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Types, treatment and prevention of spinal curvature

One of the most common health problems, starting from childhood, is considered to be a curvature of the spine. Abnormal posture as a result of the deformation process of the vertebrae takes place for different reasons.


The Problem of incorrect posture begins in childhood, when a child slouches, and parents do not pay enough attention to this. After years of this leads to a variety of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and impaired functioning of many internal organs.

Common pathologies of the vertebral column

The Degree of localization of the curvature of the spinal column can affect the symmetry of the body, a level position of the shoulders and pelvic bones. One of the most frequent is considered a lateral curvature of the spine – scoliosis.

Less common diagnoses such as kyphosis and lordosis in the lumbar spine and the sacrum. Kyphosis is a curvature of the spine bulge back lordosis – curvature of the spine which is convex forward. The beginning of the development of such States in the first half of children aged 5 to 10 years.

Adults most often suffer from curvature of the cervical spine, which may become uneven load distribution when a sedentary lifestyle. There are different types of spinal curvature, its causes and symptoms, the stage of development.


In the formation of incorrect posture can participate and infectious lesions of the body as tuberculosis, polio. Frequent causes of pathology is an injury in childhood and who later became the impetus for its development. In adults, the spinal curvature in the lower back due to uncomfortable conditions such as clubfoot and flatfoot.

A Large percentage of cases accounts for the effects of long flowing degenerative disc disease with severe pain. Muscle fiber, straining, provoke the displacement of the vertebrae relative to its axis. After a while fixing that situation. Such a state leads to the deviation in the spinal column.

The Most commonly encountered in medical practice of spinal curvature:

  • thoracic
  • in cervical region;
  • lumbar.

One of the initial manifestations of spinal curvature is a slouch, in which the convexity is directed backward. When such a phenomenon disturbed the distance between the shoulders front and back.

Curvature in the cervical spine

How to recognize a curvature of the spine?

The Symptoms of spinal curvature are not always detectable visually in the early stages of his appearance. Mild posture may not affect normal life and not create too much discomfort. Due to the rapid progression of the disease and the muscles adapt to the wrong position of the body occur further reduction of the length of the tendon unit, and consequently a curvature.

To Determine the spinal curvature is possible by the following symptoms:

  • quickly spin tires even at low loads
  • headaches
  • disturbed coordination of movements;
  • pain in the spinal column are transferred to upper and lower limbs
  • is a violation of the functions of internal organs in the thoracic region.

The Presence of at least one symptom leads to subsequent dysfunction of the whole organism. Pronounced symptom that accompanies patients with scoliosis, stoop. It can be difficult to control because of the back pain.

Headache in the curvature of the spine

The Signs of the average degree of curvature expressed in an incorrect posture that demonstrates the difference in the line of the shoulders, in a symmetrical position of the pelvis. During this period the treatment can bring the desired effect. If you run it, can begin irreversible processes in the body: broken work of kidneys, liver, lungs, and blood vessels.

Methods of treatment of disease

To correct curvature of the spine, it is necessary to complete radiographic and tomographic examination. Fixing such a defect can be successful only in the case of early events. The positive result is guaranteed rapid treatment at a younger age for the reason that ligaments and intervertebral cartilage in children have a high degree of elasticity and can be easily fixed.

Adult patients for the treatment of pathology offers a range of special events, which includes therapeutic exercise, massage, manual therapy.

With this program the patient will be able to strengthen the muscular frame, to remove the excess voltage from the internal organs, improve circulation andto normalize the power of muscle tissue due to normalization of the outflow of lymph fluid. These activities help a fast recovery and normalization of the situation of the vertebrae.

Orthopedic corset for the spine

To resolve the main symptom of the disease (disturbance of posture), doctors are assigned the wearing orthopedic corset, which helps to strengthen the muscles. Carrying effectively in the complex with special exercises. It is recommended to reconsider their attitude towards themselves and their health: to monitor the posture, don't slouch. Work well in eliminating the main symptoms of pathology medical gymnastics, walks in the fresh air, interruption during sedentary work on a five-minute gymnastics.

A measure of last resort in the treatment of curvature of the cervical spine is surgery, which involves the installation of various endocorrector, is able to correct curvature in her spine.

