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What to do if a headache in the nose, pressure in the nose area

The Cause of primary headaches may be migraine. Quite common tension headache body. This phenomenon is observed in 90% of adult patients, often women, and men. There are so-called cluster headache, which occurs rarely and more often affects men. Another type of primary headaches – kotelna, it is associated with sexual activity and is seen in adult men.

Sinusitis cause headaches in the nose

Secondary headaches are caused by various injuries, and infectious diseases. They may be observed in patients of any age.

Main reasons

When the patient complaints on headache, which gives the bridge of the nose, most often conduct surveys for the presence of ENT diseases and eye diseases. While a stuffy nose can be stuffy in the ears.

There are several types and causes of headaches was performed in the field:

  • Cluster pain. Characterized by sharp pain around one eye accompanied by swelling and hyperemia in the place of localization. There are such symptoms not often, once every few months, the attack lasted one and a half hours and passes completely. Sometimes there may be swelling and nasal congestion. Most often this species occurs in adult men, particularly those who use alcohol.
  • Sinusitis is a disease that affects the sinuses. Characterized by acute pain, especially when lowering the head. Often a stuffy nose, pain in the ears, discomfort increase if the patient presses on the bridge of his nose. In such cases, high temperature usually does not happen.
  • Front (prosopalgia) pain. Can be caused by various reasons. Mainly this species is found in inflammatory processes of the sinuses, trigeminal neuralgia, brain tumors and other diseases. Characterized with a complex of symptoms: fever, swelling of the face, nasal congestion, flushing of the skin. Pain worse when the patient presses on the bridge of the nose, sometimes there is difficulty breathing.
  • Tumors of the sinuses and the nasal cavity. Characterized by the fact that a sore nose and nose. Usually he laid. High temperature.
  • diseases of the eye (myopia, glaucoma, and others). Characterized by pain in temporal and frontal areas.

When such symptoms should immediately consult a qualified technician who will carry out activities for the diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment. If you have a headache and a stuffy nose for several days, it is recommended to undergo an examination by a neurologist and an otolaryngologist (ENT).

Prosopalgia - facial headache

Methods of diagnosis for different types of headaches

There are several methods of diagnosis practiced with such symptoms. The first is the examination of the patient and x-ray examination. Based on the results, assigned additional diagnosis and treatment of the patient. It is a computer or magnetic resonance tomography, which displays additional data for diagnosis. In some cases, is assigned to the measurement of intraocular pressure. Also, the doctor may order urine and blood.

Diagnosis is done based on the following data:

  • location of pain
  • the nature of pain (dull, sharp, dull);
  • pain intensity
  • duration;
  • additional symptoms.

When examining this information, a specialist can accurately diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The Differential diagnosis of headache

Clinical signsClusterSinusitisFront
female/male %10/9050/5040/60
LocalizationPeriorbitalPeriorbital, frontal area.Diffuse
FrequencyTwo-three times a day for several monthsConstant pain, pressure on the ears.Paroxysmal pain several times a day.
IntensityVery strongModerateModerate/high
types of painSharpBlunt, paroxysmalParoxysmal
DurationFrom 15 minutes to several hours.VariousHeadache from five minutes to several hours.

In what cases should be examined by a specialist

The Majority of patients do not attach much importance headaches. Quite often, many believe,what if a headache and a stuffy nose, it is enough to take a pill, the symptoms will pass with time. But sometimes a headache can be a symptom of serious disease, so do not ignore it. In some cases, just need a patient to avoid serious consequences and the development of serious diseases. This primarily applies to those cases where the symptoms persist for several days and not weaken under the influence of painkillers. There are some specific signs that indicate that a headache is secondary type develops because of an infectious or other disease.

Under what symptoms should be examined by a specialist (internist, ENT, neurologist):

  • headache for several days and accompanied by high fever;
  • the pain experienced in the nose, especially when you click on it and lowering the head, accompanied by congestion in the ears and nose, secretions and swelling;
  • is localized on the one hand, a stuffy nose, the watery and red eyes. The pain is sharp in nature, paroxysmal, lasting several days from 15 minutes to 3 hours.

These symptoms are quite serious reasons for seeking medical attention. It is important to remember that in such cases it is extremely dangerous to self-medicate. Ignoring the manifestations of this nature can lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo an examination by a specialist and follow all of his recommendations. The doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment, conduct additional diagnostics if required. Timely access to a doctor to avoid serious consequences and pathologies, which are difficult to treat, as well as the key to health and longevity.


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