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How to correct curvature of the spine in children and adolescents?

Parents with the birth of the baby needs to closely monitor his health. Severe complications has curvature of the spine in children, and only early treatment can help avoid health problems in the future.


curvature of the spine in children

The Curvature can be manifested even in the child of preschool age. with the older he becomes, the more difficult the treatment will be.

There are three types of spinal deformity in children: scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis.

Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral curvature (mixing in the direction of the vertebrae). It can be congenital (from birth spine are formed incorrectly) or acquired, if the child often takes the wrong position (sitting at a Desk leading a sedentary lifestyle).

Kyphosis – the bowing of the spine in the back area of the thoracic. Externally this is manifested by slouching, hump back. The reasons may be weak back muscles, poor posture, injury.

Lordosis is the bending of the spine forward in the lumbar area. Often it is observed in children who are overweight.

For 18 years, the human skeleton is fully formed.

If the problems of a teenager with the spine was not, then the likelihood of their future in small.

Causes of scoliosis and its symptoms

To the deformation of the spine lead placing your child ahead of time, the use of walkers, serious illness (rickets, tuberculosis, etc.), serious internal pathology, poor physical development, weight lifting, poor nutrition, impaired bone metabolism.

Physiotherapy in spinal curvatureAlso the reason may be that parents did not comply with the child special exercises for the spine.

The Symptoms of scoliosis the following: pain in the chest, back, legs, constant fatigue, improper position of the shoulders (one shoulder higher than the other, the lifting blades). Twisted vertebrae can be seen when you angle the torso forward. In infancy the scoliosis can occur From the neck position the baby, he barely turns his head.

If there is a curvature of the cervical vertebrae, the child may experience depression, headaches, fatigue, allergies, deafness, eye diseases, speech problems, sore throat, irregular thyroid function, etc.

When the curvature of the thoracic vertebrae in adolescents may experience asthma, cough, heavy breathing, pain in the hands, chest, heart irregularities, frequent colds, pneumonia, liver disease, etc.

The Warp can cause constipation, diarrhea, varicose veins, weakness in the legs.

severity of the disease

Scoliosis of the first degree is manifested by the fact that adolescents are slouching, incorrect position of shoulders, curvature of the cervical or lumbar, etc.Constipation when curvature of the spine

The Second degree has the following manifestations: vertebrae rotated around a vertical axis, the omission of the pelvis, the lower back cushion is formed muscle, in the chest area it is noted the protrusion.

The Third degree has these symptoms: apparent rotation of the vertebrae around a vertical axis, can be signs of scoliosis of the second degree, formed a rib hump, abdominal muscles weak, front arch of the ribs stick out.

The Fourth level is characterized by severe curvature of the spine in the lower back, complications of all signs of scoliosis of the third degree.

Treatment and exercises

To Correct the situation will help only treatment. Does the child have problems with the spine, can be determined by x-ray. It determines the type and degree of curvature. Treatment may include the following types of procedures: children's osteopathy, physiotherapy, manual therapy, exercise therapy (therapeutic physical culture, which includes special restorative exercise), baby massage. Treatment of scoliosis has been a doctor-orthopedist.

babies need vitamin D: this is the basic prevention of occurrence of rickets. Vitamin D is needed for proper formation of the musculoskeletal system.

Curvature of the spine dangerous because it directly affects the internal organs. To avoid complications with the birth of a child to closely monitor his health, to conduct exercises for the spine and perform exercises, especially with the baby of breastfeeding age, and in the case of the first signs of spinal curvature – immediately consult a doctor. The most important thing is early treatment.