the morning after a fun evening, is to treat ourselves carefully.

Hangover headache

For lead poisoning, newsvote of alcohol, the increased concentration of toxic products of its cleavage, the presence in the blood associated poisons that are not eliminated from the body.

Making things worse by dehydration, abnormally redistributed because the liquid penetrated from the blood into the extracellular space. It also causes dangerous swelling.

Who is especially difficult

Why hangover many feel fine, and others very difficult? No bad condition in the morning should be alerted more. At the beginning of the alcoholism again as the main symptom is reduced or increased sensitivity to ethanol.

In most cases, the intoxication depends on the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Slow when alcohol enters the bloodstream at the desired operating speed of the liver. Filling the stomach is also affected. The ideal option would be the adoption of alcoholic beverages after filling the body with useful products, which are digested slowly.

How to get rid of the headache hangover

The Problem also is that any alcohol leads to dehydration. Restore the water balance is extremely important. Supply of electrolytes liver will expend for that deal with alcohol. You should drink before bed 2-3 glasses of mineral water containing ions of sodium and potassium, which improve the situation of the morning. Carbonated drinks together with alcohol will increase its absorption by the mucous membrane of the stomach.

a Complex of measures on withdrawal headache

will Help the physical and biochemical purification of the body, slowing down the production of poisons that contribute to the redistribution of fluid, restoration of mineral and salt balance and the nervous system.

Milk and any dairy product is neutralized with a slight intoxication. The use of orange, grapefruit, tomato juices will increase the vitamin level of the body. Fructose, contained, for example, in honey, you will accelerate the process of neutralizing alcohol. Tablets N-acetylcysteine, and eggs will help to restore the liver. Contained in the egg amino acids and proteins is vital to a stable state of the liver and its active work. As the liver is exposed to a strong load, cleansing the body from the effects of alcohol intoxication. It is a natural filter of our body.

Aspirin or aspirin will help the headache. Paracetamol administration should be avoided because it will increase the load on the liver. Drinking a couple cups of coffee will do the narrowing dilated cerebral vessels. But remember banning the use of this drink to people who have problems with the pressure.

To Speed up the metabolism and function of the kidney possibly via hot tubs, saunas.

Help emptying of the bowel a small dose of laxative and a couple of glasses of water. Gastric lavage will improve the condition if the meal was made a few hours before the occurrence of symptoms of a hangover.

Will be very useful to drink strong green tea (2-3 cups) soon after the celebration. Better if the tea will be brewed the day before. The high content of caffeine in it leads to toning of the body, normalizes heart rhythms.

Acidic foods (cabbage, cucumbers) and the brine will ease the condition. Some time later after waking up it will be good to drink the hot broth. It will invigorate and regulate the stomach.

Brine hangover

The Fats found in large quantities in this dish, like a jelly, capable of communicating the effects of alcohol, well-fed condition of the body is also going to benefit.

Removing the headache pills, try to sleep as much as possible. During sleep the body recovers faster.

The Use of chilled soft drinks (Pepsi, Coca-Cola) with a high caffeine content also contributes to the sobering up and toning effect.

For a complete recovery after alcohol intoxication will take half a day.

Action that worsens the condition

Using alcohol to cure a hangover will only lead to a transition into a stage of binge.

steam treatments should be applied only by observing a sparing temperature mode. High temperature will caused severe problems in the cardiovascular system, since the load on the heart and so increased alcoholic intoxication.

Hangover and alcohol

In Any case, do not abuse the coffee and tea. Coffee in large quantities will speed up the heartbeat and increase dry mouth. Excessive amount of tea is called fermentation in the stomach, it will increase drunkenness.

should Not be abused and aspirin in order to get ridheadache. It in large amounts will cause much more global stomach problems.

How to get rid of a hangover

Sleep to a state of freedom from feelings of sleepiness.

Several times during the day you need to take a quick shower, which will help remove skin surface toxins, which are excreted in the sweat. Higher rates of absorption of pure skin oxygen will help the body to recover faster.

Activated carbon (black, white) several pills will effect a neutralization of the destructive action exerted on the body of toxic substances.

He stops the continuation of the processes of poisoning. Helps and other tablets, which is a modern sorbents.

Prolonged exposure to fresh air, a walk in the Park, in a pine forest, active and frequent airing of the premises will contribute to increased pulmonary ventilation. This will improve metabolic processes, oxygenates the skin, invigorating the body to fight the poor state.

Increasing the speed of metabolism happens due to the quick processing of poisons through the action of succinic acid, tincture of Eleutherococcus, lactic acid and citric acid. Unpasteurized kvass and koumiss – the most effective sources of lactic acid.

Active and passive transport of substances across membranes is good for a healthy body. In the case of weakened need to stabilize the membrane. This will reduce passive transport and preventing the spread of harmful substances in the body. Executed the removal of edema and reduction of toxicity tissues by membrane stabilization. This will help the tannins. Should drink fluids and diuretics. Strawberries and wild strawberries, a decoction of oats and bearberry, dandelion and green tea, squash and watermelon can achieve the diuretic effect.

Need to normalize brain function

Glycine and folk remedies (cocoa with the abundance of antidepressants) will remove the effect of the negative effects of alcohol that affects the nervous system. The performance will restore the roots of ginseng and the fruit of the guarana, which are stimulants. Using infusions of St. John's wort anxiety will be removed.

do Not smoke in the first hours of poor condition. Contrast showers will also be caused by positive changes.

Organic painkillers are pieces of willow bark, containing a natural form of the active ingredient of aspirin. During chewing is released.

The Event, which helps to prevent a hangover:

  1. you Need to drink slowly. Pull the time. A lower dose of alcohol will reach the brain.
  2. will Help a sufficient number of good, useful, high-quality, healthy food.

Choose Wisely the drink. Champagne, cognac, brandy and whiskey are the most dangerous. Prefer dry white wines of Italy and France. A few glasses will be enough. Be healthy!