Role of flatfoot in the disease

A Great influence on the formation of a correct posture since childhood, renders the condition of the feet of the child. With flat feet (the defect of the foot), in which it rests on the entire plane of the sole, leaving recesses, violated the support function of the foot, resulting in impaired circulation and pain, and even seizures. Pain appears in the knee joints, lower back. The seal of the foot affects the position of the pelvis and spine that, in turn, affects posture, so the prevention of spinal curvature and the development of flatfoot plays an important role from an early age.

Exercises for the spine

In order to prevent flat feet, parents should not be put on a child tight shoes. Shoes should be appropriate for the season, as overheating of the foot in a weaker ligaments.

Prevention of the appearance of flat feet is one of the important tasks of parents. Strengthen the daily cool foot bath and foot massage, walking barefoot on the soft soil in the summer. The initial form of flatfoot allow the wearing of insoles – special insoles that correct the shape of the foot. Children with impaired posture and flat feet need daily to do physical therapy under the control of LFC.

what is the danger?

In the presence of the main symptoms of deviation from normal functions of the spine, such as dizziness, headache, if neglected may develop the full weakness of the organism and its protective properties. Pathology can provoke asthma, coughing, chest pain, cardiac function, liver and kidney, gastrointestinal tract and urogenital system.

The damage can lead to symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, varicose veins, reproductive disorders, cramps, hemorrhoids, pain in the coccyx area. People suffering from scoliosis and other spinal deformities, more likely to suffer from circulatory disorders and low blood pressure.

massage for the curvature of the spine

People with this pathology has decreased range of motion of the thorax and diaphragm, resulting in breathing becomes shallow, and the function of the lungs weakens. As a result of these effects is reduction of oxygen delivery to vital organs and tissues. This may be one of the causes of headaches and other ailments.

since the curvature is a significant cosmetic concern for many people experience an inferiority complex that greatly affects mental state.


The Most effective way for posture correction are preventive measures. To prevent curvature of the spine much easier than to take his medication, so doctors-orthopedists recommend to start in the period when the child is in the womb. One of the main factors is proper nutrition. This also applies to expectant mothers, and children, and to those who in adult life suffers from disorders of the spine.

The Diet should be balanced. We can not allow excessive accumulation of salts and fluids in the body. It is very important to ensure that the body is getting enough vitamins and calcium needed for bone tissue.

Those who have noticed a disturbance in the cervical spine, it is necessary to refuse Smoking and alcohol. It is known that nicotine promotes the excretion of vitamin C from the body, thereby reducing the body's resistance to various diseases.

A Great role for the prevention of posture plays a properly selected set of furniture for the student and the person, often working behind the Desk. This furniture should match the growth and shape of the back.

For an adult person it is very important to readjust your weight to normalize the load on the spine. For patients suffering from a mild form of the disease, as daily maintenance, it is proposed to conduct the following exercises:

  1. Lie face down on a hard surface, hands lay along the body. In this position you need to sway, to squirm, simulating swimming. The exercise should be held for one minute every morning and before bedtime.
  2. a Good way to improve posture is considered to be wearing every daysticks, which put on the shoulders, clasp hands, and walk in that position for 2 hours.
  3. Each morning, holding on to a support, do 20 sit-UPS.
  4. In the supine position every morning is useful to do this exercise: bend one knee and clasp his fingers in a “castle” to lift his head, to try to get the knee to the chin. Repeat 10 times. To change leg and repeat 10 times.

One of the causes of incorrect posture can be a soft bed. You can only lie on one side, lying down to read or watch TV. The bed should be moderately hard, without a high headboard, with a mattress that takes the shape of the curve of your spine and prevents falling of the body. Children-younger students need to wear backpacks with special orthopedic layer on the back.

In childhood a visit to the podiatrist should be regular (1-2 times a year). It does not need to wait for visible symptoms of the disease. Regular examination will help identify abnormalities in the child at the first stages and to start early work on adjusting your posture.

In the early stages of the emergence of pathology it is very important to introduce children to sports practice. Swimming is one of the most effective methods of combating the curvature of the spine. A great way to prevent the development of the disease are considered to be skiing. Of course, sports and exercise included in the gymnastics programme must be agreed with the orthopedic surgeon.