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How you can correct and cure curvature of the spine at home?

Very common pathology such as spinal curvature: how can I fix it and what to do to prevent, let us try to understand in more detail. Deformity of the spine caused by different reasons that include unhealthy lifestyle, excess weight, insufficient physical activity. Curvature of the spine can cause age-related changes, it can appear in connection with the destruction of cartilage, there may be other reasons.

the Treatment of spinal curvature at the doctor

Before this pathology will be diagnosed in adults, it is usually the first symptoms appear in children aged 7-10 years. Due to the fact that the child slouches and tilts your torso to one side, there is a change in the symmetry of the body (this can be in the shoulder girdle, the cervical spine or in the pelvis).

Most Often observed negative changes that occur in the form of lateral curvature of the spine. In addition, children may be changes in the lumbar region, the sacrum; in the region of the cervical spine usually in children and in adolescents of curvatures do not exist.

speaking of adults, in addition to these curvatures, they can occur in the cervical spine due to the fact that the load is distributed incorrectly, when one works sitting.

Changes in posture occur at the expense of diseases such as tuberculosis, polio, but recently it is rare. Often changes in the spine and in the cervical spine arise from the injury. If a child has a pathological staging stop, this can also lead to the pathology of hip and knee joint.

spinal Curvature in the child

In 50 % of adults curvature of the spine in the lumbar region linked to clubfoot and flatfoot. Yet half of cases of this pathology associated with degenerative disc disease when there is pain and there is a shift of the vertebrae. Over time, this posture becomes normal for a sick person and there is a further deviation of the spinal column, so many people are interested in the question of how to treat this pathology.

What are the different types of deformities of the vertebral column?

Before to get rid of spinal curvature, you must first determine exactly what his Department did it. Pathology may be detected in the cervical, lumbar or thoracic, and decide how to cure the curvature in each case will be different.

the Natural curves of the spine

There are Often occasions when there are simultaneous curvature of the spine in several related departments, and the spine resembles the letter "S" or "C":

  • if the deviation of the axis from the rear, develops kyphosis;
  • if the deviation from the axis front, then develops lordosis
  • if the deviation from the axis to the side, then this indicates the development of scoliosis.

normally developed and healthy human spine has small bends back and forth, but changes to any of the parties that arise in the scoliosis, are exclusively pathological.

depending on the patient's age, his physique and physiological characteristics of the organism, to diagnose thoracic cervical lordosis or lumbar kyphosis, such deviations must exceed certain targets.

In the early stages of development of such pathologies, they are often invisible, and if they are mild, the patient is not cause any discomfort, and the question of how to treat such curvature, it usually does not occur.

violations of the spine

But it is not necessary to rejoice, because even a small change in the position of the spine, which is not treated, it begins to progress rapidly, you start to get used to the fact that the spine is in the wrong position, and you get used to it muscles. As a consequence, there is a reduction of the tendons on one side, which leads to such pathologies as curvature of the spine.

If the patient has pathology in the middle stage of development, it is expressed in the wrong position of the body: the shoulders may not be on the same line, the body can be rotated a bit to one side, violated the symmetry of the location of the bones of the pelvis.

In Addition to these symptoms, at this stage of the disease and possible specific manifestations:

  • often headaches;
  • even minor physical exertion leads to fatigue;
  • in humans, disturbed coordination of movements;
  • pain in the lower back that give into the feet and hands, as well as in masturbare;
  • malfunction of some internal organs.

Headache is the result of the curvature of the spine

In this case no need to panic, just need to know what to do, and on timeto begin treatment, if you ignore the request of the doctor, that such changes may be irreversible. To diagnose, enough to make x-rays and tomography.

Can you cure this pathology?

If we talk about whether we can cure the disease and to what doctor to address, it should be noted that in this case everything will depend on the degree of spinal curvature. If it is at an early stage, then you can simply go to a surgeon, to perform all of its recommendations, to do gymnastics, and in most cases this will be enough to fix the beginning of the change.

Often it affects children, therefore in such cases it is best to contact an experienced doctor or podiatrist, who will prescribe special exercises, in some cases, the wearing orthopedic corset.

Corset for the treatment of the spine

For the treatment of curvatures in adults should consult a podiatrist, who will carry out all necessary surveys, establish the degree of development of the disease and prescribe treatment. As treatment shows gymnastics, medical massage, may be prescribed the wearing of a corset and the recommended lifestyle changes. If you want to be cured, must strictly adhere to the physician orders and treatments like exercise and massage can also be performed at home.

In order to notice your child beginning the development of this pathology, it is not necessary to trust a very routine school inspections, better on their own once a year to be screened from an experienced podiatrist. To remove the curvature of the spine in a child, it is necessary to identify in an early stage of development, and this should go to the doctor for preventive examinations. Assigned to physiotherapy, if you do everything right, lets get rid of this disease in most cases.

After the doctor conducted a full examination of the patient, and then develop an individual program, selected the exercises in the warp, which help to strengthen the muscles, and this relieves the extra tension from internal organs, massage gives the ability to restore the normal circulation and nutrition of muscles, allowing the body to recover quickly.

the Benefits of massage in the treatment of spinal curvature

In Addition, patients are osteopath and chiropractor whose work is aimed at identifying the causes that led to the curvature of the spine, and their remedies.

an Overview of the methods used to ensure

Definitely need to critically look at your lifestyle or the lifestyle of your child. It is necessary to constantly make sure that the posture was correct, not slouch, you need to walk more, to exercise.

Use the following treatment methods:

  1. massage therapy.

Thanks for the massage, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, strengthening the chest and back muscles. When performing massage must be the right sequence: first massage the back then the lower back and buttocks, and then move to the chest and stomach. If developed 2-3 degree of scoliosis, in different parts of the body massage is performed using different techniques and with different intensity.

  1. physiotherapy.

This is a helper method and it is used when conducting a comprehensive treatment. In this case, can be used dirt, mineral water, ultrasound, magnetic radiation and other methods.

the Use of exercise therapy for the treatment of spinal curvature

Physical therapy allows you to relieve pain, improve muscle tone and normal functioning of internal organs.

  1. Orthotics.

In this case, using special corsets, which distribute the load and help correct curvature; corsets are divided into hard and soft.

If the corset is correct, then the person quickly gets used to keep the correct posture. Wear it at home a few hours during the day.

To prevent muscle atrophy, it is necessary to wear a corset strictly in compliance with the recommendations of a physician, and it to be more effective wearing a corset is definitely prescribed along with physical therapy.

  1. physical therapy.

The specific exercises you want to learn how to keep the correct posture, strengthen back muscles and stretch the ligaments that have begun to shorten. Most of these exercises do in a horizontal position. If scoliosis of 1-2 degrees, physical therapy helps to get rid of the disease, and if she is in stage 3, it is possible to stop its development.

In addition, the doctor will tell and show you what exercises to do, in many cases, it is recommended to wear and orthopedic corset: it will help the weakened muscles to support proper posture.


If you have a sedentary job, it is necessary to periodically pause, during which to perform a set of exercises aimed at the restoration of muscle tone. In addition, it is important to monitor their weight: if it's too much, then you need to lose weight, it is necessary to control the cardiovascular system, to prevent accumulation of fluid, resulting in edema.

It depends onwhat kind of bed do you sleep: it must be convenient not to be too soft or, on the contrary, hard, the head should not be very high. Best to buy a quality mattress then during sleep the body will occupy the correct position. At the organization of their working time it is important to comply with all sanitary requirements, and thus you will save yourself from the likelihood of developing this illness, such as curvature of the spine.